How to Calibrate a Hoverboard in 2023?

Last Updated: October 31, 2022 by Sam John

Hoverboard needs to be in proper functioning condition otherwise it would be impossible to ride on them. For this purpose, hoverboard calibration is the lifesaver technique. It can rescue your hoverboard from getting into serious problems, like hoverboard one side is not working, hoverboard vibrating.

A lot of people especially newbies are curious to know how to calibrate a hoverboard. Mind you it’s not as tricky as it sounds. This brief guide will tell you to step by step how you can calibrate your hoverboard with a mobile app and without a mobile app.

What is Hoverboard Calibration?

Hoverboard calibrations sound complicated but it is as simple as restarting any device. You can call it a synonym for restarting or resetting. Through calibration, you can get rid of all the problems that have been arisen in your hoverboard.

Calibration means bringing the hoverboard back to its default or original setting within minutes. Let me make it simple to understand for you, you might have seen a factory reset option in your smartphone. This option removes all your customized settings from the phone and brings it back to its original state. Similarly, by hoverboard calibration, you actually bring back the hoverboard to its original state. This will remove all your pre-set settings that might have caused problems in your hoverboard.

When it is the Best Time to Calibrate the Hoverboard:

Hoverboard calibration is so simple and easy that you can perform it now and then. But there should be a purpose for doing it. If your hoverboard starts behaving weirdly like one wheel moves faster than the other or the battery lights start flashing or it could be any reason that might cause trouble in riding on a hoverboard. That’s the right purpose for hoverboard calibration.

Through calibration, you will get rid of all these problems such as hoverboard vibration or shuddering. If god forbid, calibration doesn’t resolve these issues then it’s time to replace a few parts of the hoverboard.

Luckily replacement parts are easily available on manufacturers’ websites such as chargers, frames, shells, and whatnot. You can easily buy these replacement parts from the website. And if you are not sure what the actual issue is, then it’s better to claim the warranty of the hoverboard. Many high-end hoverboards come with one year of warranty that you can claim easily.

How to Reset/Calibrate A Hoverboard:

If your hoverboard is not behaving properly, then it’s high time to calibrate the hoverboard. Some people think that hoverboard calibration will involve some complicated and tricky steps, especially for newbies. But in actual it is not the case. Any level of rider can do it easily. Just follow our step-by-step calibration guide and resolve all your hoverboard issues. Here are the steps.

Step#1 – Turn it Off:

The first and the foremost thing before calibrating a hoverboard is to power off the hoverboard. Simple press the power button that is there on the hoverboard, your hoverboard will be turned off. Don’t switch off the hoverboard using its remote control. Make sure to turn it off from its power button.

Step#2 – Keep it on a Flat Surface:

This is the most important step. Skipping it will not calibrate the hoverboard properly. Look for a flat and even surface and place your hoverboard onto it. Dining tables, study tables, or even kitchen countertops are the best places for doing so. If the hoverboard is not kept on a flat surface, the gyroscope might act weirdly and create problems.

Step#3 – Turn it on:

Once you have kept the hoverboard on a flat surface now turn on the hoverboard by pressing the power button on the board for at least 5 seconds. Keep pressing it until the hoverboard makes a beep sound.

Step#4 –  Check the Lights:

Now if you are curious to know either you are on right track or not. Just wait for the lights to flash. Once it starts to flash, it means you are going right.

Step#5 – Don’t Touch the Hoverboard:

Once you have assured that everything is going fine, and the lights are flashing, now wait for 30 seconds. Meanwhile don’t touch or move the hoverboard. The hoverboard is calibrating itself.

Step#6 – Save the Settings:

Now the hoverboard has been successfully calibrated. It’s time to save the settings. But wait; there isn’t any safe option on the board so how you will be going to save it. Stress now, we know how to do it. Just turn the hoverboard off using its power button. It will save its calibrated settings.

Voila, your hoverboard is calibrated now.

See, wasn’t it simple and easy to calibrate the hoverboard?

You can follow these simple steps to calibrate any brand of the hoverboard. But before doing so, it’s better to check the hoverboards user manual to see the instructions manufacturer has given for calibration. It’s better to double-check.

How to Calibrate A Hoverboard with Smartphone App:

The majority of the app-enabled hoverboards are equipped with Bluetooth chips. Calibrating such Bluetooth hoverboards is as easy as calibrating a non-Bluetooth hoverboard. But you have to be very cautious while doing so as a small mistake can fry the Bluetooth chip. It s a bit risky process, therefore follow instructions very carefully. Here are the steps that you can follow to calibrate your Bluetooth hoverboard via the Smartphone app.

Step#1 – Install the app:

Open your Smartphone and install the official hoverboard app on your Smartphone. It’s the most important step for calibrating a hoverboard.

Step#2 – Connect the Hoverboard:

Once you have installed the app, now connect your hoverboard to the app on your phone, so that you can control your hoverboard via its official app.

Step#3 – Keep it on a Flat Surface:

Just like non-Bluetooth hoverboards, it’s important to keep the hoverboard on a flat and even surface. This is necessary for the proper calibration of the hoverboard.

Step#4 – Open the app:

In this step, you have to open the app and find the option “calibrate the unit”. Click it, an instruction window will pop up on the screen. Follow the instruction properly and very carefully. Remember, a single mistake can kill the Bluetooth chip.

It’s Time to Test it:

The hoverboard is calibrated now; it’s time to test it out. Turn on the hoverboard and looks aren’t any lights are flashing? That’s great. Now start riding on a hoverboard. Check, if both wheels of hoverboards are moving at the same speed? Amazing.

Congratulations, you have successfully calibrated your hoverboard and resolved all the issues.

But if it’s still acting strangely, then I am afraid to tell you that it’s time to replace either the gyroscope or other parts of hoverboards.

Wrapping Up:

Hoverboard calibration can save thousands of money that you spend on experts to check your hoverboards. It’s a really useful thing especially if you are a passionate hoverboard user. but if in case your hoverboard has got some serious issues that are not fixed even after being calibrated then it would be best to consult a professional expert to check the problem.

Remember, riding on a malfunctioning hoverboard can cause serious injuries. Instead of using them, get them to calibrate first and then use it.

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