TOP 10 Best Hoverboards for Kids

Last Updated: October 31, 2022 by Sam John

The Digital Era of the century has arrived so our kid’s physicality becomes very much limited because they have been attached to devices like smartphones and tablets. Their physical activities are no more which is very much bad for their mental and physical health. We are here with a solution to this problem and the solution is HOVERBOARDS.

Yes, you heard right these devices are specifically designed for kids of the new generation to make them busy in some outdoor activities which helps them to do some physical activities. Hoverboard manufacturing companies have designed special hoverboards that are exclusively for kids, these hoverboards are equipped with all those necessary and eye-catching features which easily attract any child. Apart from these features, their safety features are designed vigilantly by keeping in mind the safety of kids.

Best Hoverboard for Kids

Since there are thousands of companies in the market, so it becomes quite difficult to choose one Best Hoverboard for Kids that not only give excellent value for money but also bring a smile on kids face. This article will help you choose one. After testing 31 hoverboards and taken the top 10 among them. I have searched thoroughly and compile a list of some best kid’s hoverboard that is not only UL 2272 certified but has all the necessary features that kids look for. Besides these, one important factor that was kept in mind while compiling this list was, all these hoverboards are budget-friendly. You don’t have to sell one of your kidneys to buy them.

Let’s move on to product reviews and see which hoverboard you like the most for your kids.

Best Hoverboards for Kids 2023



  • Speed: 7 Mph
  • Range: 6 Miles
  • Load: 220 lbs
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SISIGAD Kids Hoverboard

  • Speed: 11 Mph
  • Range: 11 Miles
  • Load: 265 lbs
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Tomoloo Q2-X hoverboard

  • Speed: 7 Mph
  • Range: 6 Miles
  • Load: 220 lbs
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Spadger hoverboards

  • Speed: 9 Mph
  • Range: 9 Miles
  • Load: 260 lbs
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Gyroor T581

  • Speed: 10 Mph
  • Range: 7.5 Miles
  • Load: 220 lbs
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Pink Hoverboard

  • Speed: 7.5 Mph
  • Range: 6 Miles
  • Load: 220 lbs
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CBD Kids Hoverboard

  • Speed: 6 Mph
  • Range: 6.21 Miles
  • Load: 200 lbs
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UNISUN Kids Hoverboard

  • Speed: 9.3 Mph
  • Range: 9.3 Miles
  • Load: 264 lbs
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Veveline Children hoverboard

    • Speed: 6 Mph
    • Range: 6 Miles
    • Load: 180 lbs
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Swagtron T1 kids hoverboards

  • Speed: 8 Mph
  • Range: 10 Miles
  • Load: 220 lbs
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1. Hover-1 2.0 – Best Hoverboard for Kids 2023

Hover1 2.0 - Best Hoverboard for KidsIf your kids are fond of keeping a luxury style hoverboard then this hoverboard from the banner of Hover-1 can quench their thirst. Let me tell you, the Hover-1 6.5-inch Chrome hoverboard is one of the most rated and most demanding hoverboards on Amazon. It’s one of the top selling hoverboards of Amazon. That’s the reason Hover-1 6.5-inch hoverboard is amongst Amazon’s choices.

Hover-1 is a reliable name in the manufacturing of self balancing scooters. They always aim to manufacture something different than others. That’s why they have launched a luxury style hoverboard that is suitable for kids. Trust me; it’s a dream gift for any kid.

While testing we enjoyed music with its powerful Bluetooth speakers that amaze us. Besides this, it is compatible with its official smartphone application. You can control your entire hoverboard with your smartphone. Either you want to change the soundtrack or the riding modes just use your smartphone to do so. This is not the end. There are still so many things left to tell you about the Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 hoverboard.

Chrome 2.0 is equipped with powerful dual hub motors of 150 watts each that give a total output of 300 watts. With this much power, its 6.5-inch wheels can reach the top speed of 7 miles/hour which is super amazing. Not only speed, but it also has an amazing riding range. You can ride as long as 6 miles on a single full charge.

Impressive? Yes!

