11 Best Electric Skateboards Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020

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Best Electric SkateboardThere was a time when young children and teenagers used to do skateboarding tricks on the road. Slowly and gradually with the emergence of technology in our life, these fun-filled activities totally vanished. People are bound with their smartphones and laptops.

Then comes a sudden innovation in personal modes of transportation and again we started seeing kids and youngster doing ollies and kickflips on the street. But this time they have an Electric Skateboard. Indeed it is the perfect way of doing skateboarding tricks in today’s technological era.

I would say, it’s the best reason to keep you and your kids physically active.

Hey, don’t think it’s for kids and teens only. Even adults can easily ride an electrical skateboard.

If you are a transit rider, believe me, it’s just the right thing for you.

Now you don’t have to face unnecessary traffic, you are on your destination within a few minutes.

Just strap on a helmet, push off and go!

There is no harm in saying that these motorized skateboards are the best way to get to work in a busy city.

If you are reading this, then I am pretty much confident that you are planning to buy a Best Electric Skateboard.

Electric skateboards are not much tricky to buy, but yes they are quite tedious to choose, since there are plenty of options available in the market.

So we have compiled a list of best electric skateboards where we have filtered some finest and greatest electric skateboards that have been loved by the skateboarders and are high in demand.

Check out these electric skateboard reviews and give yourself the joy of riding electric skateboard by planning to buy a one.

Best Electric Skateboards Reviews 2020


  • Speed: 24 mph
  • Load: 250 lbs
  • Range: 14 M
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  • Speed: 23 mph
  • Load:  220 lbs
  • Range: 10 M
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  • Speed: 10 mph
  • Load: 120 lbs
  • Range: 10 M
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  • Speed: 15 mph
  • Load: 160 lbs
  • Range: 8 M
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  • Speed: 12 mph
  • Load: 220 lbs
  • Range: 6 M
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  • Speed: 20 mph
  • Load: 260 lbs
  • Range: 14 M
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  • Speed: 23 mph
  • Load: 264 lbs
  • Range: 12 lbs
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  • Speed: 25 mph
  • Load: 280 lbs
  • Range: 18 M
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  • Speed: 20 mph
  • Load: 265 lbs
  • Range: 10 M
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RazorX Cruiser

  • Speed: 10 mph
  • Load: 220 lbs
  • Range: 10 M
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  • Speed: 15 mph
  • Load: 187 lbs
  • Range: 2 M
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1. Boosted Stealth Best Electric Skateboard

Boosted Stealth Electric SkateboardStarting with the first one that is super amazing in terms of performance and durability. Boosted is known for manufacturing best lightweight electric vehicles in the market. Their electric skateboards are of superior quality.

One of the most popular products is Boosted Stealth e-skateboard, which is one of the Best Electric Longboard products of 2020.

It has all those mesmerizing features that you look for in your ideal skateboard.

Let’s throw some lights on its performance first.

It is called boosted stealth because of the fact that it has two 1000 watt DC motors which give 2000 watt power to its wheels. With this power, your skateboard can give smooth and speedy skating experience.

And that’s the reason why it’s an editor choice in this review.

It has 3 inches (75mm or 7.62cm) Orangutan wheels which are made up of High strength Urethane. These tires will give you smooth and jerk free ride. They are even good for uneven terrain. Also, it has a regenerative braking system, which assures rider safety while skating.

Not only this, its motor is equipped with lithium ion batteries that give power to its battery to rotate its wheels. The battery is efficient enough to take you as high as 24mph. keep in mind that this top speed depends upon the riding conditions.

Isn’t it quite impressive?

One more thing about its performance, you can enjoy skating around the town till 14miles, which is enough to travel small distances.

As far as a deck of the Boosted stealth is concerned, it’s made up of Fiberglass Reinforced Bamboo, which is far better in bearing strength than steel. So in terms of durability, mark my words, this skateboard is very durable. It will not gonna break apart. But you have to take care of your weight. It can accommodate a maximum of 250 lbs.  We will not take any guarantee if you weight more than 250 lbs.

This ultimate skateboard is also quite lighter in weight; you can carry it easily anywhere you want. It weighs only 13.5 pounds.

Talking about extra features, it has a Bluetooth remote which can be used to accelerate and brake the skateboard. This remote can also be used to switch between four riding modes. Whether you are novice or pro, you can experience fun every time you ride on the Boosted Stealth Electric skateboard.

Boosted also makes the best app of skateboard which shows you stats like range, speed, and the distance you have traveled.

Indeed it is one of the Best Electric Skateboards that you will find on the internet. It’s worth buying.

The Good
  • Experience joyful riding experience with its 2000 watt motor
  • Regenerative braking system controlled via remote
  • Battery requires an hour to juice up
  • Made up of flexible and durable material that is Bamboo
  • It’s a longboard around 38 inches.
  • With 25% grade climbing ability
The Bad
  • quite lengthy


Boosted Stealth has been rated as 4.8 out of 5. 96% of its customer are totally satisfied with the product with statements such as” its one of the fastest and durable skateboard”, “ the stopping power is unimaginable”.Some people considered buying it because of their super supported customer care center.

Overall, it’s an excellent skateboard that has to be with any avid board sportsperson.

