5 Best Cheap Electric Scooters Under $100, $150, $200

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Cheap Electric Scooters don’t mean that these are low-quality scooters. But these are for middle-class family kids who are unable to buy expensive Electric Scooters. There was a time when there was no concept of cars and everyone used to travel through horse carts and camels, but as the technology got advanced, new means of transportation also got discovered. Then people start using cars and bikes to cover long distances in a short time.

But as the world is making discoveries every day and coming up with new technology and gadgets, we have now an Electric scooter, which you can use as means of transportation, without spending too much on fuel or gas. Electric Scooter not only helps you save money, but you get to exercise at the same time. These Cheap Electric scooters are very famous among teenagers and a lot of elderly people. They are cheap, easy to drive, and are very convenient to drive around the town.

Best Cheap Electric Scooter

Electric scooters might not be allowed on a lot of different highways due to different concerns, but they can be driven all around the town. There is no need to wait for any type of vehicle (car or bus) for a grocery run. Instead, you can stick with some electric scooters and make as many runs as you need to.

For being small in size, they can easily be controlled and get in the least accidents. This is the perfect ride for all the students as they cannot afford to get their hands on any car yet and will get into the least accidents. I know the value of your money and that is why I selected the option which is best for money.

5 Best Cheap Electric Scooters | Under $100, $150, $200


Gotrax GKS Scooter

  • Speed: 7.5 mph
  • Load: 154 lbs
  • Range: 4 M
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  • Speed: 8 mph
  • Load:  220 lbs
  • Range: 8 M
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  • Speed: 11 mph
  • Load: 120 lbs
  • Range: 10 M
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Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter

  • Speed: 15 mph
  • Load: 150 lbs
  • Range: 10 M
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  • Speed: 6 mph
  • Load: 120 lbs
  • Range: 7.5 M
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1. Gotrax – Cheap Electric Scooter Under 100$

Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter Under $100Have you ever wanted your kids to experience like they are flying and they are unstoppable? If not, then it is your chance to let them experience the best ride of their lives, by getting a Gotrax Electric Kick Start Scooter for them.

It is great and extremely safe for fun-loving toddlers, its size is perfect for them, i.e., 31 inches, which makes it easy to handle. It is available in different colors so that you can get the scooter in your kid’s favorite color. It also has an efficient hand brake, which you can use to stop your scooter. It has been manufactured by keeping in mind the safety and security of a toddler, and that is why it is equipped with modern technology.

Gotrax Electric Scooter is made of high-quality plastic and has a kickstand that looks amazing to the kids. It runs on 12volt of battery, which needs to be charged for 12 hours, for first-time use. It is best suited for toddlers and perfect for their free spirit. Furthermore, the speed limit is also appropriate, neither very slow nor fast, and while testing it went for 7 miles on a single charge, and this is best for kids.

Since it has been made for kids, therefore, its assembling is very easy and can be done in a matter of a few minutes. This scooter comes with a high-capacity battery and a certified charger. It also has the qualities to become your daughter’s and son’s first-ever scooter, as it’s lightweight, secure, and stylish. In my opinion, it is a great choice, because I am not willing to spend too much on a kid’s electric scooter and the benefits it is providing like; speed limit and lightweight, in this price is more than enough. But make sure the adults do not use it or kids that weigh more than 154 pounds.

This is one of the best electric scooters under $100 with good specs. I know you are here because of the low budget then I found this one for you.

Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter

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Key Features:

  • 12-volt electric scooter
  • Suitable for kids until age 8 years
  • 4 miles on a single charge
  • Efficient hand brakes
  • The weight limit is 154 lbs
  • maximum speed 7 Mph
  • It is very easy to use, because of user-friendly functions
  • It is lightweight so that kids can handle it easily
  • It takes only 10 minutes to assemble, which means hassle-free assembling
  • The only disadvantage is that it is light in weight and not suitable for adults

Consumer Reviews:

There are some really good reviews about this product. One of the customers bought it for his kid as a Christmas present, which his kid could not resist and opened immediately and instantly fell in love with it. His kid goes to school on his scooter, which is adding up to his confidence.

