Are Electric Scooters Really Safe – Truth Revealed in 2023

Last Updated: October 31, 2022 by Sam John

Electric scooters are the newest yet convenient mode of transportation especially when you are a citizen of any densely populated area. Due to congested traffic, a lot of people are switching to electric scooters. The trend of electric scooters is increasing day by day. Besides moving you all around the town they are fun to ride.

Electric Scooters Really Safe

But one of the biggest concerns of the majority of people is, are electric scooters really safe? Since there have been many cases reported about e-scooters. So the answer is, YES, electric scooters are absolutely safe as long as you are using a high-quality and durable electric scooter with the necessary protective gears. Therefore, if you properly obey all the traffic rules and wear protective gear, then it will be fun to ride an e-scooter.

Electric Scooters are Safe

Nothing is good or bad in itself, it is its use that’s make it so.

The same goes with e-scooters. You can’t tag electric scooters as a dangerous mode of transportation. Obviously, it is the way people use it that tagged it as an unsafe ride. We say, electric scooters are completely safe and we are stick to it.

One should follow a proactive approach while riding an e-scooter that is to wear proper protective gear. But it is so sad to find out that only 6% of e-scooter riders prefer to wear helmet whereas the rest 94% helmet as useless gear and don’t wear it. However, helmets are one of the most important protective gears that one should wear while riding. That’s why a large number of helmet-less riders suffer from head injuries.

Remember accidents can happen on any vehicle be it a car or electric scooter but if you want to keep yourself protected from accidents on an e-scooter then look for an electric scooter that has maximum safety features.

Safety Features of an Electric Scooter:

Though every electric scooter has the same basic features but some advanced features have to be there particularly if you are buying an electric scooter for kids. This will assure safety.


Brake is the most important feature of any electric scooter and every scooter has at least one brake. Proper functional brakes are the sign that you will be safe from any sudden incident. There are certain electric scooter models that come with dual brakes that are front and rear brake. Usually, the front one is a disc brake and the back one is a regenerative brake along with a friction brake.


Old and worn tires are dangerous to use as they don’t provide proper traction and there are chances of an accident. After brakes, E-scooters tires are the most crucial part. No matter how advanced brakes you have but if your tires are worn, the hospital bed would be your final destination.

You will many pneumatic and solid tires variation in an electric scooter. From a safety perspective, pneumatic tires are best as they are pretty reliable and don’t wear down easily.


Lights are extremely important safety features especially when you are riding at night. Electric scooter needs to have a powerful and bright front light, rear brake light with few reflectors around the body. Lights enlighten the rider’s view as well as make you noticeable in dark.


Other vehicles should also know that where are you heading now either left or right. They say you can indicate your turning direction by waving your left or right arm. But what if, other vehicles miss that sign? So for the safe side, electric scooters with functional indicators are safe to use. Along with the indicator, the horn should also be there.

UL Certified Scooters:

Underwriter Laboratories certifications are the stamp that electric scooter is safe to ride. There wouldn’t be any internal electrical disorder that would lead to the bursting of an e-scooter. Underwriter Laboratories issued UL2272 certifications after performing numerous electrical tests on an electric scooter. Once they pass all these tests, they are safe to use.

Electric Scooters are not Dangerous:

E-scooters are not dangerous at all, provided if you ride them carefully. Here are some tips that would help you in riding an e-/scooterbike securely.

Helmet is Compulsory:

Never, I repeat never ever ride without a helmet, even if it’s not allowed in your zone. Give full and complete protection to yourself. Wear a high-quality and durable helmet that protects your head and brain in case if you fall from the e-scooter. With helmet mortality rate is reduced by 85%.

Avoid Riding in Rainy Weather:

In rainy weather, roads become slippery, and tires of e-scooter are unable to maintain traction and stability. Therefore, the chances of accidents are double up in the rainy season. So the first priority is to not ride in such bad weather, and if it’s an emergency then ride very carefully. Ride slowly and take turns carefully.

Avoid Riding in any Drug Effect:

This is something very obvious but it needs to be said sometimes that one should not be in any effect of the drug while riding an e-scooter. The reason is it may cause dizziness and loss of focus which might be hazardous.

Avoid using Phone:

No one can deny that using a phone while driving or riding is a direct call to injuries. Strictly avoid using your phone it will distract you.

Check the Lights:

Before going out make sure that your front and rear light should be working properly. If in case any of the light is out of order, strictly avoid going out. If it’s an emergency then wear some bright clothing and stick few reflectors on your shirt so that you will be visible to others.

Keep your Eyes on the Road:

Keep your eyes stringently on road. A large number of mishaps occur because riders don’t focus on the road. Keep looking at your surroundings to avoid any incident.

Maintain your Scooter:

Like every other vehicle, e-scooters need proper maintenance. Do check your electric scooter regularly if you use it daily. Like, check the tire pressure, brakes, and battery. Regular maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your scooter.

Obey Traffic Rules:

Different countries and states have different rules regarding e-scooters. The worst thing, e-scooters don’t fit into any existing law. Therefore many states have re-designed their laws concerning e-scooter while others follow the same rules of the bicycle. So ride an e-scooter as per your state’s traffic rules, like don’t exceed the specified speed limit, ride on bicycle lanes, etc.


One cannot deny the fact that e-scooter is gaining more and more popularity day by day. They are completely safe to use. By following proper safety tips you can avoid injuries. Also, make sure to have an electric scooter that has proper and functional safety features.

As a vehicle, an electric scooter is not dangerous, irresponsible and harsh driving is.

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