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Last Updated on December 5, 2020

E325 Electric ScooterThere are so many different types of electric scooters on hand available in the market that you may be considering purchasing them for once.

Razor is the leading producer of hoverboards, E-Scooter, E-Bikes, and other electric rides and it ensures high-end products.

Not only do they have one of the best possible build products on the market, but they are reliable innovators in the marketplace.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s effortless to pick between the models they offer. After all, they have a range to consider.

We have decided to review its E325 electric scooter because of its attractive specs like tire size, battery, and motor specially. Everything will be discussed in detail below.

Razor E325 Electric Scooter Review

Below, we will be going over an in-depth review of the Razor E325 electric scooter.

Features of Razor E325

Razor E325 Electric Scooter review

Razor E325 Electric Scooter comes with a wide variety of features. The elements are pretty promising, as mentioned below;

E325 Weight Limit:

Let us start from the ground up. E325 has a sizable ample body for presenting higher support. Frame can take a 220 pounds except for any issue. This frame offers an appropriate riding experience.

E325 Electric Scooter Motor:

Scooter E325 has the 300w motor. The engine permits the rider to crank up the velocity to about 15mph, which is pretty a lot. Chain-driven engine can run for about 40-45 minutes and go about 8-9 miles. Motor operation is smooth and emits much less noise.

Its a high-torque motor which means it will work with more power than other in this range of price and much recommended for adults.

Razor E325 Battery:

It comes with a stable battery that takes around 12-hour charge before it can deliver any strength to the motor. But to be on the safe side, it is endorsed to cost the battery for a full 24 hours before riding the scooter.

Razor E325 battery permits the motor to run for about 40-45 minutes before desiring a charge. Just make sure to charge it fully for the first before use because Razor recommends it. And it increase the age of the battery performance.

If at some stage battery got faulty or disturbs your rides then you can easily change the battery by your own just detaching it and replace it with new one. It happens in rare cases not with all.


Razor E325 scooter comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires for a smooth ride. These extra-large tires provide a remarkable experience while riding. 10 inch tires are bigger than others because your will find max tire size is 8.5″. Razor beat them all in this scenario.

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Speed and Acceleration:

Twist-grip throttle system allows you to speed up or down by your needs. This makes using the scooter pretty an exciting experience. A velocity of about 15mph can without difficulty be reached, which is more than enough.

For a 52-pound scooter, the aspects are pretty intriguing. Total package offers high-quality probabilities for a familiar character to end up the cool dude in the area!

Most velocity range must fulfill anyone. The massive deck and puncture proof tires are an excellent addition. Also, the variable speed control makes it a more fabulous considerable alternative than most other scooters out there.

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Flaws of Razor E325 Electric Scooter:

Like every product E325 Scooter has some downside too;

  • Frame holds 220 pounds which is more than enough because this scooter is not an off-road scooter. And if you need an electric scooter which can bear more weight than go for Off-Road E-Scooter

List of pros and cons of Razor E325 Electric Scooter:

Before leaping on to our judgment, we would like to point out the pros and cons of the product itself. Let’s get right into it!

Scooter comes with a set of undoubtedly great features. However, there are some flaws which want attention. But overall, we would advocate that you go for it. At such a price, the Razor E325 Electric Scooter is genuinely well worth a shot! And it is a good option for adults


  • Maximum relief and ease with generously sized deck.
  • Chain motor offers noise-free riding.
  • Forty minutes ride with a single charge.
  • It is portable with mild weight.
  • Wide tire and brake ensure safety.
  • Extended body for higher support
  • Smooth and silent motor operation
  • Wide puncture-free pneumatic tires
  • Maximum velocity of 15mph
  • Twist-grip throttle machine for variable pace control and gives speedy and clean acceleration.
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Challenging to pack
  • Not meant for tough terrains or mountains

What are the User Recommendations?

It is only for the 12 years ancient and above. Its overcharging may additionally damage the battery. Keep the scooter usually secure and hold the bike in a relaxed and comfortable place. Don’t unplug the charger before the full cost of the cell.

Installation and Maintenance:

If you favor experiencing the exceptional ride of this Razor E325 Electric Scooter, you need to hold this scooter properly. For all kinds of protection and installation, comply with the directions in the consumer guide furnished through the manufacturer.

Be cautious about tightening the nut and bolts after assembling the scooter. Always use the tools to collect given with the bike. Avoid uneven surfaces and roads while riding.

Razor E325 Scooter Specifications:

  • Maximum rider weight is 220 lbs (100 Kg)
  • Age has to be 13 years old and above
  • Product Weight is 46 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions is 41″ x 17″ x 42″ (104 x 43 x 106.6 cm.)
  • Power is around 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. Battery charger included
  • Maximum speed is 15 Mph (24 Km/h)
  • Up to forty minutes of continuous use with a single charge
  • Super-sized metal frame, deck, and fork
  • High-torque, chain-driven motor
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Hand operated the rear brake
  • Wide pneumatic tires
  • Retractable kickstand

Final Words:

Electric Scooters when in contrast to the Fuel and Petrol associated motors are very inexpensive in the ability of cost. But this scooter is specially designed for a funny way to transport. For enjoyable rides and to take a phase in the competitions, these Razor Kids Electric Scooters are helpful.

Those who want a clean and cool breeze on evenings; they can take a spherical on this Razor E325 Foldable Electric Scooter. Not just on the roads but additionally in Shopping Malls and additionally at playgrounds, you can use these Razor Electric Scooters.

In one word Electric Scooter by Razor is affordable, has a low priced up and you can also keep the money.

And I must say most of the products do not have such specs which E325 has within this pocket-friendly budget.

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