Electric Skateboard Black Friday Deals 2023 – 61% Discounts

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Electric Skateboard Black Friday Deals 2022

Electric skateboards are the new hype of 2023 means of transport. Being fun and efficient, these boards have started performing more and more efficiently, making life easier. For this reason, people await the Electric Skateboard Black Friday Deals 2023 – the biggest sales of the year.

As you know, black Friday skateboard deals 2023 are just around the corner, ready to bring you the most amazing offers of electric skateboard black Friday at big fat discounted rates. To grab the high-end electric skateboard, you need to hurry as the deals are limited and to avoid them running out before you even get to the market.

To get your hands on the best electric skateboard black Friday deals stay hooked on this article. As we make things simpler by gathering the top five black Friday electric skateboard deals of 2023, including boosted electric skateboard. So check these limited-time offers before the black Friday 2023 sale ends!

This is the best chance to save your money and get your hands on the best electric skateboard through the black Friday deals! No one wants to miss the chance of getting his or her hands on an ideal offer before anyone else!

Electric Skateboard Black Friday Deals 2023

Below is a thorough analysis of the top five electric skateboards that are being offered in the black Friday deals 2023 based on their performance and popularity and why they are the right choice.


Boosted 2nd gen Board Black Friday

  • Speed: 22 Mph
  • Distance: 12 Miles
  • Load: 220 lbs
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MBS Longboard Sales 2021

  • Speed: 12 Mph
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Load: 200 lbs
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Swagtron NG3 e-skateboard sales

  • Speed: 9.3 Mph
  • Distance: 6 Miles
  • Load: 150 lbs
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Dreamvan skateboard sale

  • Speed: 12.4 Mph
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Load: 176 lbs
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Urbanpro electric skateboard black friday deals

  • Speed: 20 Mph
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Load: 265 lbs
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Teamgee H5 Black Friday Deals

  • Speed: 22 Mph
  • Distance: 11 Miles
  • Load: 200 lbs
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JKING Longboard black friday

  • Speed: 19 Mph
  • Distance: 8 Miles
  • Load: 200 lbs
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Hiboy E-skateboard black friday sales

  • Speed: 12.4 Mph
  • Distance: 9 Miles
  • Load: 180 lbs
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Tooluck Electric Longboard Sales 2021

  • Speed: 12 Mph
  • Distance: 8 Miles
  • Load: 220 lbs
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OppsDecor Electric Skateboard Black Friday Deals

  • Speed: 12 Mph
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Load: 132 lbs
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1. Boosted Board – Electric Skateboard Black Friday Deals

Boosted Electric Skateboard Black Friday DealTo begin with, the best electric skateboard Black Friday deal, Boosted 2nd gen dual and standard range electric board leads the way with its exceptionally well performance.

Its belt-driven motor offers 6-7 miles of the standard range. Expect a travel-friendly extended battery that goes on for 12 miles, which is great to suit the longer commutes. The addition of extra battery life is truly a game-changer.

What makes it one of a kind in the market is the incredible speed and smoothness of the most powerful electric skateboard. The combination of lightweight and power goes perfectly well.

Boosted board black Friday is designed to enhance the urban transport experience. From moving easily through traffic, to never having to wait for the car to arrive. Moreover, no worries or hassle of searching for a parking spot. Just travel your city freely!

  • Water-resistant
  • Easy riding over rough terrain
  • Eco-friendly for urban areas
  • Easily removable motor
  • Built to last long
  • Less standard range

With its perfect controls, that approve fast acceleration, it makes the ride safer with its quick braking system. To control the board in a much safe and secure way, the Bluetooth-enabled remote plays its part.

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Boosted electric skateboard measures 38 x 11 x 5.8 inches and weighs 15 pounds. It is manufactured in such a way that is capable of withstanding the demands of daily urban terrain rides. Their no-compromise manufacture on its durability is evident by reduced downtime.