Its motor is backed by 36V lithium-ion batteries that take up a maximum of 2.5 hours to charge completely. So you have only 2.5 hours to get yourself ready for an enthusiastic and adventurous ride on a Chrome 2.0 hoverboard. You must be thinking is this hoverboard safe to buy for kids? My answer is a big yes.

This hoverboard from the banner of Hover-1 has undergone numerous electrical and mechanical tests to get the UL2272 certifications. Apart from this it is design and built with fire-resistant material that is extremely safe and sound for your kids.

Moreover, if accidentally your kid takes this hoverboard in a puddle of water then you don’t have to worry about it has IP54 water and dust resistant technology, it is totally waterproof. This means you can enjoy and have a fun-filled ride in the rain also. Besides this, it has anti-slip foot pads that give you the joy of a steady riding experience. Though this hoverboard looks like a truck, it’s quite light in weight that is 23 pounds only. This lightweight hoverboard can support maximum rider’s weight up to 220 pounds only.

Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 hoverboard with its amazing features is one of the best kid’s hoverboards that will surely bring a smile to their faces. It’s safe and secure with all its attractive features.

Hover-1 Chrome

Why yay?
  • Luxury style hoverboard
  • IP54 water and dust resistant
  • UL2272 certified hoverboard
  • Excellent speed and mileage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • With non-slip and shock absorbing pedals
Why nay?
  • No Cons Yet

2. Sisigad – Safest Hoverboard for Kids

Sisigad - Safest Hoverboard for KidWho doesn’t like colorful and funky stuff?  I am sure kids do like colorful stuff. And if they know that they can get funky and colorful hoverboards then how happy they would be. So surprise your kids with SISIGAD colorful and funky hoverboard but hold on for a while because read the Sisigad hoverboard review first.

Sisigad hoverboard is available in numerous color patterns that look amazing and the cherry on the top is its bright and colorful flashing lights that makes this hoverboard stand apart among thousands of board.

So SISIGAD hoverboard is equipped with a 300-watt dual hub motor that requires 36 V lithium-ion batteries to propel. Its 6.5-inch high-quality rubber tires can take you as long as 9 miles in just a single charge. So within one single charge of 3-5 hours, you can have unlimited time to enjoy and have fun. You know what! You can travel at the speed of 9 mph with a SISIGAD hoverboard. This makes it a perfect hoverboard for kids since it is not too speedy. This hoverboard is equipped with self-balancing technology that makes it easier for beginners to get command over it. It’s so easy to learn.

Besides this, it is made up of high-quality fire-resistant material that does not let it catch wildfire. You can say that safety is doubled up with this feature as it is already UL 2272 certified hoverboard. Apart from this, it has non-slip and shock absorbing pedals that give a strong grip to the rider and helps him in maintaining balance.

SISIGAD hoverboard testing

This is not the end.

It has colorful and bright LED lights on the front bumper and the fender of wheels. The best of all is, it has colorful flashing lights inside the wheels. this much lightning makes your way visible at night. So with SISIGAD fun doesn’t end when the sunsets. You can enjoy it at night too. In addition to this, it has built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers that you can connect easily with any of your portable devices and enjoy your favorite music on the road.

One of the most attractive things that this hoverboard has is available in bright pink and purple colors. There is no doubt that it is one of the best girl’s hoverboards since it has all the attractive colors that colors require and safety features.

Why yay?
  • UL2272 certified hoverboard
  • Available in funky and attractive colors
  • Safe and secure for kids
  • Built-in wireless music speakers
  • Colorful flashing lights on wheels
Why nay?
  • Requires too much time to charge (3 to 5 Hours)

3. Tomoloo – Best Hoverboard for Girls 2023

Tomoloo - Best Hoverboard for GirlsTomoloo hoverboards are one that you can buy blindly. They are the most trustworthy hoverboard manufacturer that keeps in mind customer safety and satisfaction while manufacturing hoverboards.

Let me tell you their hoverboards are not only UL 2272 certified but are also CE, FCC, ROHS, R&TTE, UN38.3, and MSDS certified. Therefore their products are of immense quality and trusted worldwide. Talking about the hoverboard that I m going to review. It’s Q2-X.

