Best Hover Shoes 2023 – Amazing Christmas Gift for Kids

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Hovershoes have turned out to be superior to hoverboards; it is their reduced size, unique design, and advanced flexibility, which make them a better choice. What makes these gadgets trendy is that they are very self-balancing; not just practiced professionals but beginners can experience the fun with the same comfort. Unlike hoverboards, you can wear electric hovershoes on both of your feet and do those movie stunts & tricks without fearing whirling & crashing.

Best Hover Shoes

It can be the best choice for short distance travelling. With all this cool and styled variety, how to decide what would be the best hover shoes for you? Well, it is time to dump all your worries now, since this article covers every detail about koowheel Hovershoes, Segway ninebot Hovershoes (which is the most recommended hovershoes), and electric hover shoes. Providing you all that you must know before buying one of the best hover shoes in the market.

Considering how popular and efficient these electric self-balancing gadgets are, it may be bewildering for a newbie to make a decision. Therefore, we are providing you this ultimate guide regarding the best hovershoes, to solve all your hesitations. Riders must wear safety helmets while riding on hover shoes.

Best Hover Shoes Reviews 2023


Segway Hovershoe

  • Speed: 7.5 Mph
  • Load: 220 lbs
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  • Speed: 6.2 Mph
  • Load: 180 lbs
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  • Speed: 7.4 Mph
  • Load: 286 lbs
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1. Segway – Best Hover Shoes 2023

Segway Ninebot Drift W1 HovershoeSegway Hover shoes are the most impressive and latest in the invention of Hovershoes. These roadrunners will make you stand out when you are wearing them. Designing and lightening these electric hovershoes will make everyone look back at you, especially when you are pulling off some cool tricks in them.

The reason, why Segway Hovershoes are so popular in today’s time, is that they deliver promising and satisfying products like Segway Hoverboards & Electric Scooters. Segway’s Hovershoes are everyone’s first pick because of the comfort and unique features they offer. No Hovershoes in the market can match Segway’s abilities.

With its waterproof protection, you can also cherish your aquatic adventure moods. They are always worth spending your money on and these calamities-resistant Hovershoes deserve to be your forever travel partner.

Many talented manufacturers invested their time in making this remarkable model. The dense sturdy structure of these Segway ninebot W1 hovershoes is made up of magnesium alloy. The external surface is strong enough to be victimized by impacts, while the rubber pedals serve as a rigid base for your feet. Usually black and white in color and triangular/spindle in shape. Rubber bumpers on each of these Segway hovershoes help in maintaining a safe ride even when you are steering.

Moreover, the RBG LED light adds up in its beauty that is worth appreciating.

With all that, they are super easy to learn, within minutes a beginner can swirl around flawlessly. Instructions like step on, go forward, go backward, and turn around are there to guide you further. The abilities of these inventive Hovershoes can truly astonish anyone! No doubt why they have taken over the globe so fast. Proceeding we have mentioned some key features of Segway Ninebot Drift w1 Electric Hovershoes:

Speed is the element that adds fun and thrill to a rider’s journey. Segway Ninebot W1 is capable of adjusting and maintaining a speed of 7.5 mph (12 km/h) as per each rider’s weight and terrain. Very smoothly and gradually, it can achieve the top speed when a light rider of around 50-60kg is riding on these spectacular hover shoes even on hard and flat terrain.

Behind this effortless ride is the 200W motor that is proficient enough to handle a slip of 10 degrees in a smooth manner. Segway hovershoes are for the free-spirited riders who are ready to take adventures to the next level with the speed and add spark to their journey!

When fully charged a single time, the amazing Segway ninebot drift W1 hovershoes will last you a fun-filled ride of about 45 minutes, which is plausible. There is more to it. Yes, its dual charging functionality doubles the fun in half the time. All credit goes to the split charging cable that comes with it. The lithium ion batteries once charged fully, can give you a good show of reaching a top speed of 7.5 mph during your ride. Additionally, considering the amount of usage, they usually take around 3 hours to fully charge on average.

The very first thought that comes to mind is how much weight is the Segway hover shoe capable of carrying? While a single hover shoe weighs only 7.7lbs, its powerful built can impressively lift a load of 220lbs. Be it a child or adult, it calls out to the perfect ride full of adventure without any boundary of ages. Specially designed with elastic bands on the bottom qualifies these hover shoes to be portable and easiest to carry anywhere! That is why Segway ninebot drift W1 hover shoes are highly recommended and in demand worldwide.

Segway Ninebot Drift W1

Segway ninebot Drift W1 hover shoes are built to stand out. LED lighting adds life to the hover shoe journey. Moreover, they are customizable! Starting with the standing blue light display, you can switch between the rest of the three available modes swiftly. Bumpers are there to protect your hovershoes from any kind of bumps or scratches that come along the journey. Segway ninebot drift is designed with 10mm silicone bumpers on the ends to make your hovershoes last longer while keeping them perfectly shielded.

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  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • IP54 waterproof protection
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Silicone bumpers (10 mm)
  • Slip-resistant pedals
  • 1-year warranty
  • Relatively low speed

2. Voyager – Fastest Hovershoes 2023

VOYAGER fastest hovershoesThe next best hovershoes to adopt are voyager hovershoes. As the name proposes already, they are the fastest with a maximum speed of 6.2 MPH. To add tons of fun to your journey you can trust voyager’s fastest hovershoes. These hovershoes come with the latest self-balancing technology. The powerful 320W motors are programmed to be exceptionally powerful, gradually overcoming resistance while speeding.

