Top 10 Best Hoverboard – Self Balancing Scooters

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Hoverboards are the love of kids and teenagers in this digital era and it is the best way to pull them away from tablets and mobiles. People discussed that it is only for fun and it is a toy only but they are wrong because it can be used for traveling to short-distance places. With LED lights and stereo surround music, teenagers feel amazing to hover on the roads and streets. It seems as if they are floating on the streets. Day by day, hoverboards are getting immense attention.

Best Hoverboard

There are a lot of brands in the market selling hoverboards but it took our 43 hours of research to finalize the top 10 best hoverboards of 2021. Some focus points were kept in mind during this research such as;

  • UL certification
  • LED lights
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Body Material
  • App-Enabled
  • High Quality Tires
  • Motor

This self-balancing two-wheeler device becomes even more popular when famous celebrities started using them like Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Jamie Fox, and many others.  People rushed towards stores to buy the best self balancing scooters. Still, the scenario is the same. People still love to buy hoverboards and in fact, they prefer hoverboards as a perfect gift to present to any youngsters.

No doubt they are the perfect gift, but only if they are of top quality. Not the one which explodes and harms your loved one. While buying any hoverboard, it’s better to look for the safest hoverboard, the one which has safety certifications. There are thousands of companies that are either assembling or manufacturing hoverboards but only a few of them have safety certifications. Above all, most of the hoverboards have more or less the same features. So it becomes a tedious task to choose the Best and Safest Hoverboard on the market.

But if you are planning to buy the best self-balancing scooter which is not only safe to ride but has all those amazing and mesmerizing features then you have landed on the right page.

After deep research and the live tests of around 23 hoverboards and shortlisted these 10 best hoverboards of 2021. We tried our best to cover each and every point that will help you to choose the best hoverboard for yourself, followed by reviews of some top-notch and high-end hoverboards that will definitely quench your thirst. So you don’t have to open multiple links, just stick to this article you will get to know more and more about hoverboards.

10 Best Hoverboards Reviews 2023


Tomoloo Bluetooth Hoverboard

  • Speed: 7.45 Mph
  • Distance: 6.21 Miles
  • Load: 165 lbs
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Segway Ninebot Hoverboard

  • Speed: 10 Mph
  • Distance: 14 Miles
  • Load: 220 lbs
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Hovertrax Prizma hoverboard

  • Speed: 9 Mph
  • Distance: 11 Miles
  • Load: 176 lbs
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HS 2.0 Hoverboard

  • Speed: 10 Mph
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Load: 165 lbs
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Hover1 H1 Hoverboard

  • Speed: 9 Mph
  • Distance: 9 Miles
  • Load: 264 lbs
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T581 Hoverboard

  • Speed: 10 Mph
  • Distance: 7.5 Miles
  • Load: 220 lbs
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unisun hoverboard

  • Speed: 9 Mph
  • Distance: 9 Miles
  • Load: 64 lbs
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Jetson All Terrain Hoverboard

  • Speed: 12 Mph
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Load: 260 lbs
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JOLEGE Self Balancing Hoverboard

  • Speed: 6 Mph
  • Distance: 9 Miles
  • Load: 200 lbs
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CBD Hoverboard

  • Speed: 6 Mph
  • Distance: 6 Miles
  • Load: 264 lbs
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1. TOMOLOO – Best Hoverboard 2022

TOMOLOO - Best Hoverboard

Colorful hoverboards are the dream of every hoverboard rider. If you are one of those, then this one is of your interest. Presenting you a colorful hoverboard that is of durable built and superior quality, Tomoloo Hoverboard with LED lights.

Tomoloo is an old name when it comes to intelligent hoverboards. Their products are of immense quality and are trusted worldwide, because of the fact that they have passed a series of authoritative certifications such as CE, FCC, ROHS, R&TTE, UN38.3, and MSDS. So safety is 100% guaranteed with the Tomoloo Q2C-B hoverboard. Besides this, it has a fire retardant and heat-resistant shell that protects the hoverboard against catching wildfire. So it’s like double protection. Since the hoverboard and its battery are UL2272 certified so the battery will not gonna explode because of a short circuit or overcharging.

As far as the specifications of the Tomoloo hoverboard is concerned. Its specs are simply amazing. Let’s discuss them.

The most important feature which I like most is its IPX technology which means it is water-resistant and has a 1-year motor warranty. Secondly, 4.0 Bluetooth speakers give the awesome experience of music while riding by connecting it to your mobile phone.

The hoverboard is equipped with 300 watts of dual motor that gives a peak output of 600 watts. With this much power, you can take your hoverboard with a maximum speed of 12 km/hr. This is one of the compelling reasons to buy a Tomoloo hoverboard. It has a powerful and larger capacity of batteries that takes only 2 to 3 hours to charge completely. Once it is completely charged you can take it as long as 10.5 km and we tested it 3 times.

It has come with an official Tomoloo App. You can install its application from the play store or app store and control your entire hoverboard via its app. It has amazing Bluetooth speakers which you can connect and control via mobile App and enjoys your ride along with the music.

TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

Tomoloo has offered some colorful lights on the hoverboard too, which never let your fun end even when the sunsets. LED lights are the most attractive part of this hoverboard because it has multi-color LEDs which makes riders prominent among others.

Talking about its Tomoloo hoverboard weight bearing capacity it’s superb. Its 6.5-inch tires and strong and sturdy body can easily accommodate 165 lbs of rider’s weight. This is amongst the best hoverboard that you can gift to your loved one. it is an amazing Christmas gift. It is for those who want speed, durability, reliability, safety, and attractiveness of the product then I must say that it is the combination of all requirements and you will be in love with it.