Buy Stealth E Skateboard from Amazon now

2. BACKFIRE G2T Best Electric Longboard

BACKFIRE GS2If you are looking for the best budget electric skateboard then backfire G2T could be one option for you. Backfire is a skateboard manufacturing company that gives immense attention to products, its features, and its design. They keep a strict eye on each and every detail of product just to make it special and unique.

This skateboard that I am talking about is amongst one of most selling skateboard of Backfire.

Why it is the most selling one? you will get to know about it by scrolling down.

It has a flexible and durable deck. The deck of G2T is made up of 8 layers of hard rock maple. This wood type is flexible, durable and it doesn’t lose its strength when it is shaped.

Backfire G2T is a Fastest Electric Longboard among the list.

So as far as the durability of your skateboard is a concern. Stay relax, it will not gonna break apart.

Backfire has special skateboard design. It has fitted Caliber II 50 degrees truck at the front side. This caliber makes the design of skateboard stable at high speed while also having an optimal angle for making strong carves.

As far as its performance-related features are concerned, it has two 300 watt in hub motors that requires 36 V lithium-ion batteries to function properly. 600watt motor is quite powerful. You can have a smooth journey on your G2T skateboard.

This skateboard comes with replaceable wheels of two different sizes that are 80m and 96mm wheel size. The wheels are made up of polyurethane that gives a smooth and bump-free ride. 80mm wheels are not suitable for uneven terrain. You are bound to travel it on smooth terrain only.

But if you want to skate on hilly terrain then switch on to 96mm wheels. it can conquer hills with a gradient of 25% easily.

One more thing, The 600watt motor, and batteries are compatible with both wheel sizes.

Backfire G2S has excellent braking performance, which means if you have touched its top speed that is 23.5 mph and suddenly you have to put brakes then it will not throw you on the ground. The braking system is very smooth and efficient.

Talking about the maximum range of this durable skateboard, on a single charge it can easily cover 12 miles distance after which it battery needs some energy. It takes 3.5hours to completely energize the batteries.

Since it is made up of 8 ply construction of hard rock maple wood, but it is not much heavy. You will be surprised to know that it weighs only 6 kgs which means you can carry it easily. It can bear rider weight up to 100kgs easily.

Just like boosted it has a small and sleek remote control that easily fits into palm. Through the remote, you can control your speed and braking efficiently.

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The Good
  • Low center of gravity without motor mounts – giving it good ground clearance
  • 80mm wheels for faster acceleration and 96mm wheels for hilly terrain
  • Exceptional quality urethane tires
  • Lightweight components
  • Durable deck
  • Remote control with a sleek design
The Bad
  • Replacing tires is not easy.


It has been rated as 4.7 out of 5. Most of the customers are quite happy with G2S. The use of Caliber II truck is quite unique. Newbies are in love with its low ground clearance as it helps a lot in maintaining balance. The best part which people appreciates a lot is, it has amazing customer service and you can get any part from its website, as small as a screw.

Buy Backfire Skateboard from Amazon now

3. BLITZART Best Budget Electric Skateboard

Huracane 38 inch BoardBlitzart is one of the most popular brands among skateboard surfers. Their skateboards are designed by keeping in mind the comfort and flexibility of all group and ages. Same goes with this skateboard that we are about to review.

This 38″ long motorized skateboard is made up of a combination of maple wood and bamboo. The 6 layers of maple wood are sandwiched between two layers of bamboo which is at the top and at the bottom.

The purpose of using combination is to give enough strength and sturdiness to the deck. That’s why it is recommended for a user weighing a maximum of 300lbs.

Also, the deck is coated with premium grip tape which ensures proper grip of rider’s feet. Thanks to its concave shape that also contributes to the rider’s grip.

This is one of the best budget skateboards which is equipped with 350watts of the hub motor. The motor is powered by 36V lithium-ion battery pack that requires 2 hours to completely charge.

Talking about the braking system, Huracane skateboard has a regenerative braking system that ensures smooth and responsive braking system.

As far as the speed and mileage are concerned you will be amazed to know it, as you must be thinking that it’s a cheap skateboard which might not have good speed and mileage. You are absolutely wrong. This beauty has a top speed of 18mph which is quite speedy and when its batteries are fully charged it will give you a maximum range of 6-8miles, which I think is more than enough for Huracane electric skateboard.

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Apart from other features, it has easy to hold wireless remote that control acceleration, deceleration. This remote can also control the reverse capabilities of Huracane skateboard. This remote control is rechargeable and comes with a wrist band where you can watch your speed, distance and battery life remaining.

Not only this it has two-speed modes one for beginner and another one is advanced. Which means this skateboard is for everyone no matter you are a beginner or a pro surfer.

It is available in four great colors that are black, green, orange and red. its replaceable accessories are also available, just in case you want to customize your electric longboard.

The Good
  • Combination of bamboo and maple wood
  • The deck is coated with grip tape
  • Remote control with wrist strap
  • Excellent speed and mileage
  • Affordable
  • With beginner and expert riding mode
The Bad
  • Bit heavy


 This is one of the Best Electrical Skateboards that can easily accommodate overweight and obese people. Its satisfied customers said that is very smooth in riding and performance wise it is quite silent. It feels steady and solid even on rough surfaces. Overall, it’s an amazing product of Blitzart.