You will be glad to know that this quality is available at the lowest possible rates that making it one of the best-boosted skateboard black Friday deals 2023. Therefore, wait no more and check the quality purchase out before it runs out. You will absolutely love every minute of the ride!

2. MBS – Electric Longboard Black Friday 2023

MBS Electric longboard Black FridayThe second-best on the list is the MBS electric longboard Black Friday 2023 deal. Manufacturers of the MBS Board have consistently been striving to advance their product, creating a much-enhanced version of the electric board than they have ever released.

Self-adjustable resistance in the MBS ShockBlock truck suspension is a big plus point to go for this Black Friday Electric Longboard. For a maximized level of comfort and adjustability, MBS F5 ratchet bindings come with dual-density foam.

What makes the MBS black stainless board a very versatile mountain board is that it suits all age levels, from beginners to seasoned riders whose passion is sport skating. MBS RockStar II hubs with 8’T3 tires are a true representation of strength as they offer unparalleled traction on dirt.

This is the most affordable electric skateboard of 2023.

  • Reliable truck system for thrilling tricks
  • Supports high-speed riding and tricks
  • Strong and sturdy deck
  • Comes with a braking system
  • Integrated heel straps
  • The clever and functional binding system
  • Fine tunable suspension system
  • Only compatible with 8 inch tires
  • Hubs are heavy

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This year’s Electric longboard Black Friday sales include these newly engineered Matrix II trucks. Which are lighter, sturdier, and smoother carving than any other board to date. The deck features exclusive asymmetric concave, a new multi-chamber profile, and the most relaxing deck shape that you will ever step foot on.

Apart from that, advancement to MBS F5 bindings from F4 makes it an unbreakable, stronger, and adjustable 47.2 x 11.8 x 11.8” electric skateboard that you would want to add to your Black Friday deal bucket.

MBS Electric Skateboard is truly a 14.7 pounds beast that feels great to ride on and is capable of handling the terrain just well. For people who live in mountains, this mountain board will actually serve the purpose of riding in mountains!

To get the board at the most affordable rates through the electric skateboard black Friday deal!

3. Swagtron NG3 – Black Friday Skateboard Deals 2023

Swagtron NG3 Black Friday DealsSwagtron NG3 Black Friday deal primarily targets the younger audience. With its cool, snazzy, and considerate design, the skateboard is UL 2272 certified to suit the safety requirements needed for the young generation.

Technologically advanced electric skateboard comes with SentryShield battery: durable, long lasting, and sturdy! The board’s strength is further reflected by its ability to accommodate 176 pounds of load.

A 24-volt lithium ion battery is capable of fully charging this electric board within 3 hours. Up to 10 miles of distance can be covered with a single charge, suggesting a long battery life. 350W motor features high speed as it allows the ride on uphill inclines with a maximum speed of 11 mph.

If you want a cheap electric skateboard and reliable as then this is best for you.

  • Affordable price
  • High quality
  • Shock absorbent wheels
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Super large weight limit
  • Good grip tape
  • Flawless brake
  • Beginners might find it difficult
  • Can’t take this board on the plane

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Swagtron offers more innovative features than its counterparts do. A virtually tracking system enables you to monitor your battery status and have better control on the speed, cruise control, and braking through the wireless LED remote.

At a relatively low price tag due to swagtron NG3 Black Friday deal, it is a great skateboard for your kids. Considering the 5% discount on this board last year, this year’s discount is predicted to be much massive and you might not want to skip this great chance!

4. DREAMVAN – Skateboard Black Friday Deals 2023

DREAMVAN Sakteboard Black Friday DealsSearching for a cheap as well as a reliable electric skateboard in the black Friday deals is not an easy task. Dreamvan Skateboard Black Friday deal stands out among the various brands out there as it promises a high cruising experience.

With a 4.0Ah battery, the board takes around 2-3 hours of charging time and offers a smooth cruising for 18-22 km. Along with this, the powered brushless DC 600W dual motors make your riding experience wonderful!