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  • UL2272 certified
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inch
  • Speed: 12 km/hr
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Motor: 600 watt
  • Range: 10.5 km
  • Climbing slope: 30 degree
  • Maximum rider weight: 165 lbs
  • App-enabled
  • Incredible speed
  • Tomoloo’s Official App
  • Rough textured tires that give a smooth ride
  • Amazing weight-bearing capacity
  • With IPX4 water-resistant system
  • Range should be increased to at least 15 kms

2. Segway Ninebot – Best Hoverboard for Beginners

Segway Ninebot - Best Hoverboard for Beginners

If you are looking for some hoverboard that is unique and different from the others, then grab your hands on Segway Ninebot S Hoverboard, you will love it. It’s different in appearance from others and has mesmerizing features that will let you fall in love with it. And it is one of the best Segway hoverboards. Segway is the UK’s most popular personal mobility scooter store that manufactures high-end recreational products.

Segway Ninebot S hoverboard is quite different from other hoverboards of the same generation because it has specially designed knee control bars that make maneuvering easier and smoother. The best part is, these knee control bars are totally detachable, and this means when you have to store your hoverboard in a small space you can detach the knee control bar. It’s easier to detach and attach.

Ninebot S hoverboard is made up of sturdy and powerful material which can easily accommodate a rider’s weight up to 220lbs. We put weight more than 220 lbs on live test and it works well as well, but it is highly recommended to not put weight more than 220 lbs. It is one of the lightweight hoverboards that is compact and easy to carry. You will be amazed to know that it weighs only 28 lbs.

It is equipped with a powerful dual-motor of 400 watts, which let it reach the top speed of 10 mph in the blink of an eye. The best part is, you can go with this speed as long as 14 miles but you have to assure first that your batteries should be fully charged. One of the most astounding features is, it has an intelligent App management system. You can download Segway’s official App to your smartphone and control functions like anti-theft function, speed limit, and many other functions just by clicking on your smartphone.

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Talking about some additional features, it has a customizable LED headlight and tail lights that you can control from its official app. Its powerful headlight can illuminate the road 5 meter ahead. It’s amazing. That’s not the end. There is still more from the Ninebot S hoverboard. This superb hoverboard has large anti-skid 10.5-inch vacuum tires that give you a bump-free ride even on uneven terrain. Now you can enjoy a smooth ride with top speed even on hilly terrains.

One of the most distinguishing features that this hoverboard has is, it has a smart battery management system (BMS), that gives you real-time information about voltage status, current, temperature and usage, and battery life status. This substantially improves the rider’s safety and comfort. Segway Ninebot S hoverboard is amongst the most demanding hoverboard on the internet. Indeed it’s one of the best UL-certified hoverboards.

Segway Ninebot S Hoverboard with handle

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  • UL2272 certified
  • Speed: 10mph
  • Charging time: 2-4 hours
  • Motor: 400-watt dual hub motor
  • Range: 13.7miles
  • Climbing slope: 15 degree
  • Maximum rider weight: 220lbs
  • Product weight: 28 lbs
  • Battery: 36V of lithium-ion
  • With IP54 water protection system
  • Knee control bars allow precise steering
  • Rider’s safety and comfort is guaranteed
  • With a smart battery management system
  • With Official Segway App
  • Charging time is a bit long

3. Razor Hovertrax Prizma – Best Razor Hoverboard

Razor Hovertrax Prizma - Best Razor Hoverboard

Razor Prizma Hoverboard is my favorite on the list of best hoverboards. It’s from the house of Razor, which has been manufacturing electric and manual scooters in America since 2000. Razor is a very popular hoverboard brand that believes fun is forever and for everyone. Their hoverboards are of superior quality both in terms of features and price. Razor Prizma is one of the best hoverboards which you can buy in 2021. It is pocket-friendly and has all those amazing features which quench your thirst for a hoverboard.

Prizma is the world’s smartest self-balancing electric scooter with EverBalance technology, which means the hoverboard will stay upright as soon as you turn it on. Moreover, if by chance you get a harsh fall, Hovertrax EverBalance technology will self-balance the board quickly instead of spinning out and causing more damage to a hoverboard.

It is made up of a steel frame with a shatter-resistant polymer body. Its wheel has fender bumper protection that does not let mud and dust enter into the wheels. In addition to this, it has anti-slip rubber protections that give your feet a firm grip while riding.

Hovertrax is the hoverboard that is quite silent but powerful in performance. it is equipped with 350 watts dual hub motor that does not make noise and takes you with a maximum speed of 10 mph. And 8mph speed is quite ideal for kids and teenagers. Hovertrax Prizma is perfect for teenagers. It has 36V lithium-ion batteries that give you unlimited fun for as long as 60 minutes. And if you want more fun, you can keep charged LG batteries along with you and replace them with the depleted battery pack.

Talking about some additional features, there is a strip of LED light on the front of the hoverboard, which makes you visible in absence of light. So it seems as if you are floating on the light.

As far as the safety of hoverboards is concerned, let me inform you that Razor was the first hoverboard brand that received UL2272 certifications. It’s a great pride for Razor. So this hoverboard is UL 2272 certified which ensures that the hoverboard is safe from all kinds of fire and electrical mishaps.

Safety of rider is also guaranteed by its auto-level mechanism that makes mounting and dismounting of rider easier on the board. In fact for the safety of the rider, there are some riding modes available in Hovertrax Prizma which are training and advanced level. These riding modes help the newbie rider to practice and become a pro rider.