Buy BLITZART Budgeted E-Skateboard from Amazon now

4. TeamGee H8 Best Motorized Skateboard

teamgee H8 31 inch Electric SkateboardFor an avid sports enthusiast, TeamGee H8 is one of the best battery powered skateboards that you will fall in love, for sure.

First let me tell you something about TeamGee, it’s not at all a new company, but it has been into manufacturing of e-mobility devices for many years, and still, their name exists in the market.

This means that their products have guts to alive its name. They are dedicated to making premium electric skateboards with a simple design that gives a better riding experience.

H8 electrical skateboard is a board that is neither too long nor too short. It has an average length of 31” which makes it quite suitable to carry.

Trust me; this is one of the durable skateboards that you will find on this list. its deck is made up of 10 plies Canadian maple along with 1 ply fiberglass, which is meant to give flexibility and sturdiness to the board.

I know you must be thinking that it would be very heavy in weight since it has a total of 11 layers. But let me inform you, this is one of the thinnest and lightest skateboards.

Yes, you heard it right.

It is quite thin, the deck is as high as 1.2cm only. This thinnest deck also hides a high-performance battery.

And if I tell you its weight then you will be surprised to know that it weighs only 11pounds.

TeamGee H8 Best Motorized Electric Skateboard can easily support a maximum weight of 160 pounds easily.

Now let’s see its performance.

It has 480watt Built-in DC brushless motor that is extremely noiseless and gives you smooth and soundless riding experience. the motor is quite powerful that it can take you anywhere with the top speed of 15mph. but you have to come back to your place after riding a for a good 8 miles.

3mm high elastic silica gel shock pad and 85mm of PU wheels give you an ultimate experience of the smooth buttery ride. The tires are not worn resistant, but you can easily replace them and get a new one.

This is not the end; it has an intuitive wireless remote control that allows you to switch between three different cruising mode. Believe me, these cruising modes are a blessing for new beginners.

The wireless remote displays speed and battery of the skateboard. It requires 2hours of uninterrupted charging after which you are free to do skating tricks as long as 8 miles.

The Good
  • U- type concave design gives a comfortable ride
  • Ultralight skateboard
  • Thinnest deck
  • With regenerative braking mechanism
  • The battery has hidden underneath the deck
  • Collision resistant glass fiber bottom plate
The Bad
  • Grip tape is a little bit fragile


 What users love the most about TeamGee H8 electrical skateboard is that its motors are immensely silent and quite. Moreover, its acceleration is super smooth. Its 85mm super huge wheels give you smooth ride irrespective of the terrain you are riding on. H8 is not only best for fun but also it is very useful to commute to shorter distances.

Buy Teamgee H8 Electric Skateboard from Amazon now

5. Hiboy S22 Best E-Skateboard For Kids

Hiboy S11Now this one is a pocket-friendly e-skateboard that you can be a perfect gift for any youngster.

Hiboy S22 electric skateboard has passed Underwriter Laboratories 2271 certifications which means they are safe to use. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your teen brother. These boards are UL2271 certified.

Well, let me tell you, Hiboy electric skateboards are designed especially for beginners and youth. They are very different from the high-performance electric skateboard. The manufacturer has focused on the main purpose of the company, which is to make commuting for kids and teens a fun and playful one.

Featured with a 350watt single hub motor, it gives a steady and smooth performance that you will love.

If you are getting late for your early morning lecture, just hop on to your Hiboy S22 electric skateboard and be there in time, because it has a top speed of 12.4mph.

S22 is equipped with 36V lithium-ion battery that requires a maximum of 2 hours to get into action again. And once it’s charged, you can enjoy skating as long as 6.2 miles.

Besides this, it has an extremely stable deck that is built with high-quality material to let you enjoy stable riding around the town. Thanks to its grip tape that gives a firm grip to rider’s feet.

The material that has been used in its construction is so light in weight that the entire board hits 8.5lbs on the measuring scale. Don’t think that it cannot be used by bulky riders.

It has 220lbs of weight bearing capacity, not bulky, even riders like Hulk can enjoy over it.

In addition to its mesmerizing features, it has beautiful design remote control that fits in your palm easily. Like other e-skateboards, its wireless remote control has full command over its acceleration, deceleration and even on brakes.

Trust me, Hiboy S22 electric skateboard is perfect for kids, they can commute to school in a safe and sound fashion. And if they are newbie, it won’t take more than 5 minutes to get used to of it. it has different speed level that let your kid learn skating within minutes.

The Good
  • Perfect for a shorter commute to have fun
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Power output Is smooth beyond the limit
  • With four different speed level
  • Best electric skateboard for kids
The Bad
  • Incline level is quite low that is 8 degree


It has been rated as 4.6 out of 5. Believe me, there isn’t any negative customer impression about it. The quality is far greater than the price tag. In terms of quality, it can give a tough time to Boosted e-skateboards. The board performed beyond the expectations. It has amazing customer service that keeps you updated with each and everything just in case you have to communicate any issue to the service center.

Buy S22 Kids Electric Skateboard from Amazon now

6. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini XIf you don’t want electric longboard then this boosted board mini x could be an option for you. This small and mighty skateboard comes with all those wonderful features that any top-notch longboard has. Since boosted is known for manufacturing lightweight skateboards, that are not only of immense quality but also gives an incredible performance so boosted mini x is one of them.

Small but amazing!