A customer bought it for her kid’s on his 9th birthday, and he loved it and found it easy to ride and assemble, She is happy with the look of the scooter and how well protected it is. He also rides it every day and enjoys commuting through his scooter.

2. Razor Pro RDS – Best Cheap Electric Scooter

Razor Pro RDS Dirt ScooterRazor Pro RDS is a renowned brand that started with hoverboards and then launched electric scooters. It is an extremely low price electric scooter and is very efficient and fast when it comes to performance.

You will be surprised to know that you can fold it, unlike other electric scooters, and keep it under your bed. It has a foot brake so that you can slow down your speed. PRO RDS is one of the Best Cheapest Electric scooters and it is under $150 so what are you waiting for.

Also, if you are riding on an uneven road, that has many bumps, then you do not need to worry about getting yourself into any accidents. As it has made shockproof. You can adjust its height, using the handlebar, which for me is something new.

Its lightweight makes it easy for kids to handle it. It is completely safe for your kids to enjoy riding on it, as it has 6 protection functions like; short-circuit protection, overcharge, and over current protection, low-voltage protection, and also controls the temperature.

Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter for sale

It has no emissions, which makes it environmentally friendly and makes you a good citizen. It is most suitable to cover a short distance, but whenever you use it, make sure it is fully charged. Its user-friendly features make it easy for you to learn to ride it pretty quickly. Razor Pro RDS is a good option and it is fit for teenagers.

During the test ride, it traveled around 8 miles on a single charge. The overall design is really smart and stylish. The speed depends on the weight of the person; the less the weight, the higher will be the speed.

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Key Features:

  • The maximum speed is 14 mph
  • Maximum distance covered is 5 to 8 miles
  • Lightweight, only 18 lbs
  • Foldable mechanism
  • Aluminum alloy deck
  • 3 Battery Indicator
  • 4 Tail lights

  • It is super affordable so you will not have to spend a fortune on it.
  • You can fold and keep it anywhere you want, even under your bed.
  • Its lightweight makes it easy to handle for kids.
  • Its design is very compact and stylish, which makes it look appealing.

  • No headlights

Consumer Reviews:      

One of the customers bought it for her son, but due to some technical issue, it stopped working. Then she contacted the after-sales services, and their response was quick, and they exchanged it with a brand new one, which arrived the very next day.

Another customer purchased it for his son, he loved it, he rides it for 2 to 3 hours straight, and he loves the design along with the brakes system. He is happy with the overall performance of the electric scooter.

3. Razor Power Core – Electric Scooter Under $200

Razor Electric Scooter under $200If you want a stylish-looking, fast scooter for your kid, then this should be it, because razor power core E100 is the ultimate solution for you. It has some amazing features like a kick start the motor, lightweight, urethane wheels from front and back, and is super-fast.

Its deck is simple and has a kick-start motor that has batteries of 12volts. It has a slow start, and as you learn how to ride, you can increase the speed, using the throttle that is on the right side, with which you can adjust the speed. It rarely requires any maintenance and is a perfect low-budget electric scooter. Once you buy, charge it fully for 8 hours straight and not more than that. Otherwise, it would damage the whole system.

It has a front air tire and a polyurethane rear wheel, which lets you ride smoothly and comfortably. Handlebars are slip-resistant and absorb all the sweat so that the handle does not slip from your hands while riding the scooter. It has the handbrake on the left side so that in case of high speed you can stop the scooter. Also, it is important that while kids are learning how to ride, it is important that they have a strong grip on both sides of the handles to manage their speed and handbrake.

Razor Power Core E100 is most suitable for kids till 8 years of age, whose weight is 120 pounds. With its powerful core technology, your kids can ride it all day long, without getting bored. They can use it for an hour on a single charge, which makes it efficient and everyone’s favorite.