Razor Hovertrax Prizma is one of the best hoverboards that is intelligently engineered to give a smoother and easier ride every time. It’s a hoverboard brand that is most trusted by Americans. Overall, it’s the hoverboard that one wishes to buy. It’s not so much expensive, in fact, it is quite affordable anyone can easily buy it. That’s the reason I have recommended this hoverboard.

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Hovertrax Prizma Hoverboard with LED Lights


  • Speed: 10 mph
  • Motor: 350watt dual hub motor
  • Range: 11 miles
  • Charging time: 1-2 hours
  • Maximum rider weight: 176 lbs
  • Product weight: 23 lbs
  • Battery: 36V of lithium-ion
  • UL2272 certified hoverboard
  • With Everbalance technology
  • Suitable for kids ages 8 plus
  • With changeable batteries
  • Easily accommodate 220 lbs of rider weight
  • Not off-road hoverboard

4. Hoverstar HS 2.0 – Best Quality Hoverboard

Hoverstar HS 2.0 - Best Quality Hoverboard

If you are looking for something special and extraordinary for your kids, then this hoverboard from the banner of Hoverstar could be an option for you. And after reading this Hoverstart HS 2.0 review you will be amazed. It’s simple and easy to ride with all those attractive features that are normally liked by kids. Before reviewing the product let me tell you something about Hoverstar. It’s a USA-based company that has hired Chinese engineers who utilize their expertise to manufacture a superior and technologically advance hoverboard.

Hoverstar HS 2.0 is one of the safest hoverboards for kids and even for teenagers. It is certified by Underwriter Laboratories. This is made up of high quality and durable material that is scratch-resistant and does not catch wildfire. It has 6.5 inches off-road wheels that are capable of riding on all kinds of rough terrains be it a muddy path or grassy sidewalk. Because of its small wheel size, it becomes easier for kids to mount and dismount easily, as the ground clearance height is only 25mm.

The hoverboard has the greatest speed of 10mph which is quite safe for kids. Thanks to its 400watt powerful motor that gives enough speeds to its wheels. The motor requires a 36V lithium-ion battery to work properly. These batteries need 2-3 hours to juice up fully after which you can take your hoverboard as long as 10 miles without any interruption. Keep in mind that this range depends upon the road conditions and riding style.

Hoverstar HS2.0 hoverboard is full of colorful lights. It has an array of small LED lights on the front bumper along with two rows of sidelights on the fender. Not only this, it has colorful flashing lights on the wheels as well. All these lights make HS2.0 a vivid and colorful hoverboard. These lights look quite attractive and beautiful at night time. It seems as if the rider is hovering on lights. Besides this, it makes your way visible too.

As far as the weight bearing capacity is concerned, it’s comparatively lower than others. But it’s perfect with respect to kids. It is capable of accommodating 165 lbs of rider weight. So adults or teenagers who are bulky are not suitable riders for hoverstar HS2.0 hoverboard.

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  • UL2272 certified
  • Ground clearance: 25mm
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inch
  • Speed: 6-10mph
  • Charging time: 2-3
  • Motor: 400 watts
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Battery required: 36V lithium-ion
  • Maximum rider weight: 165 lbs
  • Suitable for kids and teenagers
  • With off-road wheels
  • Simple and easy to ride
  • Safe mounting/dismounting
  • Full of colorful lights
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity is quite low

5. Hover-1 H1 – The Best Hoverboard in the World

Hover-1 H1 - The Best Hoverboard in the World

The next one on my list of the best hoverboards is from the banner of Hover-1, which is the most trustworthy manufacturer of self-balancing scooters. The model that I am going to review is Hover-1 H1. Since the safety of riders is the prime priority of Hover-1 so their all hoverboards are certified from UL2272. This means they will not going to explode because of a short circuit or overcharging. H-1 has 6.5 inch solid wheels, which make it a perfect hoverboard for kids. Besides this, it gives a smooth and jerk free-riding experience.

The hoverboard is equipped with long-lasting batteries, which gives you the ultimate riding experience until 4 hours. But for this, you have to juice up batteries for a good 2.5 hours to enjoy uninterrupted hours of fun. The batteries are totally protected against overcharge and discharge. The battery comprises 20 cells of lithium-ion that gives enough power to its 250-watt dual motor. The motor gives a peak output of 500 watts that is simply outstanding. These dual motors give a maximum speed of 9mph which is not too much slow. All thanks to its powerful 500-watt motors. In my opinion, this much speed is suitable for any kid and teenager to enjoy on the streets.

Talking about the maximum range of H1, it will not disappoint you. Your H1 hoverboard can take you as long as 9 miles. So you have the freedom to explore your town on your hH1 hoverboard but keep in mind that the range of hoverboard greatly depends upon riding condition, road condition, and rider’s weight. H1 hoverboard does not look like a heavy-duty hoverboard but yes it is capable of bearing more than extra weight as compared to other hoverboards of the same category. It can easily carry a maximum weight of 264 lbs. This is the most amazing part that I love about the H1 hoverboard.

Apart from this, the h1 hoverboard has an official App that you can download on your smartphone and can do a lot more with your hoverboard. The app has a GPS tracking system that let you monitor your track.

One of the most mesmerizing features that H1 has is, it has customizable colorful LED lights on the fronts. You can change the colors of these lights using its official App. Apart from this, it has Bluetooth speakers too, and that makes your riding experience a musical one.