Q2-X is one of the off-road hoverboards for girls and the amazing part is, it doesn’t have heavyweight and bulky wheels. Tomoloo has innovatively designed its 6.5-inch wheels into all-terrain wheels. So those kids who want to hover on gravel and muddy path, Tomoloo Q2-X is the best choice for them.

As it has 6.5 wheel non-pneumatic solid tires, it is not too heavy and has low ground clearance; it weighs only 9kg and can accommodate the weight of the rider up to 100kg. Kids can easily carry this hoverboard making it one of the portable and easy-to-carry hoverboards. Equipped with the power of a 300-watt dual motor this hoverboard is one of the fastest off-road hoverboards with kids. While testing speed it reaches 7.45 mph within no time. With this speed, you can travel as long as 10 miles, which is its maximum range.

Its lithium-ion batteries are UL2271 certified and require only 2-3 hours to juice up fully. Q2-X is made up of flame-resistant and fire-resistant material so it means it will never gonna catch wildfire. Talking about some additional features that Q2-X has, it has 4.2V Bluetooth speakers which are of stereo surround quality. You can connect these speakers with your smartphone via its official app.

Tomoloo hoverboards come with its official Tomoloo App, this app lets you control your entire hoverboard just with a single click. You can monitor the speed and range of your hoverboard and its battery remaining and so many things. In short, your controlling your hoverboard is just a matter of few clicks.

It is packed with 4 RGB LED lights which are on the front of the hoverboard. you can even change the color of light via your mobile app according to your mood. Tomoloo Q2-X hoverboard is the most rated and highly demanding hoverboard on Amazon. It has more than 300 satisfied customer feedbacks. And I think nothing can be more compelling than 300 plus satisfied customers. With this, you can conclude that Tomoloo Q2-X is one of the best children’s hoverboards with all the attractive and mesmerizing features which children love to see in their dream hoverboard. Indeed, it’s worth buying a hoverboard.

Tomoloo Kids Hoverboard

Why yay?
  • It has safety certifications from different organizations
  • IPX4 resistant
  • Off-road hoverboard for kids
  • With never-flat 6.5 inch tires
  • Made up of durable and fire-resistant material
Why nay?
  • No cons yet

4. Spadger – Kids Hoverboard

Spadger - Kids HoverboardThe next one on my list of best hoverboards for kids is the Spadger hoverboard. This hoverboard is indeed one of the amazing hoverboards you can fearlessly give as a present to your kids. I am sure they will like it. Above all, it’s quite affordable.

On this page, you will not find any single hoverboard that is not safety certified. It is my responsibility to share reviews of only those hoverboards that are UL certified because your safety matters a lot to us. Spadger electric hoverboard is UL 2272 certified and has undergone a multitude of electrical and mechanical tests to achieve these certifications.

It has 6.5-inch rubber wheels that require a 250-watt dual hub motor to operate. You can hit the maximum speed of 9 mph and can enjoy speedy long rides up unlimited miles. Spadger hoverboard can easily and smoothly climb an incline of 30 degrees with much more power than other hoverboards of the same grade. Besides this, it is equipped with the latest and smart self-balancing technology, so kids and fresher require only 5 minutes to operate and hand on this hoverboard.

This hoverboard is one of the lightweight hoverboards that makes maneuvering easy and simple. It gives a smooth buttery ride even with the maximum rider weight of 264 pounds. Yes, you got it right that it can easily support 264 lbs of rider’s weight. Apart from this, it comes with a free mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android phones.  You can check the battery power, speed of the hoverboard and can do a lot more with its mobile app.

Spadger hoverboard has a trendy design with LED lights on the front. It is available in limited colors that are red blue black and silver. With all these features Spadger comes with Built-in Bluetooth speakers which double up your hoverboard riding experience.

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Why yay?
  • Safety is guaranteed
  • With smart self-balancing technology
  • Beautifully design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • App-enabled hoverboard
Why nay?
  • Maximum range is not much high

5. Gyroor T581 – Best Hoverboard For Boys

Gyroor T581 - Best Hoverboard For BoysGyroor T581 is one of the highly-rated children’s hoverboards. This hoverboard has been rated as 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon. This means it has more than 95% of positive feedbacks. Gyroor is one of the popular names in the field of hoverboards. Its mission is to focus on manufacturing quality product that is totally flawless.