This 29.5” long skateboard has a unique deep dish design with kicktail that means you can also apply brake by means of your feet, for which there is a rubber bumper too.

The deck is made up of trivial fiberglass material that makes it strong and sturdy. Since it is built to last forever, the sidewalls of the skateboards have polymer which keeps it safe from damages.

It has almost similar features as compared to its elder brother that Boosted Dual +. It has Boosted Belt drive system with 1000 watt power that gives amazing power to this mini board.

As far as speed is concerned it has a top speed of 18mph, which is more than enough for this small beast.

This mini skateboard looks mini but performance wise it is not, it can climb anything. It can take on hills as steep as 20% with ease.

I know you must be thinking that this mainboard will have a maximum range of 4 or 6 miles. No. you are wrong. This mini electric skateboard can give you joyful ride of as long as 14 miles, this means you have unlimited hours of freedom.

It features new custom designed 80mm wheels that specifically built for skateboards. These wheels provide a smooth and fastest ride and they are firm enough to withstand any imperfection on the road. These new wheels will give you astounding riding experience.

Furthermore, it has a regenerative braking system which you can either apply by means of your feet or you can apply brakes via its wireless remote control.

Though it’s a mini board it doesn’t mean that it is specially designed for kids. Anyone of any age can enjoy this skateboard, it has three different riding modes that are specially for beginners.

Talking about its weight, it is quite heavier as compare to its elder brother Boosted dual +. It weighs only 16 pounds, which I think for a mini board is heavier. But no worries, its size is compact and portable. It has astounding features similar to Boosted dual+. If you cannot afford Boosted Dual+, you can grab your hands onto Boosted Mini X. As I mentioned earlier it’s more or less same.

The Good
  • Require 1 hour and 45 minutes for complete charging
  • With ergonomically design remote control
  • Three riding modes make it easier for novice to learn it
  • 5 inches long miniboard
  • Incredible speed with mind-blowing range,
The Bad
  • Weighs little heavier than its previous model


Overall customer impressions about this mini electric skateboard are average. People are in love with its small size and its features, but some of them found it way too heavy. Its new custom boosted wheels give smooth and buttery ride which is liked by most of its customers.

Buy Boosted MiniX Skateboard from Amazon now

7. Spadger Electric Skateboard for Kids

Spadger Electric Skateboard LongboardSpadger electric skateboard is one of the affordable and pocket-friendly skateboards.

And trust me you can do perfect Ollies and kickflips on this cheap skateboard.

It is powered with the 900 Watts brush-less hub motor. These motors are reliable and less problematic as compare to belt driven motors. The motor needs the support of 36V Samsung Lithium-ion battery pack.

Motor and batteries are quite powerful that their concoction gives you an amazing top speed of 23mph. No doubt, you will gonna have so much fun on the road with Spadger electric skateboard.

Because of its three variable speed modes, that is low, medium and high, this skateboard can be used by kids as well. It’s a perfect gift for any kid that makes his day.

As far as range is concerned, you can go as long as 12 miles in just a single charge. Its batteries require only 2.5 hours of rest to give you unlimited hours of fun.

Spadger motorized skateboards are also durable like other skateboards. It does not mean that they will be of low quality because they are cheap. Not at all, quality wise they can be a competitor of Evolve and Boosted.

The deck is made up of maple wood and bamboo. 6 layers of maple wood is sandwiched between the 2 layers of bamboo on the top and bottom of the board. This gives it more flexibility and sturdiness.

Moreover, the deck is fitted with grip tape and is concave in shape that gives enough grip and stability to rider’s feet. So there is n harm in saying that Spadger electric skateboard is robust and durable. It can support a maximum weight of 264 lbs. no matter how obese you are, you can ride over it, but I think doing ollies will be quite tricky for you.

The remote control that controls its acceleration and deceleration is rechargeable and comes with charging cable. Like other skateboards, you can apply brakes and even reverse your skateboard with the help of its remote.

The most distinguishing feature that I found in this 35″ longboard is, it has a carrying handle. Like if somewhere its battery juice ends up, you can easily hold it using its carrying handle and get back to your home, Because it weighs only 16 pounds.

The Good
  • 97mm wheels that give a smooth ride
  • App-Enabled Skateboard
  • Along with carrying handle
  • The deck is extraordinarily durable
  • Featured with 900 watts brush-less motor
  • Three riding modes make it perfect for Adult Kids
The Bad
  • Did not find anything bad.


It is really a very good skateboard that gives a smooth and stable ride on most of the surfaces and even on rough concrete. Charging is fast and lasts long. It gives an amazing performance with a rider weighing 264 pounds. People have recommended this skateboard as, a cheap but incredible skateboard that is worth buying.

Buy Spadger E-Skateboard from Amazon now

8. SKATEBOLT Best Longboard

SKATEBOLT Speedy LongboardSkating in foggy nights has its own fun. But not all skateboards can be used at nights. There might be some chances of an accident.

If you have Skatebolt Speedy longboard then you can have unlimited fun at in dark too. Because it has safety tail lights that support a night trip. This skateboard with lights is from the house of Skatebolt which is established somewhere in 2016.

Since then it has been manufacturing a new and convenient way of transportation in our life. I am talking about electric skateboards.

Let’s ponder some lights on features of Tornado- Skatebolt electrical longboard.