H1 is ideal for kids, teenagers, and adults. it’s perfect for any kind of rider. If you are a newbie and riding on an H1 hoverboard then you don’t have to worry about this, H1 has three different riding modes that are for all types of riders. it includes beginner, intermediate and expert mode

Hover-1 H1 hoverboard is one of the most demanding hoverboards of the manufacturer. There is no doubt in saying that it has amazing and compelling features that enhances your riding experience. After an in-depth test, I am very much confident that Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard is the best hoverboard on the market. Colorful gadget with all required spec in one place, I am sure that your kids will love it.


  • UL2272 certified
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inch
  • Speed: 9 mph
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Motor: 500 watt
  • Range: 9 miles
  • Battery required: 36V lithium-ion with 4.3Ah
  • Maximum rider weight: 264 lbs
  • App-enabled hoverboard
  • Riding modes makes it suitable for all kinds of riders
  • With IPX4 water-resistant technology
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers make your ride a fun one.
  • Amazing speed and mileage
  • Do not ride rough terrains because this is not off road hoverboard

6. Gyroor – Best Rated Hoverboard

Gyroor - Best Rated Hoverboard

Here comes another hoverboard yet the more powerful than the previous one. It’s on my list because of its features and its price. If you cannot afford any high-end hoverboard then a Gyroor T581 hoverboard can quench your thirst. It has top-notch quality hoverboards that are quite pocket-friendly and the best part is, it has all those lavishing features that you find in any expensive hoverboard.

It is one of the strongest hoverboards that has 700 watts of powerful battery that means you are going to have so much once you ride on it. You can hit a maximum speed of 10-12km/hr within seconds. All credit goes to its powerful 700watt engine.

T581 is an off-road hoverboard with 6.5 inches of wheels. These wheels are capable of hovering on all kinds of bumpy pavements, gravel, and even on a muddy path. And the best part is, you will not experience any kind of jerky ride. Even on these bumpy roads, you will gonna enjoy a smooth buttery ride. Gyroor T581 hoverboard is quite popular in the hoverboard industry when it comes to smooth rides.

Furthermore, it is an app-enabled hoverboard, which means you can connect your hoverboard with its app on the mobile phone and control your entire hoverboard via your smartphone. WOW! It’s amazing.

You can check the battery status; change the speed of your hoverboard via its app. Not only this you can switch between different riding modes that are for the safety and comfort of riders. It has a child mode that is dedicated to kids and it has an adult mode that is for expert and pro riders. Ride without music sounds so boring that’s why T581 has a high-quality stereo surround, built-in Bluetooth speakers. These speakers will not let you get bored when you are riding all alone.

T581 is one of the safest self-balancing scooters because of the fact that it has passed different safety certifications which include UL 2271, UL2272, CE, RoHS, and FCC. These certifications assure your safety. You can fearlessly ride on magic hover because it will not become part of any catastrophic incident. Trust me, if you are getting all these amazing features in just a small amount of money, then I think this one should be your choice. It’s a wonderful hoverboard that is a perfect present to be gifted this Christmas.

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  • UL2271,UL2272 RoHS, FCC, and CE certified
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inch
  • Speed: 10-12km/hr
  • Charging time: 2.5hours
  • Motor: 500watt
  • Child and adult riding mode
  • Battery required: 36V lithium-ion
  • Maximum load capacity: 220lbs
  • App-enabled hoverboard
  • Free carrying bag
  • IP56 waterproof technology
  • All-terrain off road hoverboard
  • With 100% safest and smooth ride
  • You can enjoy a musical ride
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Colorful lights brighten your way
  • Range need to be increased
  • 8.5 inches tires are recommended for off road but it has only 6.5″

7. UNI-SUN – 2 Wheel Hoverboard

UNISUN - 2 Wheel Hoverboard

Who doesn’t love colorful and funky stuff? If you or your loved ones are from one of those who are looking for some funky and cool commuting gadget then UNI-SUN two-wheel hoverboard is just perfect for you. It’s a hoverboard that is available in a variety of pure colors, chrome colors, and funky patterns. Anyone who likes colorful and vivid stuff will love these hoverboards. And the best part about the UNI-SUN hoverboards is, they are really very economical. Let’s peep into what this colorful hoverboard has;

Starting from the safety first, since customer safety is the prime mission of UNI-SUN. You will be glad to know that you are getting a safety-certified hoverboard in just a few bucks. It’s not only UL certified but also it has certifications from CE, RoHS, and FCC.  This means its board, battery, and charger have gone through a number of electrical tests. So get ready for a fearless ride with the UNI-SUN hoverboard.

Its strong and robust 6.5-inch rubber tires give you a smooth and ultimate riding experience. You won’t feel a single bump when riding on the roads. Keep in mind that this is not an off-road hoverboard. so there are limited paths to ride on. Moreover, wheels have colorful flashing lights that keep you prominent in your group of hoverboard riders.

As far as the power of the hoverboard is concerned, it has strong and powerful dual motors of 300 watts which hit a maximum speed of 9.3 mph within seconds. And you know what you can enjoy a long ride up to 9.3 miles in just a single charge.

Quite impressive!

Unisun 6.5 inch self-balancing scooter is one of the coolest hoverboards that you will find on the internet. It has wireless Bluetooth speakers which you can connect with your smartphone and enjoy your ride with your favorite music track on the go. The shell of the hoverboard is made up of strong and sturdy material with Led lights on the sides and front side. Literally, this hoverboard is full of colorful and bright lights.