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Razor Power Core E100 Scooter

Key Feature:

  • 24-volt battery
  • Maximum speed 11mph
  • Lightweight
  • Kick start motor
  • Hand operated Handbrake on front
  • Front air tire
  • Speed managing throttle
  • No maintenance cost required
  • You can use it for an hour on a single charge.
  • Best for kids under age 9.
  • Handles are slip resistant, reducing the chances of accidents.
  • It has a kick-start motor, making it easy for you to start the scooter.
  • Extremely fast for kids to enjoy.
  • The chain can come off sometime

Consumer Reviews:

Many customers have bought this electric scooter for their kids, and they seem to love it. Especially its smart design and user-friendliness make it kids’ favorite toy. Its speed is just perfect for the kids, not too fast not too slow. The throttle also helps in managing the speed, while you are riding it. In case of any fault, the after-sales service is cooperative enough to exchange the scooter right away.

Some of the consumers also highlighted its features like air wheel and handbrake, which makes it super comfortable and secure for the kids to ride. The customers have also said that they have recommended this scooter to others as well.

4. Swagtron – Electric Scooter Under $200

Swagtron Swagger 8 Electric Scooter Under $200Are you looking for something that your kid can ride in the park or the neighborhood with full style? Then I know what you want, you need a Swagtron Swagger classic electric scooter for your loved one, that he can ride all day long without getting bored and gets to exercise daily.

It is sleek; it is durable, and it is lightweight, just the way you like it. Both kids and teens can use it. Its powerful battery keeps it going. So if you have teens who have a thing for electric scooters, then you can buy this for them.

Its powerful motor lets you cover a huge distance within a short time. The display keeps you update about the speed, handle brake, the miles you have covered, and battery details. The motor is secured in a heat sink made of aluminum for maximum protection.

A secure mechanism keeps you protected in case of a short circuit, overcharge, over-voltage, and overheating. It gets auto shut down, whenever you are charging it. It has a black headlight, which makes it easier for you to ride it at night than too safely.

It is also a foldable e-scooter, so you can fold it after using it and can keep it easily in a small space, because of its compact design. You can take it wherever you go as it is lightweight, which makes it highly portable. You can charge it for 3 hours, and it will be ready to use, but refrain from overcharging. It has rubber tires that make the ride extremely smooth and hassle-free, and it rarely requires any maintenance.

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight i.e; 10.2 kgs
  • Electronic brake on the front and friction foot brake
  • Maximum speed 15 mph and maximum distance covered 10 miles
  • LED headlight
  • 200W of motor
  • It is very affordable and does not make you exceed your budget.
  • It has a display, to show the motor, handbrake, and distance-covered details.
  • It has a foldable mechanism, so once you are done with it, you can fold it and keep it under your bed.
  • It is low maintenance electric scooter that hardly requires any maintenance.
  • It can be used by both kids and teens.
  • Its speed is just perfect for kids and teens.
  • It is a basic model that has low weight capacity

Consumer Reviews:

One of the consumers finds it amazing, as it was easy to assemble and his kids loved it. The battery life is good and does not die quickly even if you are riding it at high speed. Also, he received the scooter within 2 days of delivery.

Another user that the scooter is just like the advertisement; fast and sleek and its stylish design is what makes it appealing. He further said that now he goes to a restaurant and keeps his scooter under the table by folding it, in short, he carries it easily, everywhere he goes.

5. Mongoose – Electric Scooter under $150

Mongoose electric scooter under 150 dollarsFor those who enjoy unique things, then Mongoose is for you guys. It has 2 wheels on the front, which maintains the balance. The handles are also different, and in U shape, unlike other scooters. These handles help you in having a strong grip over the scooter and avoid any accidents. You can always, adjust the speed with the lever provided on the right side and there are also handbrake and wheel brakes to slow down your speed.

It can be used by both teens and adults and is perfect for covering short distances. It also has a folding mechanism, which makes it easier for you to carry it around when it’s properly folded. The deck is pretty amazing and is full of colors, which makes it different from other scooters. It has a high weight capacity, which makes it ideal for people having different weights.