It has two different types of riding modes: the one is normal mode and the other is sports mode. With normal mode, you can cruise with the top speed of 13.75mph, whereas, with sports mode, you can go as fast as 25mph. it’s like you are riding on the air. It’s way too fast.

A big thanks to its 500-watt dual motor that makes up a total of 1000 watt. This much powerful motor is sufficient enough to give you a top speed of 25mph.

Like other skateboards, the motor requires a powerful battery to work. 6600 mAh Lithium-ion batteries have been used in it which requires only 2 hours to charge fully. Once they are fully charged they can take you as long as 20 miles in a single charge. This much range is more than enough to commute around the town.

And you know what, if you buy Skatebolt tornado skateboard, you will be riding on a skateboard that has certified regenerative braking system. It has passed safety certifications of EMC, FCC, LVD, and ROHS to give you safe and worry-free ride. The braking system is quite efficient and responsive; it smoothly stops the board even on fast speed.

Talking about its design and manufacturing, it has been designed using northeast maple wood which is 8 in layers, this makes it quite harder and sturdier so that it can easily accommodate a maximum weight of 280pounds. The skateboard is designed in such a way that it can give a strong grip to the rider’s feet.

Moreover, it has 90mm think wheels that give you a smooth and silky ride on all kinds of terrains.

It also has a rechargeable remote control that is designed in such a manner that you can easily hold it in your hand.

For this purpose, there is a finger ring that makes holding easier. You can adjust speed, apply brakes, check the battery level and even turn on its tail lights. In short, you can control your entire skateboard just with a single click.

The Good
  • With bright safety tail lights
  • EMC, FCC, LVD,and ROHS certified skateboard
  • 6600mAH battery that needs only 2 hours to charge
  • With normal and sport riding features
  • Top speed is excellent
  • Fastest electric skateboard.
The Bad
  • Replacement wheels are not available in market


One word that I found in every customer impression is, “amazing”. 90% of the satisfied customers recommend buying it again and again. It’s worth buying skateboard which gives you long lasting hours of joy and fun even when the sun set down.

Buy SKATEBOLT Speedy Longboard from Amazon now

9. URBANPRO Electric Skateboard

URBANPRO Electric SkateboardNext one on my list of best electric skateboard is from the banner of URBANPRO which has been into all kinds self-balancing scooters for the past few years.

Their electric skateboards are of an immense quality which gives superb performance.

URBANPRO 2nd generation skateboards are super efficient in terms of speed. They are featured with dual motors of 400 watts each which takes your skateboard to the highest speed level.

Actually, there are different speed limits with different riding mode. With normal riding mode your skateboard can cruise up to the top speed of 20 mph, whereas with advanced speed mode, you can take it as high as 24.8 mph.

In order to unlock the advanced speed mode, you need to click the remote button 5 times quickly. I would say that if you want something very speedy then you should keep URBANPRO electric skateboard on your options list.

The 36V lithium-ion battery is must to keep the motors in working mode. The batteries require 2-3 hours to charge completely.

This powerful combination of the 36v battery and 800 watts motor gives a maximum range of 10 miles in a single charge. To my entire transit rider, you don’t need to walk or take the lift to your nearest station. Your URBANPRO electric skateboard will easily take you to your destination.

Moreover, it has big 97 mm PU wheels, which are replaceable, so that you can glide over any pavement and enjoy a smooth ride there.

The best part about it is, it has safety LED lights which let you surf even in the night. So with URBANPRO skateboard, fun time is unlimited.

This skateboard with light has a very unique and versatile wireless remote that has been designed ergonomically. It easily cradles in your hand and let you control your skateboard with just a single touch.

Though the remote doesn’t have any LCD display it is efficient enough to deliver all necessary information about the skateboard. That’s the most amazing thing about it.

Let’s talk about board construction. Canadian Maple wood has been used in its construction, which utilizes 11 layers of it. This gives better elasticity and toughness to the board. For firm grip of rider’s feet, the top layer of the board is wrapped with grip tape. It can carry up to a load of maximum 265 pounds.

URBANPRO electric skateboard is an excellent choice for any skaters. And the best thing is, if you don’t like it and you are not happy with it, that’s not gonna happen I know, you can return it.

Yes, they are offering 100% money back guarantee. But I assure you, this will never gonna happen. You will love URBANPRO 2nd generation electric skateboard, it’s one of the Fastest Longboards.

The Good
  • Replaceable PU wheels
  • With two different riding mode
  • 36” long skateboard
  • With safety LED lights
  • With replaceable battery
  • responsive customer service
The Bad
  • Board is a bit heavy


URBANPRO skateboard is loved by every skater. Those who are skating freaks they must know the actual demand of this skateboard. From customer reviews, I can conclude that it is the skateboard that actually gives smooth and buttery ride even on the gravel path.

It’s way too speedy, but some people say that it rattles on the top speed. Whereas, some really enjoyed their ride. Safety LED lights are really very helpful in nights. People love this model of URBANPRO. It is the most demanding one.

Buy URBANPRO Skateboard from Amazon now

10. Razor X Electric Skateboard

RazorX Cruiser Electric SkateboardWhen it comes to comfort and flexibility among skateboards, Razor is the only name that strikes the mind.

As mentioned earlier, skateboards of Razor are something out of this world.