One of the unique features that UNI-SUN hoverboards have is their smart self-balancing technology. Its anti slips food pads are equipped with smart chips and a self-balancing system, which let you have complete command on the balanced. Now you can boldly ride anywhere without any fear of imbalance. It’s available in three different series that have different color ranges. In a nutshell, I can say that you have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

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  • UL2272 RoHS, FCC, and CE certified
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inch
  • Speed: 9.3 mph
  • Range: 9.3 miles
  • Charging time: 3-5 hours
  • Motor: 300 watts dual motor
  • Maximum climbing angle: 10 degree
  • Battery required: 36V lithium-ion
  • Maximum load capacity: 220 lbs
  • Product weight: 10 kg
  • Puncture-proof solid rubber tires
  • UL certified hoverboard
  • Full of colorful and bright lights
  • Superb speed and mileage
  • Available in a multitude of colors
  • Long-time is required to charge the battey

8. Jetson – Amazing Scooter Hoverboards

Jetson - Amazing Scooter Hoverboards

Jetson Electric is the leader in electric mobility devices such as electric scooters, self-balancing scooters, and electric bikes. You can say they are the market leaders. Not only their hoverboards but all of their products are of extremely superb quality and have all advanced and unique features. This hoverboard that I m going to review is called the Nitro hoverboard of Jetson Electric.

It’s an all-terrain hoverboard with a durable and sturdy outer shell that is completely fireproof. It features 6.5″ off road rubber wheels that run smoothly even on uneven surfaces.

Wheels are powered by 400watt dual hub motors that require 36 V of lithium-ion to work properly. Nitro hoverboard is amongst one of the fastest hoverboards, it has a maximum speed of 12 mph. But keep in mind that the company claimed maximum speed greatly depends upon riders’ weight and road conditions. Its 36 V lithium-ion batteries provide energy to its motor for 10 miles. This means before depleting completely you can enjoy its maximum range of up to 10 miles, which is more than enough for any hoverboard.

Besides this, it has an additional feature of built-in Bluetooth speakers which you can connect with your smartphone and play your favorite tunes. No more boring ride now. With Jetson Nitro blast the road with your favorite soundtrack. Talking about lights, like other hoverboards it also has some colorful lights. You will find a line of white LED lights on the front hoverboard. They are for your safety purpose. These lights will make you and your way visible during nighttime.

With Jetson hoverboard fun never stops even when the sunsets. In addition to this, it has Galaxy wheels that have colorful flashing lights, which makes you prominent in your group of riders. This means when you are on Nitro hoverboard only you will be visible.

Jetson has so much concern about the safety of its riders. That’s the reason all hoverboard and electric scooters are UL 2272 certified. This means you are 100% in safe hands when you are riding on a Jetson hoverboard. It will not gonna explode at all.

Apart from all these features, this hoverboard has its own personal mobile app, which is Ride With Jetson App. Just download this App on your smartphones and get control of your entire hoverboard via smartphone. Indeed with all these features, Jetson hoverboards are worth buying. If you own a hoverboard of Jetson that’s means you have something really very extraordinary.

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  • UL2272 certified
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inch
  • Speed: 12 mph
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Charging time: 3
  • Motor: 400 watt dual motor
  • Maximum climbing angle: 15 degrees
  • Battery required: 36V lithium-ion
  • Maximum load capacity: 250 lbs
  • Product weight: 20 lbs
  • With Ride Jetson Companion App
  • Perfect for outdoor riding
  • Excellent speed and range
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Recommended Age: 13 and up
  • Tires must 8.5″ for off-road rides

9. Jolege – Best Self Balancing Scooter 2022

Jolege - Best Self Balancing Scooter

The hoverboard that I m going to review is from the banner of JOLEGE Hoverboards. It’s a company of young entrepreneurs who are working day and night to bring hoverboard generation to the next level. With respect to feature this hoverboard is more or less similar to other hoverboards of the same category but what makes it stand apart from other hoverboards is its colorful and innovative designs. Its build quality is quite different from others and is built in such a way that it looks quite different from the other hoverboards.

So, like other hoverboards, JOLEGE smart self-balancing scooter comes with a smart sensor on its extra-wide footpad that senses each and every feet movement of the rider and moves accordingly. This way riders get a firm grip and control over their hoverboard. It has all-terrain wheels that are 6.5 inches in size and are capable of moving on all types of roads, be it a muddy path or a gravel street. JOLEGE hoverboard will give a smooth and buttery riding experience.

300 watts dual hub motors are installed inside the board which gives a maximum output of 600 watts. With this much power, you can hit the top speed of 6 Mph. It has lithium-ion batteries that require approximately 3-5 hours of charging. After it is completely charged you can enjoy hovering on a hoverboard for as long as 15 km, which is more than enough. This much range is quite suitable for short-distance commuting. JOLEGE hoverboard is a perfect hoverboard for your riders’ gang, it won’t let you lose.

Talking about additional features, it has colorful flashing LED lights on the wheels and on the bumpers that stand you apart in your group of riders. Besides this, LED lights are also helpful to make you visible during nighttime, so that you can ride in a safe and sound manner.

Apart from this, it is one of the App-enabled hoverboards, you just have to download its official app from the app store or apple store on your smartphone and you become just one click away from your hoverboard. You can switch colors of light, you can even choose between different riding modes. You can do a lot more with its mobile phone app and we used it for colors and speed control.