T581 is one of the best hoverboards that is perfect for boys.

It has off-road wheels that are 6.5 inches which can give you a smooth and buttery riding experience on all kinds of pavements. Talking about its performance, it’s superb!

This beast is packed with a 600-watt powerful motor that gives so much power to its all-terrain wheels that you can easily hit the maximum speed of 10 mph.  According to customer feedback, riding on a Gyroor hoverboard is an amazing experience. They have built-in such a way that seems as if someone is floating on air only. Supported with the latest and safest self-balancing technology it is easier for anyone to ride on it and get complete command on riding the hoverboard.

So with Gyroor hovering is as simple as ABC.

T581 is packed with 36 V lithium-ion batteries that are of course meant to support its 300-watt dual hub motors. These batteries require 1.5 to 3 hours to charge completely. But when they are fully charging T581, you are free to do nonstop fun till 7.5 miles. With Gyroor fun is unlimited.

Talking about some extra features that it has.  Like other hoverboards, it also has built-in Bluetooth speakers that are powerful enough to shake the whole town with your favorite music tunes. And the most amazing part, it has compatibility with its official Gyroor App.  Yes, you will get a free Gyroor app which you can install from the App Store or play store and can control your entire phone with it.

As far as the safety of hoverboards is concerned, Gyroor has worked a lot on the product’s safety. firstly their all hoverboards have passed the strict test from Underwriter Laboratories to gain UL 2272 certifications. Then secondly, they are made up of fire-resistant material that does not catch wildfire.

For further safety and attraction, Gyroor has added few LED lights on the front of the hoverboard, which gives you the safest nighttime riding experience. T581 is the hoverboard that I will recommend for beginners, why because it has two amazing riding modes. One is for newbies and the other one is for professional hoverboard riders.

Gyroor T581 is indeed a worth spending hoverboard and I am sure you will not ever regret buying a Gyroor hoverboard. It’s amazing.

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Why yay?
  • IP54 water-resistant technology
  • Durable and excellent construction
  • Safety is ensured with Gyroor
  • Off rod hoverboard for kids
  • Perfect for beginners
Why nay?
  • No worth mentioning cons yet

6. Lieagle – Pink Hoverboard

Lieagle - Pink HoverboardNow here comes the second Girls’ Hoverboard. Not because it has something related to Barbie or Elsa, but because of its attractive and shiny bright pink color that makes it perfect for girls.

Lieagle has launched this chrome Pink hoverboard, especially for kids and teenagers. It has features that are more or less similar to other hoverboards. But this is one of the ultra-fast and lightweight hoverboards.

It has 6.5-inch wear-resistant and puncture-resistant rubber wheels that are completely non-slip. These wheels are powerful enough to hit the maximum speed of 7.5 mph with a climbing capacity of 15 degrees. But all of these functions require a powerful motor. Lieagle hoverboard is supported with a brushless motor of 200 watts, giving riders an awesome riding experience.  If I talk about its maximum riding range, I am sure it will not disappoint you.

This hoverboard has a maximum riding range of 10 km, which in my opinion is more than enough for a kid’s hoverboard. Besides the motor, hoverboard requires 36 V of lithium-ion battery to provide proper electric current to motors and other functions of hoverboards. These batteries are long-lasting and require only 2-3 hours of charging time. After the batteries are fully charged up, you can enjoy hovering till their maximum range. But keep in mind that it all depends on the rider’s weight, road condition, and speed of the hoverboard.

Hoverboards seem boring without light. So Lieagle has added lots of bright and colorful LED lights all over the hoverboard. It has LED lights on the front bumper and the fender. Besides this, it has colorful and bright flashing LED lights on the wheels, which stand your apart in your group of riders at night. With the presence of these lights, your riding becomes safe and sound at night.

Lieagle hoverboard is ideal for doing multiple tricks with a hoverboard because it has the ability to rotate for 360 degrees along with anti-tilt protection. This lightweight hoverboard that weighs only 18 pounds can easily support 264 pounds of rider’s weight. This means not only kids; even adults can have fun on it too. Lieagle kids’ hoverboard gives unlimited fun and adventure.