Their quality and durability are totally exceptional, that’s the reason I m choosing different skateboards of Razor.

The model that I am going to discuss the best, which is gonna creates tornado on roads in actual.

It is perfect for performing kick flips on the streets.

This 30″ inch longboard skateboard is made up of a combination of Maple wood and bamboo. The 6 layers of maple wood are squeezed between two top layers of bamboo. This gives extra flexibility and sturdiness.

Since tornado is more concave, so it has a deep coating of grip tape just to keep rider’s feet in a firm position.

When it comes to choosing a motor for skateboard, Razor X Cruise always gives preference to hub motor over belt driven motor because of the fact that hub motor is too silent.

Same goes with Razor X Cruise electrical skateboard, it has 2100 watts brushless hub motors that gives wings to your skateboard.

10 mph is the top speed that you will gonna enjoy on your electrical skateboard. This enjoyment will last for 10 miles in a single charge, which in my opinion is enough to commute for a shorter distance.

Thanks to its 22 V lithium-ion battery pack that needs only 2.5 hours to juice up entirely.

Apart from this, it has 90 mm thick Polyurethane wheels that are totally replaceable. You can replace the tires with different colors.

Razor X Cruise Electric Skateboard has a convenient carrying handle, since it weighs only 13 pounds, if in case it battery juice ends up, you can easily carry it.

It’s too light in weight. And you know what; this lightweight electric skateboard can easily accommodate rider’s maximum weight up to 220 lbs.

Like other skateboard, it also has a rechargeable wireless remote control that assists the rider in accelerating and decelerating the skateboard.

Furthermore, there are two riders mode available in Razor X Cruise skateboard that makes riding super easier for a newbie.

The Good
  • Available in four colors black, orange, red and green
  • Can be customized according to rider’s choice
  • With more unique and versatile shape
  • Replaceable PU wheels
  • Pocket-friendly
  • With convenient carrying handle.
The Bad
  • Not worth mentioning


Durability is the core value of Razor X Cruise and that’s the reason people liked their skateboards. Razor X Cruise electrical skateboard offers high performance with immense flexibility. It can easily accommodate rider of 280 pounds and give the amazing super speed of 25 mph. That’s the most lovable part.

Buy Razor X Skateboard from Amazon now

11. Swagtron NG3 App-Enable Skateboard

Swagtron NG3 Black Friday DealsSwagtron is the name of a revolution in the personal mobilized device. Their devices are of top-notch quality with something very unique in it which no one offers.

Swagtron Spectra Pro Penny skateboard is one of the examples of this. This skateboard is indeed quite different from the other skateboards on the list, both quality wise and performance wise.

It’s a board that’s a must have with every skater. If in today’s era you don’t own a skateboard like Swagtron Spectra then you are still in the stone age.

Let’s begin with its mesmerizing features.

First of all, I am in love with the shape of it. its too different and versatile form the other hoverboard. it’s not a longboard, but it’s long enough to accommodate riders both feet in a comfortable manner.

Swagskate mini electric skateboard is made up of supercar-grade carbon fiber that is too compact in size that it can easily fit into any backpack. Its 19.3” deck has some sophisticated classy teal colored designs along with a LED light at the front.

This LED light not only makes you visible at dark hours but also inform you about the battery life from time to time.

Initially, when you ride onto it, it’s teal in color which means that your battery juice is somewhere between 100%-20%. Later on, the color changes between orange to red as the battery level further decreases from 20%.

That’s not the only distinguishing feature; it has lots more to make your jaw drop.

Well, have you ever heard of skateboard with Artificial intelligence? N0? Then let me break this news to you that Swagtron Skateboard, the one which I m reviewing has integrated initiative artificial intelligence system that adjusts itself to your riding style.

Beside this, it has 3D posture control which is enabled by the SenDeck’s five smart sensor and intelligent algorithm. These sensors are already embedded in the deck. This will let you navigate just by shifting your weights.

You don’t have to be a pro skater for using Swagtron Spectra pro smart skateboard.

Mark my words, this is something amazing, you will not gonna find it in any skateboard.

One more surprising thing is left.

Swagtron Spectra skateboard features one of the fastest braking systems in the market that is Mag brakes.

These dual brakes are integrated into the rear wheels that reduces braking distance by 47% which means you can race and stop smoothly. Also, it stops automatically when you jump off the board.

This top electric skateboard is packed with a dual electric motor of 200 watt that gives immense power to its wheel that it can achieve the top speed of 15.5 mph within minutes. Once it’s fully charged you can ride it on till 12.4 miles. Indeed it’s the best way to commute through shorter distance.

It takes only 90-120 min to charge completely. Thanks to its specially designed MagCharger that give extraordinary fast power to your skateboard. So that you don’t have to wait for long to practice your skills at the skate park or any other place.

Swagtron Spectra pro smart penny skateboard does not have any remote to control. Rather it has a companion app which is compatible with both iOS and Android. Just connect your skateboard via Bluetooth with its companion app and here you go.

Your skateboard’s all statistics are in your hand now. You can control the speed, check battery level, switch between different level just by using your remote.

Now you got to know why its editor choice. Because of the fact that it has so many mesmerizing features which no one else is offering.

