Segway miniPRO 320 Hoverboard Review 2023

Last Updated: October 31, 2022 by Sam John

If you are hoverboard savvy? You are in the right spot! This article entails all about strong build Segway MiniPRO 320 Hoverboard with pros, cons, specs, and other shocking truths. We have highlighted the best features and key specifications of the Segway miniPRO Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter, White.

Segway miniPRO 320 Hoverboard Review

Ninebot technology-empowered unbeatable wide range of Segway electric scooters have thrilled hoverboard maniacs again. Notably, its minipro series has captured adventure enthusiast’s attention with top-tier technology, out-class features, and leading production mark-up as always.

As a hoverboarder, if you are the one looking to travel the extra mile or cover long tracks with comfort, style, and robust hoverboard. Stop bothering to search in vague as the majority of high-end hoverboard brands offer modern looks with trivial mileage, low speed, and ridiculously hefty prices, but not Segway 320 miniPRO.

Whereas, Segway embraces a strong reputation in the entire hoverboard industry for crafting the sturdiest framework, classy aesthetics design, and smooth-gripped wheels safeguarding a pleasurable riding experience. To relieve you from distant track cruising, durable and robust Segway miniPRO Smart Hoverboard, Black & White is the only reliable solution. Segway mini pro hoverboard has the signature features of new-age technology, high-fi casing, reliable battery back-up, and guaranteed long mileage compared to other hoverboards.

We have tested Segway miniPRO 320 White rigorously, by checking battery, charger, charging time, speed, body, tires, and so on.

Segway miniPRO 320 Hoverboard Review 2023

Performance diversity and over-the-mark potentials make the minipro series unique from its rival professional tiers to the extent that it reserves the entire hoverboard’s categorized official website. Segway minipro 320 electric transporter ranks a chart-toper from the minipro series. It is the bestselling unit with emblem features that are pleasant to the eyes and best for rides.

Segway minipro 320

Advance segway minipro 320 self balancing scooters are exclusively equipped to assist both kids and adults (16+ to 60 years). Having grooved dual-wheels, a precision sensor, and a balancing knee control bar between legs to maintain weight balance, the electric scooter ensures excellent stability and maneuverability.

Hoverboarder or not, you do not need days of training to ride it like a pro. All minipro 320 takes are some hours of practice. Its highly engineered 800-watts dual motor’s power-driven wheels are designed to withstand the road bumps, slopes, steep roads, humps, and regular road obstacles during the drive.

Segway mini pro hoverboard protects and provides enhanced steadiness while hoverboarding in broad daylight or night dimness, rain, or sandy pavements. Its robust wheels, hard-hitting body frame, water-resistant technology, and customizable LEDs taillights are designed to take on night vision and any weather condition challenge.

Segway minipro 320 model ensures distant trails coverage with long mileage and potent battery backup. Also, this electric hoverboard partakes mobile-controlled features, an anti-theft alarm that triggers when anyone tries to mess up with your hoverboard.

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Amazing Features:

Let’s discover some more amazing features about segway minipro:

Build Quality: Mini Segway hoverboard has a durable build made of exceptional quality shock-resistant Aircraft Magnesium Alloy material. Its material makes the electronic transporter casing durable and lightweight as it is also used in airplanes production.

An aircraft magnesium alloy frames give the minipro 320 it’s rigidness to tackle the weather’s rough conditions along with daily wear and tear. Thus, it remains a reliable, portable, and high-performing hoverboard compared to others, because we rode it off roads and its body movement was just awesome.

Visuals And Aesthetics: White is the definition of pure elegance and grace. Segway miniPRO merged with red finishes looks beyond exceptional. It leaves everyone’s eyes glued on the hoverboarder, especially while riding after sundown and LEDs turned on.

Customizable Led Flashlights: As the LED flashlight and taillights-enabled hoverboard get on the road, people can not resist checking out the powerful beast cruising patterns. Customizable Led headlight/ taillights provide an extravagant look perfectly combined with safety for night visions. You may also choose different colour modes and taillights shades from the 16 million above texture combinations as per your desire. See below images of the night ride.


Segway miniPRO 320 LEDs

Performance: Performance-wise, Segway ninebot minipro holds the record for the best battery backup in this category. Undoubtedly, its protracted lithium-ion 310 watts battery certified from UL-2722 provides a safe and powerful riding experience on a single charge of up to 25 km for adventure seekers.

Segway minipro weight limit accommodates hoverboarders up to 220 lbs to travel different terrains and ride elevated 15 degrees slopes at the top speed of 10 km/h with its powerful battery. It nearly takes 4 hours to charge the unit altogether. However, you can order a separate segway minipro charger with four pins connecting port and fast charging capability.

