How Much Does A Electric Scooters Cost in 2023?

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Who wouldn’t agree that electric scooters are the most convenient and easiest way of transportation? The cherry on the top, they are far cheaper than any other mode of transportation be it a car or motorbike. One can afford it easily, but have you ever wondered how much these motorized scooters cost in 2022.

How Much Does A Electric Scooters Cost

Individually, electric scooters are a bit expensive but mind you they won’t cost you an arm or leg. You will find an electric scooter of every price range depending upon the features you want. This brief and concise guide has highlighted every point that you should know about the cost of a motorized scooter.

Electric Scooter Costs

You will find an electric scooter for every size of a human, be it a kid, teen, or adult. Electric scooter caters the need of every person according to their taste. That’s why the price of e-scooter ranges a lot. It starts from as low as $150 and goes up to $3500 and maybe more. This price difference is because of the factors and features that are equipped in it which includes;


The battery of the e-scooter is as crucial as the heart is to the human body. The majority of the electric scooters are equipped with a high-performance lithium-ion battery that contributes almost a third of its cost. In actual it is the battery that determines the overall performance of a motorized scooter. You can cover long range if you have a powerful battery.

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The motor is another important and costly component that affects the price of an e-scooter. A high-performance battery is useless with an unreliable motor. So the importance and quality of motor and battery go side by side. The motor is extremely necessary for the finest performance of an electric scooter. It is the motor that rotates the wheel of the scooter.

However, if the motor is equipped with some unique and advanced functions like regenerative braking then it will automatically increase the price of an e-scooter.

Overall Construction:

Overall construction determines the durability of electric scooters. The majority of the electric scooters are either made up of industrial-grade aluminum alloy or aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. Both types are durable and sturdy but the aerospace-grade aluminum alloy is of utmost durability besides, being light in weight. It is the same material that is used in the construction of aircraft. Whereas, industrial-grade aluminum is the one that is used to build bicycles. So the high-end electric scooter uses an aerospace aluminum alloy that justifies its cost.

Priced Electric Scooters:

Electric scooters fit in the pocket of every person as they range from as low as $150 to as high as $3500. This means there are cheapest and budgeted options too. Being budgeted doesn’t mean at all that you have to compromise on the quality; it would be of flimsy material.

No, that’s exactly not the case.

Budgeted electric scooters lack some of the amazing features that you might get in premium models. However, they won’t offer you the same durability that high-end models do. Therefore, you have to handle it with care. Such electric scooters can easily cost under $250. Luckily some top brands have launched pocket-friendly electric scooters in the market. You can easily buy it if you have only $300 with you.

Razor E300High performance and reliable$233
Kugoo S1 Solid tires$300
Razor power core E90Best for kids$150
Hover 1 rallyGreat price value $200
GoTrax GliderWith smart features $199

Expensive Electric Scooters:

Like budgeted options, there are some expensive electric scooters too that are suitable for enthusiastic and passionate adults who love to commute around the town. Expensive electric scooters have the awesome build quality and are equipped with all those bells and whistles one looks for. The worth mentioning point here is, such electric scooters have a super powerful motor and battery that gives you amazing speed and almost unlimited range.

One such example is Rion 2 RE90, which is the most expensive electric scooter up till now. It comes with a price tag of $6800. Mind you, that doesn’t include the shipping charges. Apart from Rion, there are other models too. In short, the more you have bucks in your pocket, the premium electric scooter will be yours. Here are some expensive electric scooters with their current prices.

Rion 2 E90Range: 96 km
Speed: more than 100mph
Dualtron thunderPower: 6700
Speed: 62mph
Range: 120 miles
Dualtron X2Range: more than 90 miles
Speed: 68mph
Holly burn p5Equipped with 4400 watt motor$6300
Nanrobot LS7 Speed more than 50mph$3199

Averagely Price Electric Scooter:

It’s obvious not everyone can afford such an expensive electric scooter. And not everyone wants to have a cheap electric scooter. There are some electric scooters of mediocre level that have features and durability of above-average level. Such electric scooters can be easily used for daily commuting and offer long durability if used with proper care. In our opinion, it wouldn’t be a wise step to spend more than $4000 on just an electric scooter when you only want to use it for daily commuting. Here are the lists of some well-known brands that offer high-end electric scooters that can be easily bought.

Segway Ninebot MaxSpeed: 29km/h
Range: 46km
Fluid Free ride HorizonSpeed: 39km/h
Range: 42km
Apollo citySpeed: 46km/h
Range: 29km
Xiaomi M365 proSpeed: 25km/h
Range: 35km
Kugoo M4 proSpeed: 45km/h
Range: 60km

Are Electric Scooters Worth Buying?

Yes, without a single doubt. Electric scooters are totally worth buying. They have low operating costs, unlike other vehicles that need petrol to be operated. They are convenient and easy to use. Besides this, they take you anywhere whenever you want without getting stuck in traffic.

And best of all, you don’t need to worry about its parking, as they are foldable and easy to carry.

The benefits of electric scooters are endless. They are best for day-to-day commuting. So according to your budget choose an electric scooter that fits perfectly with your needs and requirements. There are mid-range electric scooters that are best for commuting day to day. Though their prices are a little high but it’s a one-time expense. You don’t have to pay high extra running expenses.

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