The Good
  • 3 different riding mode
  • The efficient and fast braking system
  • With Companion App
  • With 3D posture control
  • Five sensors on the deck that detect your movement.
The Bad
  • No physical remote


If you ask me how much would you rate this skateboard I would say 9 out of 10. Though it’s a skateboard that is favorite of all skaters, people don’t like controlling the skateboard via mobile. You need to be very vigilant while using a mobile phone along with skating. The wireless remote control gets fits into the palm and people can easily operate it. Only this is the reason it loses one point otherwise its features and performance deserves full points.

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Skateboarding is the latest commuting trend of the youngster, which they not only used to have joyous fun but also it’s a great way to get to work or anywhere around a busy metropolitan city. Skateboards are quite useful and handy sports equipment.

Buying an electrical skateboard is a pretty tricky task, especially when you’re a beginner. Many people prefer to shop offline while some prefer purchasing it online.

In both places, there are a variety of e-skateboards available that makes it quite confusing for you to choose one. Also if you don’t have proper information about the best electric skateboard, anyone can deceive you easily. You need to have an expert opinion before you start searching for e-skateboards.

Thank God, we are here to help you out. You will find a detailed and comprehensive buying guide that will guide you what features and specifications you should have to look into your dream e-skateboard. But first of all, ask yourself a few questions.

What type of electric skateboard you are looking for?

What size of a skateboard you will like?

If you are a newbie you must have confused while reading to these questions, while the pro one has already answered it in their mind.

Don’t worry we will gonna tell you each and everything.


As far as the type of electric skateboards is concerned, there are four major types of electrical skateboard that are:

Standard Electric Skateboards: The nose and tail of these boards are exactly similar. By the nose, I meant the front rounded part of the skateboard whereas the tail means the rear rounded part.

Both are symmetrical in shape. These types of electric skateboards lookalike Popsicle stick. Usually, they are ideal for beginners’ because they perform really well on streets and parks.

Mini Electric Skateboards: You can say that these boards are the smaller version of cruiser or longboard. They have been designed especially for kids, who are eager to do Ollies.

Not only kids, but even adults can also use it too. Mini electric skateboards are perfect for performing tricks. They are light in weight and can be easily carried

Cruiser Electric Skateboards: These boards have different nose and tail. They come in a variety of different shapes, so it’s pretty difficult to explain to them using one specific shape.

If your a basic purpose of buying electric skateboard is commuting then cruiser skateboard is the best option to buy. They give a smoother and faster ride and also they are lighter in weight as compare to longboards.

Longboard: As the name indicates they are quite long in length. Any board that is more than 32” long, will be considered as a longboard.

Well, there is a thin line difference between the long boards and cruiser e-skateboards. Usually a deck and reverse kingpin truck differentiate it from the cruiser board. Longboards are quite easy to learn because of the fact that they have such a spacious platform to balance on.


By size, I meant to say the width of the electric skateboard. How wide e-skateboard do you need? Choose a deck width that is relative to your shoe size.

Seems confused still

Let me clear it to you.

If you are buying a skateboard for someone who is more than 13 years old and wears an adult shoe size of 8+, then he can easily ride on the deck of width 7.5” or wider.  This will be full-width electric skateboard that is for adults

Similarly, for kids aged 9-12 years, whose shoe size ranges between 6-8 are recommended to buy 7.25”-7.35” wide skateboard. Whereas for kids of 6-8 years old. 6.75”-7.25” wide skateboard goes well.

You can also try another size; in fact, you are free to try any width of the deck. We don’t know exactly what works best for you. These are just our opinion. Maybe you feel more comfortable in the less wide deck.

Now once you have made up your mind about the type and size of the electric skateboard. Now let’s move on to our buying guide that will tell you what features you should have to look in while buying the best electric skateboard.


While choosing the best electric skateboard, deck construction is the most important thing. In which material used is the most sensitive thing to talk about.

Usually, maple wood is used in the construction of the deck. This wood is quite flexible and durable. Manufacturers feel it easy to shape the maple wood without sacrificing its strength. Generally, 7 layers of maple wood are being pressed and glued together to give it desired strength and flexibility.

Remember, the strength and durability of the deck increase with the number of layers of wood used.

Ideally, 7 ply maple constructed skateboards are considered as an appropriately robust skateboard.

There are some electric skateboards that use a combination of bamboo and maple wood. Some layers, let’s say 7 layers of maple wood are usually sandwiched between two layers of bamboo wood. These types of skateboards are considered as a strong and sturdy skateboard. Usually top notch electric skateboard brands use this combination.

Apart from this, there are certain brands that use fiberglass in the construction of the deck. These kinds of electric skateboards are meant to perform different skating tricks.

Whatever the material has been used, once they are fully constructed, then a grip tape is applied to the top of the deck for traction. Grip tape is more or less like sandpaper that keeps your feet safe from slipping.

Always remember, choose the skateboard that is made up of strong, sturdy and flexible material. Because you don’t want them to break apart in two pieces after a few rides.


Electric skateboards or any personal mobilized device will be of no use if they are not speedy. Electric skateboards are quite different from the traditional skateboards, where you have to push your feet against the ground to give it maximum speed.

But the case is quite different in the electric skateboard.

There are motor and battery which accelerates your electric skateboard and you can reach the maximum speed within minutes.

In markets, there are every speed range of electric skateboard. You will find an electric skateboard that has a super maximum speed limit of 25-27mph. these skateboards are suitable for adults.

