Electric Scooter vs Hoverboard 2023 – Which is Better and Why?

Last Updated: October 31, 2022 by Sam John

Nowadays electric scooters and hoverboards are the most seen urban transport on the streets. Young boys and girls are often seen on roads commuting either on electric scooters or hoverboards. They are the most popular devices to do the last mile of your ride. And that’s why it is tricky for some people to make a buying decision between hoverboards and electric scooters.

Electric Scooter vs hoverboard

Electric scooter and hoverboard shares similar features like they both are battery operated and meant for moving you from one point to another. Besides this, they function similarly without applying any physical force they move. And above all, manufacturers are the same, which creates a big hotchpotch to the consumers. Therefore, a concise guide has been compiled to ponder lights over electric scooters vs hoverboards. So that you can decide between both types of urban transport.

Hoverboard vs Electric Scooter

FactorsElectric ScooterHoverboard
PracticeNo need to do practiceRequires lots of balancing practice
Motor powerHighly powerful motorMax. 800watt
SpeedMore than 25km/hNot more than 12mph
RangeMore than 25 milesNot more than 15miles
PortabilityVery portable-glide like a scooterNot portable
Cost$250-$3000Under $300
SafetySafest ride-ableUnsafe-rider may lose balance

With few similarities between them, there are numerous dissimilarities between an electric scooter and a self-balancing scooter. Electric scooters are the successors of old-style kick scooters. But now they are equipped with an electric motor. Whereas, hoverboard, aka self-balancing scooter, consists of two motorized wheels that are connected to the footpad which has a gyroscope and acceleration sensor. So the basic mechanism of e-scooter and hoverboard is pretty different. Here are some more differences;

In terms of Ease of Use:

Electric scooters are pretty easier to use as compare to hoverboards. E-scooters have all those components that are there in any bike. You will find a throttle button, brake, and a handlebar to keep yourself balanced. One can easily master electric scooters within minutes. The tricky part is to maintain balance which can be easily done.

In contrast to this, hoverboards are tricky to master, since they use sensors to get you where you want. There is no steering wheel or handlebar to turn or steer. It’s all your body weight that steers and turns the hoverboard. Like if you want to move right, put your body weight to the right side, the sensor will detect and automatically steer the hoverboard to the right side. Therefore, you need time to get pro on hoverboard.

So here, an electric scooter wins for being a simple and straightforward vehicle.

Scooter vs Hoverboard in terms of Motor Power:

Majority of the hoverboard uses the same kind of motor that electric scooters have. Hoverboard uses two motors that are connected with each wheel that may 250watt each which makes a total of 500watt.

Whereas for electric scooters a single powerful motor is more than enough.

The maximum power of hoverboards is 800 watts which are marketed as off-roads overboard. Such hoverboards are called “the fastest hoverboard” but they can’t compete with electric scooters.

On the other hand, electric scooters have more powerful motors that can take you anywhere no matter far or near.

So in terms of motor power, electric scooters are the winner as they have more powerful motors.

Hoverboard vs E-Scooters in terms of Speed:

Hoverboard can’t go beyond 10mph. Even the fastest hoverboards that are Halo Rover X and Swagtron T6 (8.5 inches) reach the top speed of 12mph. After which it starts beeping and the footpad pushes your foot back. This is the safety feature that makes you slow down the speed. Hoverboards are not meant to be driven on bumpy terrain. This will make you lose your balance and you can fall off easily.

In contrast to this, electric scooters can go beyond 30km/h easily. You can easily ride them on rough and bump terrain as they are more solid and stable in structure.

So again, electric scooter wins for being a speedy urban transport. You can easily reach your workplace by using an electric scooter.

In terms of Range:

One thing that is common between a hoverboard and electric scooter is their traveling range depends upon multiple factors. This includes the weight of the rider, terrain, riding speed, and temperature. (You may be amazed to hear that hot temperatures drain the battery faster).

On a single charge, an average hoverboard can cover up to 10 miles. Some hoverboards can go give you a 15 miles range.

On the flip side, electric scooters can cover a distance of up to 20 miles in a single charge. This is a mediocre-level electric scooter. But if you choose a professional and high-end electric scooter it can go beyond 25miles easily in one single charge. Almost every model of electric scooter comes with a different range. So for long distances, electric scooters are the best choice, even the kids’ electric scooters would cover more distance than a hoverboard.

When it comes to range, e-scooters are the winner for sure.

In terms of Portability:

Well in terms of portability, electric scooters are the clear winner. How! Let me explain it to you.

The average weight of a let’s say, 6.5-inch hoverboard is around 10-12kg. if it battery dies, you have to hold it in your hand or on your shoulder to bring it back to your home. Though hoverboards come with a carrying bag, but nobody moves out with a carrying bag in hand.

On the other hand, electric scooters weigh around 20 or 22 kg. This is almost double the weight of a hoverboard. On your way back home, its battery dies and you can’t charge it. So you have two options, either fold it and carry it with its carry handle. Or the best option is to glide like a regular kick scooter. Gliding an electric scooter is not a tough job like carrying a hoverboard on shoulders.

Hoverboard vs Scooters in terms of Cost:

Electric scooters are a bit costly as compare to hoverboards. In 2012 when hoverboards were newly launched they used to be very expensive especially the UL certified models. But now, one can easily afford to buy a high-end hoverboard.

Whereas, electric scooters are too costly and the cost is totally justifiable since they have a high-powered motor and high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

Under $300 you can easily buy a high-performance hoverboard but under $300 you will only get a low-profile electric scooter. They range from $250 to $3000.

In terms of Safety:

When comparing hoverboard and electric scooters in terms of safety. I believe that hoverboards are the least safe ride. Because it lacks a handlebar and you might lose your balance. So safety gears are mandatory to be worn when riding a hoverboard. But one of the scariest facts about hoverboards is, they can explode. Yes, there are some low-profile hoverboards whose batteries may explode due to overheating.

On the other hand, there isn’t any exploding case reported with electric scooters. They are safely rideable. There is a handlebar to maintain your balance along with brakes to protect you from any accident.


This neutral and brief comparison indicates that electric scooters should be your preferable ride if you want to invest in any trendy mode of transportation. Though both are environmental friendly vehicles and have zero operational cost. But Electric scooters offer a safe and secure riding experience. With great speed and range, it is a perfect choice of vehicle for daily commuting.

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