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Why yay?
  • Chrome pink color hoverboard
  • Perfect for girls
  • UL2272 certified
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • With loads of colorful lights
Why nay?
  • Charging time is bit long

7. CBD – Kids Hoverboard

CBD - Kids HoverboardCBD is one of the renowned names in the hoverboard manufacturing industry. This hoverboard that I am reviewing is one of the best children’s hoverboards. it has all those features that they look for in their dream hoverboard. Apart from this, it is quite affordable.

Let’s talk about safety features first.

It is UL2272 certified, which means the board and the battery system has undergone numerous test to achieve this certification. So concerning safety, you can stay relax, it’s 100% safe. This product will not gonna spark, overheat, or catch wildfire.

It has 6.5″ solid rubber tires that give you the joy of a smooth ride. These hoverboards are classy in look and smartly built. The body of the hoverboard is built using aluminum and plastic combinations making it one of the durable hoverboards. Talking about speed and range, with the help of its 36V lithium-ion batteries and 250 watts of a dual hub motor, this hoverboard can hit the maximum speed of 6 mph and you can enjoy this speed till 6.21 miles which is superb.

The hoverboard is packed with some additional features to attract children like it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that lets your kid enjoy their favorite music on the streets. Moreover, it has RGB LED colorful lights on the front of the hoverboard and the bumpers. LED lights are the most important component for children’s hoverboards, as lights keep them safe from road accidents.

CBD self-balancing hoverboard is one of the lightest hoverboards. it weighs only 10 pounds but it is capable of bearing heavy rider weight. it can accommodate a maximum of 200 pounds of riders’ weight. CBD hoverboard is simple and decent and quite appropriate for kids that look for sober stuff.

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Why yay?
  • Tires are water-resistant and anti-skid.
  • Simple and decent
  • Certified from UL
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Cheap hoverboard with tons of amazing features
Why nay?
  •  No mobile app

8. Unisun – Safe Hoverboard to Buy

Unisun - Safe Hoverboard to BuyIf your kids are a big fan of white color then UNI-SUN Hoverboard for Kids is the perfect option for them. This hoverboard is super attractive because of its shiny color and its LEDs on the front. UNI-SUN hoverboard is available in multiple colors, like blue, red, black, and pink and white.

Indeed this one is the perfect gift to present any hoverboard freak. Let’s through some lights on the feature of this UNI-SUN kids hoverboard.

It has 6.5” unique wheels that have colorful lights of shiny patterns. These are flashing lights that give a unique riding experience at night time. The wheels are made up of anti-skid and puncture-proof material, so you can fearlessly ride them anywhere.

But keep in mind they are not all-terrain wheels.  The hoverboard is packed with immense power that gives a maximum speed of 9.3 mph with a full range of 9.3 miles. You can enjoy this much speed and range in just a single charge, after which you have to wait for a good 2-3 hours to let it charge fully. It comes with LED lights that you will find on the bumper and fender, these lights make it quite attractive.

I am sure if you are in your group of hoverboard riders, your hoverboard with its appearance and lights will stand apart from others hoverboards. UNI-SUN hoverboard has come with self-balancing technology that makes it easier for the ride to gain balance quickly. This product weighs only 20 pounds but is capable of bearing 264 pounds of rider weight.

UNI-SUN kids hoverboards are especially targeted for a kid, that’s why they have designed it keeping in mind each and everything related to kids. Therefore, they have incorporated high-quality Built-in Bluetooth speakers that let you have a musical party at night. Now you have understood why it’s in my list of kid’s hoverboards, one more reason for adding this hoverboard to the list is, these hoverboards are UL 2272 certified. So safety of your kid is guaranteed with UNI-SUN.

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Why yay?
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Available in different colors
  • Hoverboard for boys & girls
Why nay?
  • Not worth mentioning

9. Veveline – Best Hoverboards for Kids

Veveline - Best Hoverboards for KidsVeveline hoverboard is one of the most affordable hoverboards that claim to offer the best value for money. It is the combination of creative and unique design coupled with the highest quality of the material. This hoverboard is available in lots of attractive eye-catching colors.