Mongoose has rubber wheels to give you the smoothest ride of your life. Also, you can adjust the handle according to your height.  It makes you show off your best moves.

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Key Features:

  • Kickstart belt-driven motor
  • Aluminum frame
  • Electric handbrake and heel brake
  • Maximum speed 6 mph
  • Maximum distance covered 7.5 miles
  • The design is amazing and makes you fall in love with it.
  • Has an electric and manual brake.
  • Has a folding mechanism, which makes it portable and compact.
  • It only takes 2.5 to charge
  • It has a weight capacity of 120 lbs, which makes it suitable for both adults and teens
  • This is very basic scooter for newbies but other 4 scooters have good performance than this one

Consumer Reviews:

The customers have said that they are really happy with the scooter, its performance is good, and with its amazing design and cool features, it is the best choice for anyone who is looking for a low-budget electric scooter. It satisfies the inner child of adults and lets them enjoy the ride.

Also, one of the consumers that he used it for commuting from one place to another and for covering short distances, and its super-fast speed and super fun ride, made him ride it again and again and all day long.

Best Cheap Electric Scooter Buying Guide 2023

Electric Scooter is such a great invention that can be used by both kids and adults and there is no age requirement, unlike driving the car. These scooters will not require any gas or fuel, but it works on battery, and you need to charge it every day, to use it. You will be amazed to know that when driving a car is 1500% more costly than riding an electric scooter. Because if you are driving a car you need a license, insurance, registration, repair, and maintenance and all these require a huge amount of money. On the other hand, there is no such requirement for an electric scooter.

Not only that but an electric scooter is also safe for the environment and does not pollute it with gases or fumes. So you can say there are cost-effective as well as eco-friendly, which allow you to be a good citizen and work towards making your environment sustainable for future generations. If you want to play your part in reducing the effects of global warming, then you should own an electric scooter and limit your use of cars and bikes.

As I said earlier if you are using an electric scooter, you are continuously moving and using pedals most of the time, which keep you active and fit, and you also get to do a bit of exercise daily. Therefore, if you are willing to lose some weight and looking for ways, then all you need is an electric scooter that you can ride all day long.

Whenever you feel tired, you can use the power option and let it ride on its own. By owning an electric scooter, you save a lot of time by not getting stuck at the signal and easily making your way through the traffic. Furthermore, because of its compact size, you will be able to park it anywhere you want.

While you are going to buy the electric scooters, they can seem like a big purchase of a car or anything like that. You need to invest your money very carefully in such a purchase. Therefore, this guide will give you an overview of what you should be looking for in an electric scooter.


You need to keep a check on the price of the electric scooter you are going to buy and its market value. You will come to know about the market value of it by looking at other products with similar features. If you are getting better features at less price, you should be going for that then.


One important thing to consider before making a purchase is weight. It can affect your rides, and it will matter a lot at other times too. If the charge runs out at any time, there might be situations where you will have to carry your scooter, and if it weighs a lot, it will be almost impossible for you to lift it. The ideal weight of all the electric scooters would be 25 to 30 lbs.

Top speed:

Top speed is not a big issue for most scooters. Most of the scooters have a top speed of 15 mph, and it is also illegal in a lot of areas to exceed that speed limit. As these are made to be friendly with the community, you are not allowed to go on more speed than this. 15 to 18 mph is the best speed you could drive your electric scooters on.


As these scooters are special for teenagers or adults, they should have properly functioning front and backlights. Front lights would help them see better while the backlights will help other people coming their way know about them.


As this is a car-like purchase and helps you travel, you need to be sure that your brakes are working fine all the time too. It should feature the electric and the foot brakes to help you have total control over your whole scooter.


So this is my list of Best Budget Electric Scooters and all of these scooters perform well; have some great security functions and are safe for kids. I have mentioned all the features so that you can make an informed decision. I would say that if you are getting this much at such a low price, then you should not think twice before buying it. Because it is not just a scooter, your travel partner is going to accompany you wherever you go.

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