Is Electric Skateboard Street Legal in 2023 – Updated Guide

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Electric skateboards have taken the hype being the new mode of commute. Therefore, the legislation is gradually beginning to consider these electric transport devices and defining laws regarding the use of electric skateboards. One big question revolving around your decision of purchasing an electric skateboard “Is Electric Skateboard Street Legal to ride on the road” or “Can you skateboard on the sidewalk” is to be answered below. But the very first thing to know is that regardless of very few laws right now, electric skateboards are legal to own in every country.

Electric Skateboard Laws

Electric Skateboard Laws 2023

As per the government, wheeled vehicles like scootering, rollerblading and electric skateboarding comes in the category of game. This automatically indicates that to ride an electric skateboard one does not need a permit or authorization. Electric skateboard is legal as far as it does not take the form of a race. Therefore, one can easily ride their electric skateboard in a spacious area like a square or skateboard park. In such areas, you can fully relish skateboarding and do the tricks you like with no fear!

Steps To Discover Your Country’s Laws & Regulations:

To make sure where your country stands in terms of regulations around electric skateboards and to find the information about it, you can:

  • Read the regulations over the internet
  • Inquire a local police office
  • Ask around on a public forum
  • Ring the mayor, lawyer, or politician
  • Keep updated about your area’s political landscape

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Basic Legal Requirements for the Electric Skateboard:

There are certain requirements needed to be fulfilled and laws to be kept in mind before commuting on your electric skateboard legally in public.

Firstly, rider of the electric skateboard must be 16 years old or older to be allowed to ride in public. There are heavy fines on underage groups who commute on electric skateboards and you might not want to spend your pocket money on that.

Secondly, do not even go near an electric skateboard or think of riding it if you are under the influence of liquor. Being on drugs or being underage has obvious reasons why it is prohibited as you might get in serious trouble with the cops along with around $250 of stiff fine on the violation.

The third regulation revolves around the speed limit allowed for electric skateboards. Within the proximity of 35mph, you can consider yourself safe to legally riding the electric skateboard.

However, it is to be noted that there can be cases were going above 15mph can make the police quote public endangerment on the rider & it totally depends on the area.

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Keep Safety Equipment and Gear Before Riding:

It is against the laws to go without suitable safety gear and equipment while riding the electric skateboard in public. Ride an electric skateboard in the street legally by making sure to:

  1. Own and wear a helmet.
  2. Carry a white headlight that works well and helps you see at night. It is equally important that the incoming vehicles can also see you approaching from at least 300 feet far. Alternatively, equip your electric skateboard helmet with white light making incoming vehicles visible from 300 feet.
  3. Stay protected from bad injuries by wearing protection gear: knee and elbow pads.
  4. Have a finger bell to aware of the pedestrians or other commuters.
  5. It is essential to have both sides of the electric skateboard covered with yellow or white reflectors.
  6. The back of the electric skateboard should have a red reflector that can cover at least 500 feet of distance.

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New Motorized Board Law Florida:

Florida law for electric skateboards is a bit strict in this case but they still give some restricted permissions, you can ride them on a bicycle marked path because there is no other vehicle allowed, but only on those roads or streets where the bicycle is allowed. You can ride on such roads where the speed is limit is under 25 miles per hour. for a detailed law guide you can check this page.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in NYC:

The precise answer is YES, now you can ride on an electric skateboard in New York. It was banned a few years ago by the Nyc Mayor because of the safety of the riders and sidewalks. There is a complex rule about it. E-skateboards were linked with other Electronic Motorized devices like Electric scooters and E-bike.

Now in spring 2020 authorities are agreed on a piece of paper with some conditions which are in favor of riders, like wearing safety guards, ride away from the traffic, & control the speed.

 California Electric Skateboard Laws:

Every state has some local laws so as California. Electric skateboards are allowed in California under California law AB-604, section three, article seven with certain conditions like rider must wear a helmet, speed should not be more than 20mph and rider must be more than 16 years old.

Using Electric Skateboard As A Commute:

Another way that an electric skateboard can be used is as a commute. In that scenario, riding an electric skateboard street is legal by following the same rules as pedestrians from using sidewalks, following red lights, and passing from the pedestrian crossing.

It is illegal and extremely dangerous to skateboard at 30km/h on a sidewalk. Even with all the supportive skateboard kits, it is advisable to stay within 10km/h while riding on the sidewalk to avoid any risks associated with pedestrian safety or being outlawed.

What Else To Consider:

After all the research and being well aware of the legal status of your country, you are good to go and can avoid unpleasant encounters with the police.

And one thing people forgets while riding on a skateboard that they don’t wear safety gear, which is a self-explanatory issue. So I would request every skateboard rider, please wear the helmet while riding and BE SAFE!

Electric Skateboard Safety Gears are the lifesavers.

These advices may help you, your children, and loved ones to be safe from any mishaps while riding a skateboard:

  • Be sure to be visible at all times especially nighttime
  • Maintain a distance while passing dogs. Be considerate to dogs. They do not like the rushing sound of skateboards
  • Stay within the speed limits
  • Ride cautiously and courteously
  • Try not to disturb or interfere with the pedestrians when passing by a sideway
  • When entering a congested area, try to carry your electric skateboard

How To Ride The Electric Skateboard Legally?

Usually, police officers are seen in big cities and capitals. So riding outside the big cities can be a bit safer. However, it all depends on how meticulous the police are around your area and how familiar is he with the rules of electric skateboard being legal.

As long as you are riding considerately and cautiously to the people, dogs, and everything around you, there is no chance you would get in danger and the police will be very tolerant towards you.

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Final Thoughts:

When you own an electric skateboard, you automatically have a huge responsibility to consider before riding it. Now you have the idea of how the electric skateboard can be street legal and safe for you to ride.

Knowing whether you are allowed to ride the electric skateboard in public in your country is very crucial. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to wear safety gear and to prepare your electric skateboard with safety equipment, especially when it is nighttime.

Although, the police are very accepting of the electric skateboarders on public roads. Nevertheless, in the future, it is expected for many strict laws and restrictions to be published regarding electric skateboards. So get help from this article, be prepared, and always get professional’s advice on this matter.

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