Beginner kids or professional adults both can enjoy this exciting gadget. The amusement offered by hoverboards is doubled while using hovershoes, as both of your feet are free to rotate. This freestyle riding is super rousing! All you need to focus on is planting your feet in the desired direction; it is a self-balancing feature that does the rest of the work.

Designing voyager hovershoes is not much different from the various other hovershoes in the market. The outer shell of the hover shoe involves hard plastic and metals while rubber strips are used as handles, making these hovershoes portables for carrying. Additionally, the wheels of these voyager hovershoes are broader, allowing easy turnings. To make these youngster’s all-time favorite gadgets look fancier, LED lights and green stripes are added to their features. Moreover, the battery capacity of these hovershoes is remarkable.

Even if you have never had a journey on these hover shoes, you do not need to worry. Since half of the work is already being done by the hovershoes themselves. All you have to do is train your legs to balance and press forward to race up while pressing backward will work as brakes.

Voyager’s fastest hovershoes are approximately 23 inches in size. Itself they weigh 6lbs (for each shoe).  While they are sturdy enough to carry a 220lbs load. UL2272 clearance further makes these voyager hovershoes free from all kinds of vulnerabilities.

Extremely swift while riding. It is noted that the maximum speed of the voyager’s fastest hovershoes is 6.2 MPH. Teens and adults both can rock over the town over this speed. In case if ever the speed seems too high considering the road surface, you will get alerts for adjusting it too.

Powerful 320 W electric motors, combined with a one-lithium battery serves as an amazing catch. The battery life is 5 miles once fully charged. Whenever the battery is about to fall during your sneaky adventures, you will get LED alerts, reminding you that they need to recharge now. Acceleration is always smooth and under control. The non-slip pads add on extra protection.

Voyager Hovershoes

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  • LED battery indicator
  • Light-weighted
  • Catchy LED lightning
  • Durable
  • Inclining angle – 10⁰
  • Carrying strap on both sides
  • Easy to learn
  • Takes practice to get used to them
  • Needs to be recharged after an hour of usage

3. Koowheel Hovershoes

Koowheel HovershoesThese high-tech shoes are designed with more advanced self-balancing technology so that people of all ages and sizes can add excitement to their lives. Koowheel Hovershoes passes all UL2272 safety tests before being marketed so that you can roll a fear-free ride.

The grounding of koowheel electronic skate shoes is unique, allowing you to roll, flex, skate, and play in all sorts of terrain. Its user-friendly size, self-balancing feature, and excellent battery life make it perfectly suitable for all your crazy adventures.

Mainly consists of a set of shoes for each of your feet, which can be used alone as well. The sturdy structure of these koowheel Hovershoes can carry a load up to 130 kg while they weigh only 3.3kg, which makes them effortlessly portable. Only premium materials are used for its construction since durability and protection is any manufacturer’s major concern. Built in LED lights make it more interesting and spectacular. It can work for 10 km with 2-3 hours charging, which altogether is a good score.

Koowheel can race up to 12 km/h, which is very satisfying. You can plan mini-trips with your friends wearing these koowheel Hovershoes and speed up your way without dreading. These koowheel Hovershoes will also send you notifications on your smartphone (when connected) about your speed.

These Hovershoes weigh 3.3kg each while they are robust enough to carry a 22-286lbs load. This concludes that even healthy individuals can enjoy these rides. Since they are so light weighted, you can freely carry them to the office, school, and park, anywhere using its side handles.

Koowheel Hovershoes uses seven high-watt lithium batteries that are well known for their charging powers; in this case, it is 54Wh/each. The range of these hoverboards is 10 km after 2-3 hours of full charging. However, AC 100-200V is required as a charging input.

Coming over to their most eye-catchy features, the LED lights. You have gifted a variety of built in LED lights of varying vibrant colors. You cannot just switch colors but adjust their brightness too! Guess who is going to be the coolest in the squad? You!

Koowheel Hovershoes are passed from all safety trials and then finally certified as UL2772, meaning you can trust them with your kids and family. Their non-slip pedals and flexibility make them worth taking the risks. Even beginners can take rides, as they are easy to learn and safe. Moreover, they have typically a 1-year warranty too.

Koowheel Hovershoes

  • Save your time, energy, and money
  • Adjustable led lights, to guide your way in dim lights
  • 4 handles: 2 on each side, making it easy to carry
  • Easy to maintain balance
  • Waterproof
  • FC & CE rectified
  • Requires practice
  • Riding on rocky road won’t be a good idea


Hover shoes are the new self-balancing technology that everyone wants to get their hands on. While this guide summed up some of the best options for you to choose from, Segway hovershoes are the ultimate winner in the best hover shoes review lists.

Segway hover shoes being the popular one for their ideal quality are already winning hearts. Whether it is your first attempt at trying this advanced technology or you are already a regular user of hover shoes, you are sure to have a wonderful and thrilling ride once you put them on! After a deep and thorough guide from this article, you might be saved from the hassle of researching if they are worth it or not. These hover shoes are the ones where you can surely put your trust in while riding.

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