An exceptional wireless remote control system in Dreamvan electric skateboard is what will drive you to get this black Friday deal. It is easy to hold. Works under a 10-meter control distance and has a top-notch frequency of 2.4G. Regardless of your level of expertise, this remote is easy to learn and control.

  • Affordable
  • Built-in LED lights for safety
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Appealing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Will have to get regenerative brake

Hill climbing has become easier as Dreamvan supports 30% slope inclination. At this slope, Dreamvan is quite impressive in its performance. Behind the smooth cruising, is the wheels of the board that are made of polyurethane material and is 3.5 inches in size.

Beautifully designed lightweight board, which is equally lightweight and easy to carry 0.5” deck, offers to carry a max load of 220lbs. At 17.2 lbs., it is the most comfortable ride that you can expect, and never get tired of it.

It requires only one touch to turn on the built-in LED lights in Dreamvan electric skateboard. These lights make the night commute easier by their free switch that controls the various functions and exciting modes offered.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro at skateboard, it is a fun-filled experience as it’s perfect for any level and any age riders! Advisable cruise rate is 10mph for beginners, leisure riders can go for 15 mph or experts are free to go for 25 mph without worrying.

5. URBANPRO – Black Friday Skateboard Deals 2023

URBANPRO Black Friday Skateboard DealsThe new generation looks for the simplest way to commute and having an UrbanPro Black Friday Skateboard deal for yourself is the smartest choice you can make. The simple and solid deck that withstands wear and tear is an ideal purchase.

To start your day, an easy-to-ride UrbanPro skateboard assists you for your short commutes, cruises to campus, or even quick errands. Its lithium battery offers 10miles within 3-4 hours full charge time.

The super-responsive design of UrbanPro is capable of achieving 20mph peak speed within just 5 seconds. Achieved due to its 400W brushless motor that it can accelerate while remaining quieter than other boards and lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Wireless controller, effortless accelerator, and smooth brakes are a complete package that you want to avail of from the electric skateboard black Friday deals. Added to this are its three-speed modes for beginners to pro level.

  • Good range
  • Precise control
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Suits a variety of skill levels
  • Power saver option
  • Safe ride
  • Can’t be used on rough road

Three LED battery indicators provide an efficient travel experience. Climbing hills is easy and steady with UrbanPro electric skateboard as the material of the deck is fiberglass and maple with 11 layers that can easily commute up to 265 lbs. of load.

No need to worry about the slopes coming your way as it can ride for 20% of the slopes smoothly. It’s 90*52mm PU wheels are capable of providing the right amount of grip that the riders require. Moreover, the matte 900 x 230mm surface deck provides a non-slip commute.

Automatic sensors of the electric skateboard turn of the board itself if not used within 10 minutes. That is why it is very sensitive so a lot of care and gentle treatment is also required to maintain its quality. Using it on a flat surface, avoiding water or any potential damage can increase its battery life!

Do not hesitate to cruise with your friends and family, as UrbanPro makes sure to make all your adventures memorable. It can be the best gift for them. UrbanPro comes in the category of one of the few easy-to-learn electric boards. Therefore, its technology makes a freshman and pro use this board in no time and experience life fully!

Final Verdict:

The progress rate of electric skateboards is much faster than expected in 2023. These five Electric Skateboard Black Friday deals discussed are the ones that outperform their anticipated levels for this year. They are a combination of fun and efficient commute.

More and more people are shifting to electric skateboards, as it is a sustainable way of traveling. Potentials for the Black Friday deals listed above are offered at a heavily discounted rate regardless of being the high-end electric skateboards.

This article is a guide to help you decide on the perfect Black Friday electric skateboard that suits your budget and requirements. To make things simpler, a narrowed-down list of the five best electric skateboard black Friday deals are presented to you.

Amongst these, the best one is boosted electric skateboard black Friday deal. As the technological revolution includes high-end electric skateboards so, make your commute a pleasurable one and head on to get hold of the black Friday deals before they end!

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