How to Select a Hoverboard in 2023

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Hoverboards are the voice and need of young generations. They are the most demanding self-balancing personal transport that is loved to be ridden by kids, tweens, and teens. But one should not forget the accidents caused by hoverboards. Due to the increased demands for hoverboards, every other company has started making hoverboards that are not safety certified and are of poor quality. In short, they are just a waste of money.

How to Select a Hoverboard

In such a scenario, “how to choose a hoverboard” is one of the most frequently asked questions. Keeping in mind all the needs and demands of young generations we have compiled a brief and step-by-step hoverboard buying guide. We assure you that after reading it, you can easily buy a pocket-friendly and safe hoverboard for your loved ones.

How to Choose a Hoverboard in 2023

In a rush? Check out our short and quick buyers guide.

  • First of all, shortlist a few hoverboards that meet your requirement and come in your pocket.
  • Check the UL 2272 certifications. It should have a UL hologram.
  • Check the power of the motor. At least it should have 250 watts of the dual motor.
  • Look towards wheel size, which size of the wheel goes better with your demand.
  • Check the speed and range of the hoverboard.
  • Do consider the charging time and quality of the battery. It should take less time to charge
  • Bluetooth speakers and LED lights add life to your hoverboard. Do consider them.
  • If you want something unique, go for the app-enabled hoverboard.

Safety Certification:

Hoverboards are equipped with lithium-ion batteries and any device that has lithium-ion batteries are a bit risky to use. As per the statement of CPSC, devices that are charged using lithium-ion batteries are not 100% safe to use such as e-cigarettes. Therefore, Underwriter Laboratories certified hoverboards are comparatively safer to use. UL 2272 certifications mean that the hoverboard has undergone numerous electrical and mechanical tests to ensure the safety of the hoverboard.

So when you are choosing a hoverboard for yourself or your younger siblings, make sure to check the UL 2272 certifications hologram on the packaging. This guarantees that the hoverboard has met all the required safety standards and is completely safe to use. Apart from this, avoid buying cheap hoverboards as they are equipped with cheap and low-profile batteries that may explode even from a minor spark. Make sure to buy a UL-certified hoverboard that is equipped with UL-certified batteries and a charger.

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A hoverboard is the synonym of speed. Slow and sluggish hoverboards sound boring. As long as you are buying a hoverboard for kids, slow speed is okay. Otherwise, it’s good to opt for speedy and Swifty hoverboards. When it comes to speed you will find many different brands of hoverboards ranging from 6.5mph to as high as 20mph.

The speed of the hoverboard is directly related to the motor power of the hoverboard. If the motor is of immense power, the hoverboard would be speedy automatically. So if you are buying a speedy hoverboard, make sure you can ride it with full control and stability. Don’t forget to wear protective gear.

Motor Power:

Hoverboards usually come with two types of motor the belt-driven one and the hub motor. Out of which hub motor is the most common and durable type of motor. As far as the power of the motor is concerned, remember, the more powerful the motor is, outclass would be the performance of the hoverboard. Mind you, from more power we mean more wattage.

Usually, hoverboards are equipped with 250 watts of the motor on each pedal. This means a total of 500 watts of the powerful motor is there under your hoverboard. Such kinds of hoverboards are great for recreational purposes. But if you want to hover on off-road and uneven roads, then look for a high-power motor like 400 watts which makes a total of 800watt.


Range means the distance a hoverboard can cover in one single charge without stopping anywhere. Range depends upon many factors like the battery, power, terrain, and weight of riders. Usually, a normal hoverboard can last between 6-14 miles easily. But some hoverboards can give you the longest range like Hover X self-balancing scooter that can cover up to 18km in one single charge.

So if you are using a hoverboard for short-distance commuting then hoverboards with the highest range would be best otherwise for recreational purposes, a mediocre range hoverboard would be best.

Charging Time:

The majority of the hoverboards are equipped with batteries that are 36 to 42V. It requires 3-4 hours to charge completely. Let me tell you, different hoverboard brands have got different charging times. But the best ones are those that require less time to get juiced up.