Riding without music is like chocolate cake without the chocolate. Considering this fact JOLEGE hoverboards have introduced built-in Bluetooth speakers which are powerful enough to rock the entire town. Flashing lights with high-volume music hovering on the streets look extraordinarily amazing. Thanks to JOLEGE for launching such a wonderful hoverboard. When JOLEGE cares about all these extra features, how can they forget to care about the safety of their customers which is their ultimate mission.

Yes JOLEGE hoverboards have undergone numerous electrical and mechanical tests to pass the Underwriter Laboratories certifications and hence are called UL certified hoverboards. These hoverboards are totally safe to ride, they will explode due to overheating neither they will catch wildfire. They are made up of fire-resistant and scratch-less shells. Indeed JOLEGE is the most reliable name in the field of hoverboards. One can trust them blindly. They are the best UL-certified hoverboards. Attractiveness is the main key of this hoverboard and ride will be in love with it.

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  • UL2272 certified
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inch
  • Speed: 15 km
  • Range: 6 Mph
  • Charging time: 3-5 hours
  • Motor: Dual Motors 300 W
  • Battery required: 36V lithium-ion
  • Maximum load capacity: 200 lbs
  • Product weight: 17.6 lbs
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made up of fire-resistant shell
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Powerful motors and batteries
  • Charging time is too long

10. CBD – Safest Hoverboard 2022

CBD - Safest Hoverboard

Why this hoverboard is considered the best hoverboard? If you really want to know this, just stick to this section. This part will cover some genuine and real information about the CBD hoverboard. This is not a new name in the field of hoverboards. It has been into hoverboards and electrical gadgets for ages. What I like most about them is, CBD has focused more on customer satisfaction. For which they tried all possible ways to manufacture a flawless and high-end product.  The same agenda is followed in their hoverboard manufacturing section. CBD Chrome hoverboards are of excellent quality with almost no negative feedback from customers.

Equipped with 300 watts of the dual-motor this hoverboard has the power to take you as speedy as 6 mph. Well, this is not too speedy but this much speed is more than enough for adult kids. Besides this, it features never-flat 6.5-inch rubber tires that provide smooth rides. Since CBD hoverboard is majorly targeted for kids, that’s why they have a small wheel size which makes mounting and dismounting of kids easier. Furthermore, keeping in mind the aspect of kids, it has a maximum range of 6 miles. So your kids will remain in front of you.

It requires lithium-ion batteries that are of 36 Volts. These batteries take up to 5 hours to juice up fully.

One of the most worth mentioning safety features that it has is, it has smart self-balancing technology that makes it easier for beginners to ride it easily. Above all they are UL 2272 certified. This means it is one of the safest hoverboards that you can buy for your kids.

With CBD Chrome Hoverboard nighttime is a fun time. Yes, you can take your hoverboard out even when it’s dark. Thanks to Led lights that it has. This hoverboard has few LED lights on the side fenders, two LED lights on the front bumpers and best of all it has colorful flashing lights on the wheels. When at night you turn on all these lights it seems as if colorful lights are hovering on the road.

CBD Chrome 6.5″ hoverboard has also built-in Bluetooth speakers, and its speakers are awesome in terms of voice quality. I don’t know what’s the reason behind keeping speakers for selected models only. But anyhow, kids will definitely have unlimited fun on this hoverboard. CBD hoverboard is available in 6 different colors (Black, White, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple) which mean there is something different for everyone and it is also one of the best and safest hoverboards in 2021.

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  • Safety certified that is UL2272
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inch
  • Speed: 9.3 mph
  • Range:  9.3 miles
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Dual Motor: 300 watts
  • Battery required: 36V lithium-ion
  • Maximum load capacity: 200 lbs
  • Safety tested
  • Gives smooth and jerk-free ride
  • 12 months warranty of hub motor
  • Ideal for kids
  • Speed is a bit slower

Hoverboard Buying Guide 2022

With so much hype about hoverboards, people become excited and sometimes make the wrong decision by buying an inappropriate and expensive hoverboard. It’s wise to spend less money and buy a hoverboard that is of superb quality with all mesmerizing features that any expensive hoverboard has. To be honest, safety is not the only factor that has to be considered while buying a hoverboard. There is a lot more to consider about hoverboards like speed, range, weight, and some additional features. With my detailed research & live tests of hoverboards, you can get a clear picture of what features should be part of the best hoverboards.

Here you go!

Safety Certifications:

Soon after the launch of hoverboards in the market, they get banned in certain parts of the world. The main reason because of which hoverboards got restricted as they were catching fire or exploding due to some wiring issues. At that time there were not any standardized testing procedures for hoverboards. This gave a huge loss to hoverboard manufacturing companies since they were getting banned from every place.

In 2016, an international science safety company that is Underwriter Laboratories (UL) took charge of defining some rigid quality assurance standards for the hoverboard. Those standards are called UL-2272 standard which comprises of dozen of rigorous tests that a hoverboard has to pass. Some of them are:

  • overcharge test
  • over-discharge test
  • short circuit test
  • temperature test
  • motor overload test
  • Water exposure test and many other tests.

These tests are extremely meant for the safety of hoverboards users. Right after the release of UL 2272standard in 2016, a number of hoverboards got certified from UL. Now you can easily find a UL-certified hoverboard. But yes still there are some manufacturers that are selling low-quality hoverboards with no safety certifications at extremely low prices. Beware of those sellers.

Always look for UL holographic certification mark on the hoverboard and UL promotional mark that the manufacturer place on the hoverboard packaging. No matter how much a manufacturer is claiming about UL-certified pieces and parts. Do look for UL marks on the hoverboard and packaging. It’s extremely really very important for a hoverboard to have safety certifications otherwise you will have to suffer a great loss.

