How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go in 2023? Speed Discussed

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2022 is an era of fast and hasty speed where everything is super fast. The electric scooter is one such example of speedy and swift transport that takes you anywhere in just a few minutes. And the best thing is, you do not need to have a driving license to operate it. But yes, there are certain rules for electric scooter speed in different parts of the world.

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go

Electric scooters can go as fast as 100km/h. Luckily, different electric scooter models offer different top speeds. You can buy them according to your budget and need. Here we will discuss some factors that influence the speed of electric scooters, along with some fastest electric scooters for kids and adults.

Why Speed of An Electric Scooter is so Important

Out of many reasons, speed is one of the topmost reasons people love to buy an electric scooter. Neither skateboards nor regular bicycles can take you as fast as an electric scooter can. Besides, being speedy they are pretty safe and comfortable to ride. You just have to wear proper protective gear like a helmet to keep yourself protected.

And while discussing the importance of electric scooter speed, one should not forget the hill-climbing capacity of electric scooters. With its fast riding speed, you can easily climb any hill without falling backward.

In short, it’s the speed and comfort level of electric scooters that people prefer over other types of urban transport.

Fastest Electric Scooter of the World 2023

BrandsTop Speed
Dualtron X62mph - 100km/h
TurboWheel Lightning 45mph - 72kmh
Apollo Ghost34mph - 55kmh
Rion 2 RE90100mph - 161kmh
Dualtron 240mph - 65kmh
Kaabo Wolf Warrior50mph - 80kmh
Qiewa Q power55mph - 88kmh
Zero 11X62mph - 100kmh
Apollo pro44mph - 71kmh
Kugoo S1 pro18.6mph - 30kmh

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go in 2023?

The electric scooter which is designed especially for adults can reach the top speed of 20mph or 32km/h easily. This is the speed that can be enjoyed by the adults on the roads. But in 2022, due to technological advancement, many electric scooters can go beyond 32mph such as Dualtron X that can hit 62mph in a single charge. These are the fastest electric scooter for which you need to check with the rules and regulations of your state.

On the other hand, kids’ electric scooters can reach up to the top speed of 15mph. In fact, in a single charge, it could reach 18 mph hardly. Though 18mph is not too speedy, but for kids, it would be very much faster.

Factors Affecting the Speed of Electric Scooter:

Well, many factors may affect the high speed of an electric motorized scooter. For your understanding we have categorizes these factors into three categories that are:

Factors with respect to scooter:

It includes all those factors that are related to the electric scooter itself:

Power of Motor:

The top speed of an electric scooter significantly relies on the power of the motor, which is measured in watts. Obviously, an electric scooter will deliver fast speed if it owns a powerful motor.

Electric Scooter Power Motor

Motor PowerAverage SpeedTop Speed
90-120watt6 mph5-7.5 mph
Up to 250watt10 mph15 mph
250-350watt15 mph18 mph
350-500watt18 mph20 mph
500 watt and above25 mph30 mph

Aerodynamics of Scooter:

The aerodynamic drag is the major cause of resistance in scooters exceeding 20kph speed. If the scooter lets the pass freely, then there will be reduced aerodynamics drag force.

Tires of Electric Scooters:

Tires play a major role in exceeding the top speed of the electric scooter. We normally have two types of tires, airless tires (solid) and air-filled tires. The air-less tires never get flat but they are comparatively less comfortable especially on uneven terrain. In contrast to this, pneumatic tires, are extraordinarily comfortable. They are filled with air with certain pressure. Too low air pressure can impact the speed of your scooter. Too high pressure may cause punctured tires. Therefore, check the pressure recommendation from the Scooter’s manual.

Weight of an E-Scooter:

Speed is influenced by the weight of the electric scooter also. A slight difference in weight like 2kg can affect the top speed.

Factors with respect to Riders:

Weight of Rider:

If the weight of riders is more than the recommended weight of an electric scooter, then it will definitely affect the top speed. Obviously, the motor and battery have to put an extra effort to push the e-scooter. However, if the weight of the rider is on the lower side of the recommended weight of the e-scooter then it would easily reach the top speed.

Factors Concerning Environment:


Electric scooters are best for smooth and flat roads, as they will have less friction between tires and the terrain. Whereas, on rough terrain, the electric scooter would be slow as bumps and jerks will affect the speed.


Climbing the incline will slow down the speed but in opposite to this, if you are going all the way down through the incline, the speed will reach the top speed easily.

Tips to Make Your Electric Scooter Speedy:

The majority of the e-scooters come with some speed limitations in their hardware that stop you from reaching a higher speed. This is because of certain legal regulations that they do so. Therefore, with simple alterations, you can unlock it and enjoy the speedy and swiftly e-scooter ride. But keep in mind, this will nullify the warranty, so do it with care.

Apart from this, making the following changes can also influence the speed of the electric scooter.

  • Connect the negative point of the battery with the negative terminal of the motor.
  • Replace the original motor with a large and more powerful electric motor.
  • Modify the electric scooter’s sprockets.
  • Look for a powerful battery like 36 or 48V.
  • Replace the tires with pneumatic-filled tires for better performance.

Final Words:

You will find the fastest electric scooter easily on market, but you need to have a great budget if you want a super speedy and fastest electric scooter to commute around the city. While riding an electric scooter, make sure to check the speed limit regulations of your state.

Riding an electric scooter with fast speed is no doubt one of the exciting and fun-filled things to do. But one should take extra care while doing so. Before hitting with such speed on roads, it’s better to practice and train yourself on small streets while wearing protective gear.

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