Electric Scooter Weight Limit & Load Capacity 2023

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The fact that electric scooters are one of the eco-friendly and cost-effective modes of transportation, it has been used by many people on the streets. There isn’t a single reason for not using an electric scooter. Earlier, like a few years, back people used to consider it a bad choice of transport for obese and bulky people. The reason was its limited load capacity like 220lbs or 100 kg.

Electric Scooter Weight Limit

But now, with the advancement in technology, there are electric scooters for heavy adults in the market that can easily accommodate as heavy as 300kg of the adult. No matter how heavy, bulky or obese you are, you can easily get your desired electric scooter with ideal load capacity. Here we will discuss the weight limit of an electric scooter followed by some factor that affects the rider’s weight capacity:

Electric Scooter Weight Limit

Electric ScooterWeight Limit
Emove cruiser electric scooter352lbs/160kg
Kaabo wolf warrior II330lbs/150kgs
Turboant X7275lbs/125kgs
Apollo pro 330lb/150kgs
Dualtron Thunder330lb/150kgs

The majority of electric scooter comes with a weight limit of around 100kg or 220lbs. The reason is the average weight of an adult lies between 70-90kgs, which is slightly closer to the higher side of load capacity. This weight limit greatly depends on the model and manufacturer of the scooter. Some manufacturers are concerned about bulky and huge adults and that’s why they have designed some heavy-duty electric scooters that can accommodate 300 lbs to 400 lbs of weight easily. Nanrobot, Qiewa are examples of such electric scooter manufacturers.

Importance of Weight Limit:

While choosing an electric scooter, weight limit or load capacity is one of the crucial factors that means how much load your electric scooter can handle easily.

This is of immense importance especially if you have to carry a heavy backpack with you on your ride. Your weight plus, your backpack weight will reach close to the maximum weight limit of an electric scooter. This may put a needless load on the electric scooter’s motor which may get damaged early.

Not only this, your safety is at stake. Therefore, while buying an electric scooter do estimate your daily weight limit and choose an electric scooter accordingly. If you are more than 90kgs and intend to carry heavy backpacks to your workplace, then we recommended choosing a heavy-duty electric scooter.

Factors Affecting Load Capacity of Electric Scooter:

While you are shopping for a heavy-duty adult electric scooter, there are a few factors that you need to consider deeply. These factors greatly affect the load capacity of electric scooters;

Power of Motor:

The rule is simple if an electric scooter has a highly powerful motor it will accelerate more weight. Usually, an electric scooter with a standard weight limit that is 100 kgs features 300 or 500 watts of the motor. But a heavy-duty electric scooter is either equipped with a single 1000 watts motor or even dual. Such a powerful motor has more potential to bear a heavy rider’s weight.


Obviously, a powerful motor means a high capacity of the battery will be needed. A highly powerful motor is useless if it doesn’t have a high-capacity battery. So always make sure to have a highly powerful battery in a heavy-duty adult scooter. We recommended you to follow our wise battery trick for purchasing a heavy-duty electric scooter.

Wise Battery Trick:

If the manufacturer has claimed for let’s say 100mph range, then reduces 20% from its range and considered it only 80mph. Because with heavy riders the actual range of electric scooters already declines.

Build Quality:

Since heavier electric scooters are designed to accommodate heavy riders, so its frame construction and build quality should be awesome and durable. Every time the scooter goes over the bumpy road, its frame bears an extra weight. Besides this, the front and rear suspension have to be there at any cost in a heavy-duty electric scooter. Suspensions protect the frame and chassis construction from higher loads.

Pros & Cons of Heavy Duty Electric Scooters:

The biggest advantage of a heavy-duty electric scooter is, it not only carries a huge and bulky individual but it can give an ultra-smooth and comfortable ride on off roads and rough terrains. Also, they have an amazing riding range and speed that can take you literally anywhere without draining its battery.

With such a huge pro, it has a major drawback of being heavy. Unlike other electric scooters, they are no more portable and lightweight e-scooters. Carrying them on public transport becomes a tough row to hoe.

Apart from this, heavy-duty electric scooters are pretty much expensive than conventional electric scooters. But these cons don’t bother if using a heavy-duty electric scooter is your ultimate need.

What happens if you forget the Weight Limit?

Since electric scooter manufacturers have clearly mentioned the bearable weight limit in their user manual. But there are some incidences where people forget the weight limit and start overloading their electric scooters. The electric scooter can be ridden with an excess burden on it but mind you it is okay as long as you are covering a short distance. You may experience the following problems;

  • You can’t reach the top speed of your electric scooter.
  • The e-scooter won’t have enough power to climb the hills.
  • You will experience short range. As the weight is big and it requires more energy to move it.
  • Tires will be at risk. They will wear faster.
  • Brakes will not be as responsive as they should be.
  • Last but not the least, the frame may bend or break.

In short, the consequences of exceeding the E-scooter’s weight limit are too dangerous. Therefore, consult the owner’s manual and keep in mind the weight limit.

Final Words:

The increasing trend of e-scooters amongst youngsters makes it a viable option for commuting around the town. With so many brands offering heavy-duty electric scooters with a high weight limit, anyone can have access to an electric scooter. All you have to do is just choose to keep in mind your requirements. If you are choosing a heavy-duty e-scooter doesn’t forget to check the motor power and battery strength for superior performance.

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