Hoverboard Battery:

Another important factor that one has to consider while buying the best hoverboard is its battery. You know these self-balancing scooters require a powerful battery to propel their motor. So for this purpose, the battery should be quite powerful and should have a strong built.

A battery with poor design and built might lead to the explosion of your hoverboards. The majority of the hoverboards use lithium-ion batteries that are known for their instability. But if these batteries have some safety certifications then there is no need to worry about it. Brands like Samsung and LG are manufacturing UL2271 certified lithium-ion batteries. There are some manufacturers who sell hoverboards that have UL 2271 certified batteries. It’s better to look for such hoverboards. So when you are buying a hoverboard make sure that it has UL 2271 certified batteries

Hoverboard Motors:

Here comes the most important part of the hoverboard that is the motor. It’s just like the heart of a hoverboard or you can say its engine of the hoverboard. The motor is the sensitive component of the hoverboard, so you should observe it with caution. The majority of the hoverboard comes with a dual motor, that is with each wheel there is one motor to propel it. That’s the main reason why the speed of the hoverboard is greatly dependent on the motor.

If you are looking for a high-performance hoverboard you need to have high watts of the dual motor. Normally, you can find hoverboards of 250 watts of dual motor that give a total of 500 watts of power. This much power is okay with an ordinary hoverboard since you are going to ride them on a smooth surface.

But if you want an all-terrain hoverboard then, it’s better to look for a hoverboard with a high capacity of motors. Nowadays you can easily find hoverboards of 400watt dual motor which gives combine power of 800 watts. Indeed it’s super amazing to ride on.

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Speed & Range:

Speed is the most attractive part of a hoverboard. People want to go faster and faster on hoverboards. Speed and range of hoverboard go hand in hand with motors and batteries. There are a number of hoverboards in the market that have different speeds and ranges. You can find as low as 6 mph speed and as high as 12 mph speed of hoverboards but again it all depends on the motor. The ones with slower speed have motors of low wattage whereas speedy hoverboards have motors of high wattage.

One more thing to mention here is, besides motor, the maximum speed of hoverboard greatly depends upon the road condition and rider’s weight. If you are riding a super speedy hoverboard on a muddy or gravel path you will experience a decrease in its speed. It’s all because of road conditions, but if the same hoverboard is being ridden on a smooth surface you will enjoy its maximum speed. The same goes for the weight of the rider.

For kids and tweens, it’s better to buy hoverboards that are not too speedy, because they may harm them. For adults and teenagers, speedy hoverboards are best. As far as the range of hoverboard is a concern, it’s all because of battery performance. The range is the distance up to which hoverboard can travel non-stop in a full single battery charge.

If the battery is of good quality you will be able to ride your hoverboard to its maximum range, but if the performance of the battery is poor, it will be depleted before its claimed range. Usually, you can hit a maximum range of hoverboard up to 10-12 km. Yes, you read it right. There are such hoverboards available in the market that can give you this much maximum range. So before buying the best hoverboard do look for speed and range.

In my opinion, if you are buying a hoverboard for kids, look for hoverboards that come in a smaller range.

Hoverboard Charging Time:

Charging time is also one of the important aspects. Since hoverboards are meant for recreational purposes, if they took all-time in charging and fueling up, then at what time you will hover on a hoverboard. Charging time is linked with batteries. Batteries should be of such quality that requires minimum charging time and gives maximum output. Charging time varies among different brands. A good and top-notch hoverboard requires less time to charge. Usually, a good hoverboard takes 2- 2.5 hours to juice up completely, after which you are free to enjoy unlimited fun hours.

Hoverboard Wheel Size:

Wheels of hoverboard fall under the most important component of a hoverboard. There are different kinds of hoverboards with wheel sizes ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches in diameter.

  • 4-inch wheel: They are meant for kids only. Their maximum weight limit is 140 lbs. They are meant to be a ride on a smooth surface. You cant ride them on rough terrain.
  • 5-inch wheel: These are the most common wheel size that you will find in self-balancing scooters.
  • 8- inch wheel: They are almost similar to the 6.5-inch wheel. They have the same limitation as the 6.5-inch wheel size have.
  • 10- inch wheel: Biggest of all, they are meant to be used on rough terrains. Hoverboards that have such big wheels have more than usual maximum weight-bearing capacity and they are quite heavier to carry. These tires are pneumatic tire that gives you a smooth ride, but they can get flat easily. So that’s the drawback of bigger wheel size hoverboards.

6.5 inch being the smaller wheel size hoverboard is suitable for a smooth surface and indoor playing. As they are light in weight and do not scratch tiled or wooden floors. Small wheel sizes are ideal for kids and beginners, as they provide greater stability and ease of mounting and dismounting. Also, they are easier to carry and accommodate easily 100kgs of rider’s weight.

If you are more adventurous and a pro hoverboard rider, then you can opt for a larger wheel size. Larger wheel-size hoverboards are great for off-road surfaces. Besides this, such hoverboards have an unlimited weight-bearing capacity. But one drawback is, such a hoverboard gets too much heavy to carry.

Weight Limit:

Checking the weight limit of a hoverboard is also an important aspect. Of course, you don’t want to waste your money by buying one and finding out that the rider’s weight is too heavy. Hoverboards come with minimum and maximum ranges. Usually, most of the hoverboards can accommodate maximum rider’s weight up to 220 lbs, but there are certain hoverboards that can go up to 300 lbs.