Power Indicators: An innovative design concept, steering knee control rod and LED power indicators on the electric scooter allow the hoverboarder to experience outclass riding. Power LED indicator displays the Bluetooth connectivity and battery percentage status right when the hoverboard is power-on. Either day or night, the LED display keeps riders alarmed about the low-powered unit and recharging requirements.

Segway Battery Indicators

Wheels: Segway miniPro 320 hoverboards have grooved 10.5 inches pneumatic tires giving a diverse yet smooth riding experience. This electric scooter has air-Filled pneumatic dual wheels in a large size that guarantees elevated shock resistance ability during indoor or outdoor terrains rides. The 800 watts dual motors energize the wheels with a well-gripping eminence for more stable and secure cruising on bumpy roads compared to other small-sized, lightweight hoverboards.

Riding Capability: Either, indoor floors including wooden panels and cementer floors, or outdoor spaces such as roads, grassy ground, sidewalk pavements, and cycling paths, the minPRo320 wheels are designed to take it all. Also, with its waterproof technology, an expert rider may ride it in rainy weather too.

However, if you think, taking it to sandy tracks like beaches would be appropriate. We recommend it might be not a unique idea, as its speed may get slowed and also cleaning the wheels would become a headache (Tested).  Also, for beginners, we advise not to ride when it is pouring outside and beginners can ride this hoverboard with knee control due to its handle.

Safe and Secure: Riders from age 16+ to 60 years may enjoy the safe riding experience of Segway mini-pro 320 electric transporters. Because the hoverboard automatically limits the speed to 4.3 mph(7 km/h) until and unless the rider passed the “New Rider Tutorial Test.” Minipro 320 hoverboards are super secured as they meet the highest fire and electrical safety standards of UL-2722 certification determined by renowned global safety science company Underwriters Laboratories.

Handling and control: As far as hands-free hoverboarding is concerned, the 320 model proves to be more accessible, smoother, and seamless in control, stability, and maneuver. It is because of the Telescope Handle, precise steering knee-bar, and height-adjustable control rod.

Telescope Handle: It is comparatively a better fit from other brands by having an extendable telescope handle to assist you in riding the miniPRO in tough circumstances. It allows the rider to control the hoverboard by leaning forward, acceleration, speed reduction, direction handling, and steering while it is powered on.

Precise steering knee bar: Compared to other electric transporters, the mini pro 320 innovative steering knee bar assists hoverboarders in controlling the movements precisely.

Instead of pressurizing the feet on either side, gently press the kneebar in the right or left direction to steer your hoverboard’s direction.

Height Adjustable Control rod: For either adults or teenagers, everyone can adjust the knee control rod according to their required fit with the height adjustment option. This customizable feature ensures the rider’s comfortability by eliminating any pain, discomfort, or fatigue health risk factors.

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Recommendation: With power pact battery backup, incredible road performance, and advanced safety features, we recommend minipro 320 is nothing but a durable powerhouse unit suitable for adventure hoverboarders and casual riders.

Bounty Features:

Segway offers multiple advanced features to remote control your hoverboard digitally. Connect your Bluetooth enabled miniPRO 320 with a smart mobile application to enjoy bounty features including:

  • Firmware updates
  • Customizable LEDs
  • Speed Control
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Hoverboard Diagnostics
  • Road Adaptivity


  • Battery Capacity: 310Wh
  • Maximum payload: 220 lbs
  • Speed: 10 mph
  • Height: 34 inches (customized)
  • Motor: 800 watts
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Charging Tiem:4 hours
  • Colour: Black
  • Tire Type: Inflatable pneumatic tires
  • LEDs: front and rear Headlight/taillights
  • Bluetooth: Enabled
  • Certifications: UL-2722
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Range: 14 miles
  • Wheels: 10.5 inches
  • Longer Distance coverage
  • Sturdy during crash tests
  • Accommodate 80-220 lbs. Weightage.
  • Suitable for (16+ – 60 age) kids and adults.
  • App remote control enabled
  • Customizable LEDs
  • Comfortable steering knee control rod
  • Hand-free hoverboarding
  • Portable
  • Slighter Heavy-Weighted
  • A little costly

Our Final Verdict:

In our opinion, people wanting to travel a little extra 1.5 miles with high stability would opt for Segway Minipro 320 hoverboards. As it provides a guaranteed safe and secured frame build with a comfortable knee control bar and a long-lasting battery to boost- up the wheels on the road.

Also, the miniPRO 320 is a superior product that is portable and designed for both teenagers and adults to ride conveniently without the fear of overspeeding, battery explosion, or falling off. We recommend grabbing this product instantly from our website so that you never miss your chance to take a thrilling ride for once!

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