Veveline hoverboard has a small wheel size that is 6.5″ vacuum tires that give you jerk free-riding on semi-smooth surfaces. These tires are 100% explosion-free. Talking about its performance, it has 300 watts dual-motor under the hood that is responsible for its powerful performance.

Performance is so much powerful that it can easily carry 260 lbs of riders with a maximum speed of 9mph with a decent range of 7.5 miles. I really found this feature of the Veveline hoverboard, an amazing one. I mean, moving with maximum speed while carrying a heavy load. Superb. It is equipped with 36 V lithium-ion batteries that require quick charging once they are depleted completely.

Apart from all these technical specs, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers that don’t let you ride in a boring fashion. With Veveline you can ride with style. Because it has so many colorful flashing lights on the wheels. Besides this, there are some colorful LED lights on the front and the fender. If your kids hover on the Veveline hoverboard, they will feel as if lights are floating with them. Veveline hoverboards are UL 2272 certified. So this means you can blindly trust Veveline and buy one for your kids.

They are economical hoverboards with astounding features.

  • You have a variety of colors to choose from.
  • With an easy and quick learning system
  • Carries up to 260lbs of weight
  • Excellent value for money
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 months
  • Not waterproof

10. Swagtron T1 – Cheap Kids Hoverboard

Swagtron T1 - Cheap Kids HoverboardLast but not least, the Swagtron T1 hoverboard is one of the best kids hoverboards. I really like this hoverboard. Since Swagtron is one of the top-notch hoverboard manufacturing brands so there isn’t any doubt in saying that their hoverboards will be of high-end quality with no flaw at all.

The safety of customers is their prime responsibility, because of which their all hoverboards are UL 2272 certified which means when your kids are on Swagboard T1 they are in safe hands.

What else they are offering? Have a look at its feature:

Starting with its appearance, the Swagtron t1 hoverboard is a colorful and attractive hoverboard, which is made up of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), because of which there are almost 0% chances of any scratch on the hoverboard. This is one of the most distinguishing features that you will rarely find in any other hoverboard of the same quality.

The hoverboard is equipped with a powerful motor of 300 watts that takes you uphill at the incline of 30 degrees. The motor is powered by a few lithium-ion batteries that require less than 2 hours to juice up fully. Talking about the speed and range of hoverboards, they will surely gonna make your kids happy. Yes, its 6.5-inch wheels can take you as long as 12 miles with a top speed of 8mph. keep in mind that the speed and range of the hoverboard greatly depend upon the rider’s weight and road condition.

Swagtron t1 hoverboard has anti-slip foot pads that give your feet a firm grip while riding and the best part is, it has auto self-balancing mode, which is activated automatically once the hoverboard is switched on and you have placed one foot on the hoverboard.

This hoverboard is majorly targeted as a kids’ hoverboard so that’s why the manufacturer has incorporated some riding modes that make it easier for a newbie to ride it. It has two modes, the learning mode that is for newcomers, and the standard model, which is for pro riders.

One of the most astounding features that this hoverboard has, it weighs only 23 lbs but it is capable of supporting 220lbs of riders’ weight. This means it is not a toy that is meant to be used for kids only. It can be used by an adult too.

Kids’ hoverboard is incomplete without any additional features. It has LED lights that light up your evening and nighttime ride. Now your rides are not bound with sunset. You can even enjoy it at night too. Kid’s safety is further enhanced by the addition of BMS (battery management system) which is protected by Swagtron patented Sentry Shield Aluminum alloy housing. Both of these features protect the battery from overheating and over-charging. Indeed Swagtron T1 hoverboard is one of the best children hoverboards with all necessary safety features.

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Why yay?
  • With different riding modes
  • Top speed and range is ideal for kids
  • ABS casing minimizes scratch
  • Powerful motor of 300 watts
  • Swagtron patented sentry shield aluminium alloy housing
Why nay?
  • It’s not water resistant


Kids of age 8 and above always want to look smart and cool, hoverboard can be one of the best ideas to enhance their coolness and smartness. Above all, if that hoverboard is compatible with its mobile app, their smartness would be at 7th sky. I am quite confident that at this stage you must have chosen an appropriate kid’s hoverboard. Don’t get late. Buy one for your kid and see that precious smile on their face. All of these hoverboards are the safest ones.

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