Boards that are meant to support heavy riders have big tires and high wattage motors, such boards are quite expensive. On the other hand, boards that can easily support the 220lbs of riders’ weight are budget-friendly. So when you are planning to buy a hoverboard, make sure to consider the weight of the rider while buying a hoverboard.

Additional Features:

Additional features are just like a cherry on the cake. These features add value to the hoverboard and make your ride more joyous and adventurous. Additional features include, built-in Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and compatibility with the app.

Hoverboards without speakers sound so boring. It’s fun to rock on the road with your favorite soundtrack. Almost all hoverboard comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers. You can easily find them.

Talking about LED lights, so these are meant for safety purposes. Besides safety, they give a colorful experience to your ride as well. All hoverboards come with lights, at least a few LED lights on the front bumper. They make you and your way visible at the night. But there are some hoverboards that have colorful and flashing LED lights all over the board, such as on the fender, inside the wheels.

Honestly speaking these hoverboard looks too vivid and funky. They make you prominent in your circle of hoverboard riders. Such types of hoverboards are most loved by the kids, but if any adult has fallen his heart on a funky colorful hoverboard with flashing lights then he can go for it. Furthermore, hoverboards with compatible app are one of the trending hoverboard features. There are many brands that offer their official app to be used with hoverboards, but for this, you will have to pay some extra bucks.

With a mobile app, you can control your entire hoverboard as you can track the speed of your hoverboard, its range, its remaining battery, switch between different riding modes; you can change the colors of LED light, and control the volume of Bluetooth speakers. In short, you can do a lot more with your hoverboard official app.

Bluetooth speakers and LED lights are the options that you can easily find even in a pocket-friendly hoverboard, but as far as the mobile app is concerned, you will find this feature in some top-notch and high-end hoverboard brands that are a little bit expensive.

How to ensure Quality & Safety of Hoverboard:

There was a time when hoverboards were not a safe device to use. a big thanks to Underwriter Laboratories who introduces some safety standards for hoverboards. One way to ensure the safety of hoverboards is to buy only UL 2272 certified hoverboards, no matter what. Safety can’t be compromised. This way you can ensure that you are buying long-lasting hoverboards.

Here I am sharing a few tips and techniques for hoverboards that you can use to have a long-lasting and smooth ride over its lifetime.

Here you go!

  • Never buy a used hoverboard. You cannot guarantee how much it is used and under what conditions the rider has used hoverboards. It’s better to look for re-certified hoverboards from reputable sources.
  • Always buy a hoverboard from a reputable retailer. A retailer that you can trust and catch back in case of any problem. Don’t buy from a seller that you cannot locate in the future such as from a kiosk at the mall. It’s better to buy from trustworthy sellers.
  • Do not charge the hoverboard overnight or more than the mentioned time period.
  • When the hoverboard is charging doesn’t leave it unattended. Keep a strict eye on it.
  • Once you have used it, let it cool for half an hour and then plug it in to charge it.


What is the best age to ride a hoverboard?

Usually kids of age 6 and plus can easily meet the minimum weight requirement of the hoverboard. They can easily ride the hoverboard but the best age to ride them is age 10 and plus when kids become quite independent.

What hoverboards catch fire?

Hoverboards of today’s era do not catch fire. Now 98% of hoverboards are certified by Underwriter Laboratories. They are 100% safe and sound to ride.

How long do the batteries last on a hoverboard?

Well, it depends on the battery, speed, and rider weight and road condition. But generally speaking, it takes 2-3 hours to deplete the batteries completely.

Do all hoverboards have Bluetooth?

Yes hoverboard without Bluetooth speakers seems incomplete. You can find Bluetooth speakers on low-priced hoverboards as well. It’s a most wanted feature of today’s generation.

Is it safe to use hoverboards?

yes hoverboards are completely safe to use. but before buying a hoverboard do look for UL holographic monogram on the hoverboard and its packing.

What kind of safety gear should be used with hoverboards?

Safety gears are meant to keep the rider safe and protected if in case he lost his balance on a hoverboard. Usually, kids and beginners use safety gear. Safety gears include elbow guards, wrist guards, knee guards, and helmets.

Are hoverboards allow in the airport?

Hoverboards are not the permissible electronic gadget that can be carry in airport. But if you really want to carry a hoverboard with you, then you should remove the battery of the hoverboard and keep it somewhere in your luggage. Only then you can travel along with your hoverboard.

How hard is learning to ride a hoverboard?

It’s not hard at all. You just need to have a hoverboard that has training mode in it. Once you get control of your balance, you will get a full command on hoverboard riding. It’s just a matter of a few minutes.

Are smartboard and hoverboards same?

Yes, smartboard or self-balancing scooter is another name for a hoverboard.

Is hoverboards useful to buy?

Yes, hoverboards are really fun. It gives a refreshing and pleasurable way to go from one place to another.

Final Verdict:

Hoverboards are the latest mode of transportation. People especially the young generation prefer to ride on hoverboards instead of using their own vehicle because of the fact that they are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and portable. Once you reached your destination you can keep it in your carrying bag. There isn’t any hassle with parking. It’s all because of these reasons people are latching on to hoverboards.

In such a hustle and bustle, it’s too hard to make a quick decision. With my hoverboard buying guide and reviews of some best hoverboards of 2021, you can easily make up your mind and grab your hands on the desired hoverboards. So it’s time to electrify your commute with Best Hoverboard and make your commute fun and joyous. I am pretty much confident that this article would be quite helpful for you. If it’s so, let us know in the comment section.

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