High-end brands always use good batteries that require less time to charge. Battery quality is another important feature that has to be kept in mind while choosing hoverboards. Lithium-ion batteries are a bit risky. So always look for certified and tested lithium-ion batteries from well-known brands. Brands like Samsung and LG give peace of mind. They are not only safe and certified but also require less time to charge.


The tire size of the hoverboard determines whether you will be using it off-road or indoor. Generally speaking, there are four major sizes of hoverboards concerning tires. Those are:

  • 4.5 inch
  • 6.5 inch
  • 8 inch
  • 10 inch

4.5 Inch Wheel Size:

Hoverboards that are equipped with 4.5-inch wheel size are meant to be used by kids aged 6-10 years. These are the smallest hoverboards and are extremely safe for kids. It can reach the top speed of 8 mph only. Due to their small sizes, such hoverboards become unstable when riding on top speed and that’s the reason the majority of the manufacturers have discontinued making them.

6.5 Inch Wheel Size:

The tire size of 6.5-inch diameter is the most common wheel size in hoverboards. They are by far the most demanding hoverboards of all time. They are for kids, tweens, and teens. They can accommodate rider’s weight up to 100kg. 6.5-inch hoverboards are best to be used indoors and on smooth and flat surfaces. They are not meant to e used on uneven or rough terrain. Also due to lower ground clearance, these hoverboards may get stuck in a grassy or muddy area.

8 Inch Wheel Size:

They are the second most popular size of the hoverboard. They are comparatively more stable and bigger than 6.5-inch hoverboards. Due to their wheel size, they are best for outdoor use and paved are. Besides this, they are speedier than 6.5-inch hoverboards. However, because of their wheel size, they are more comfortable and stable to be used.

You will also find a Hummer style 8.5-inch hoverboard in the market. These hoverboards have extra-wide wheels and are designed to be used off-road. Just because of their wider wheel size, they are ideal for heavier and bulkier people.

10 Inch Wheel Size:

10-inch wheel size hoverboards are the real off-road hoverboards. They are ideal for adult boys and girls. Just because of their larger wheel size, they offer an ultra-smooth and comfortable riding experience even on bumpy and uneven surfaces. These wheels have tires tubes whose pressure must be maintained for smooth riding. Though they are the best type of hoverboard if you want to have real hovering fun, but they are a bit heavier to carry.

In a nutshell, the smaller the wheel size, the smaller the surface area for stable and comfortable riding. High wheel size means hoverboards are ideal for off-road riding. Therefore, depending upon your need and your requirement, choose the wheel size accordingly.

Some Add-On Features:

The Hoverboards trend is quite famous among young boys and girls. So to keep things lively and attractive there are some add-on features too in hoverboards. These features are not mandated for the performance of hoverboard; rather they will take your hovering experience to the next level.

Bluetooth Speakers:

Hoverboards with Bluetooth speakers are pretty common. You can easily connect your hoverboard with any device via Bluetooth. This way you can enjoy music while riding.

Led Lights:

LED lights give life to the overall look of the hoverboard. Colorful, bright, and vivid LED lights make you stand out from the crowd. Besides this, while riding at night, these LED lights are quite useful as they make you visible at night.

App Enabled:

It’s an era of technology where everything is readily available at your fingers. Hoverboards too can be operated just by the tap of yours. To enhance your riding experience, some hoverboards are app-enabled. Just install the official app on your Android or iOS devices and you are ready to enjoy your ride to the fullest. You can switch between different riding modes, check the range and speed of your hoverboard via your smartphone.

Final Words:

Buying a hoverboard is as tricky as buying any other personal mobilized device. You have to keep in mind so many factors like build quality, safety certifications, speed, range, and whatnot. But besides all these factors, don’t forget to invest in protective gear like knee, elbow pads, and helmets. These gears reduce the risk of any injury and make your ride with full confidence.

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