If you are searching for kids electric skateboard, then I will recommend you to buy electric skateboard that has a maximum speed limit of not more than 10mph. it’s pretty safe for kids.

Remember, these are the recommended speed limit by the manufacturer, speed greatly depends on the terrain, riding condition and maximum weight of the rider.


Before buying an e-skateboard, ask yourself, why you are buying it? I mean what’s your basic purpose of buying it. Either you want to use it as a device to commute from point a to point b, or you just want to have some fun.

If commuting is your basic aim to buy it, then I will recommend you to look for those electric skateboards that have a higher range. There are many skateboard brands that offer superb maximum mileage. I have covered those in my reviews.

On the other hand, if you are buying just to have some fun in the evening, then I will suggest you buy any average electric skateboard that gives maximum mileage of 8-10miles.

Motor and battery:

These are the two most important part of any electrical mobility device. They are like heart and brain, both needs each other for proper functioning.

In electric skateboards, you will find two different types of the motor; one is the hub motor and the other is belt driven motor. The former one is directly part of the wheel, you can say the motor is directly built into the wheels, whereas the later one is placed underneath the skateboard with a belt that connects it directly to the wheel.

Hub motor is packed properly you will not see anything related to it underneath the deck. On the other hand, belt driven motors are quite open.

If you are riding on a belt driven skateboard, everyone around you will get to know that your skateboard has belt driven motor, as it makes too much noise. But if your skateboard has hub motor, it will be less noisy-almost silent.

So which one is better?

Belt driven skateboards are easy to maintain and replace the only thing that goes wrong is the belt and that is very easy to replace. Also, the wheels do not have a motor inside it, so it’s cheaper to replace.

In contrast to this, hub driven electric skateboards are simple and cheaper, they are easier to maintain as compared to the belt is driven one. Since there are no belts to break in the hub motor, so they are more reliable.

In my opinion, hub motor is simple to manufacture and therefore cheaper. This reduces the cost of electric skateboards from thousands of dollar to a mere few hundred dollars. So I would suggest you choose a skateboard that has a hub driven motor system.

As far as the battery is concerned, it gives current to the motor so that your skateboard can perform efficiently. Most of the skateboard uses Lithium ion batteries which is advanced and superior in different ways. Also, it gets charged up in a maximum of 3 hours.

Wheel size:

Performance of skateboard is greatly affected by the size of the wheel.

Keeping things short and simple. Larger wheels will go faster no doubt, but they will contribute some weight in overall skateboard’s weight.  Larger wheels will also increase the height of skateboard.

In contrast to this, smaller wheels are totally opposite to larger wheels.

If you’re buying an electric skateboard for kids, then I will prefer to choose small diameter wheel size, otherwise, larger wheel size is the best option for adults and teens.

But there are some professional skaters who prefer small wheel skateboards just because of the fact that they are wonderful for performing kickflips and other cool skateboarding tricks.

Riding mode:

If you are a beginner, make sure to look for an electric skateboard that has different riding mode. These riding modes are just like a lifesaver for any beginner skater. You can learn to balance and to ride within minutes if the electric skateboard has different riding modes.

Braking system:

95% of the e-skateboard uses a regenerative braking system, which is an energy efficient braking system. Usually, when brakes are applied, all of the kinetic energy of moving vehicle goes in vain. The regenerative braking system uses the motor of the skateboard as a generator which converts the lost kinetic energy into potential energy and stores in the battery.

In a simple way, you can say that every time when brakes are applied, it charges your batteries. That is a more efficient way of saving energy. Do look for regenerative braking system when buying the best electric skateboard.

Weight of the board and it’s capacity:

When buying an electric skateboard, always look for boards that are lighter in weight but it should also be durable.

Why I am saying this, let me tell you.

If someday your battery juice ends up, you will have to carry it back to your home or you need to kick it back.

Lighter the board, easier will it be for you to carry or kick the board.

Also, the board should have an appropriate weight limit. But if you are obese and has to plans to reduce some pounds then look for e-skateboards that have higher weight bearing capacity.

So when you are planning to buy the best electric skateboard, make a list of all these points that I have discussed and chosen the one that scores highest in these specifications. It will definitely help yo a lot in buying your dream motorized skateboard.

Electric Skateboard FAQs

Can electric skateboards go uphill?

Yes, you can ride an electric skateboard fearlessly to go uphill.

Are electric skateboards dangerous?

Well everything is dangerous in inexperienced and unprotected hands. Electric skateboards are not dangerous if you ride it carefully. You can even apply sudden foot brakes at the tops speed of 25mph.

Can you ride electric skateboards on the roads?

They are classed as pedestrians you can ride them safely on sidewalks or footpath. You cannot ride them on roads where the speed limit is greater than 50km/hr.

Can you ride an electric skateboard in rain?

it’s better to avoid riding in the rain or wet condition if you are a beginner. But if you’re a pro make sure to wear your safety gears.


This is not the end. There are lots of more Electric Skateboards that can be added in the list. But this list of the best electric skateboard has top notch and high-end electric skateboards brands that built durable skateboards which are master in giving an incredible performance.

None of the manufacturers has paid us a single penny to talk and discuss them, above written reviews have been written only by seeing the performance and rating of the product. This means they are 100% true and trustworthy.