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Welcome to TopElectricrides.com.

Fahed AwanMy name is Fahed Awan and I have done MBA in Finance. Blogging is my passion along with deep research so I started writing blogs for my own sites and friend’s site.

Outdoor gadgets are one of the favorite topics of mine to write about it because I used most of them and have good knowledge to write so I decided to help the world about these gadget which includes electric scooter, hoverboards and most importantly Electric Skateboards.

Right now people wrote blogs about these products just to sell or earn commission but no one bother to talk about safety and durability of the product reviewed, so I tried my best to cover each and every aspect of every product listed in my articles at Top Electric Rides.

Top electric rides are providing unbiased product reviews in the electric transport category.

Meet John!

Sam JohnSam John is editor at Top Electric Rides from the day one because of vast experience in Scooters, hoverboards, bikes and skateboards. He has done Masters of Business Administration in Marketing and also a father of 2 angels.

He is a deep researcher and the core man behind this brand. I believe his writing because everything he wrote will do with hardcore research and facts & figures.

He proves himself as the best editor of this brand.

Why we build this Brand?

During research, we found that people are looted and facing so many issues to find a reasonable and long lasting product that gives some value to their money. Then we decided to help our customer and another person who need real and authentic information and can easily be taken from this site without any hesitation.

What do we offer?

We write buying guides, unbiased product reviews and product comparison that help our customer/reader to get complete information before buying any product. Because we know that your money worth so we are adding value to it through our research and experiences.

What do we write about?

Mostly we write about the electric gadgets that are being used in this era.

Mostly we write about Electric scooter, Electric Wheel Chairs, Electric Dirt Bikes, Electric Bicycles, Electric tricycles, different electric scooters, electrical toys for children and much more.

We care for your safety because in electrical items first thing comes in our mind is safety, so we provide reviews only of those products which certified by certain international boards or departments.

We add value to money because we know how you earn money by working hard day and night. So we will give the information about those items which have a reasonable price and are best in quality.

But in some cases, we recommend high price products because of safety, reliability, and durability. Adding some more bucks from your budget will not put you in the loss for long term purchase.

We always welcome your feedback so much comment and write directly to us through contact us page.

Your suggestions are always welcomed at topelectrides.com.

Spread this site your loves ones whom you cared as we care for you.