Top 7 Best Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

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Electric skateboard with Remote Control is the most suitable commute vehicle to get anywhere faster. Owning one remote control skateboard makes riding around your campus or city a convenient and hassle-free experience. Without worrying about being too bulky or space-consuming, you can easily cover the last mile in short and long journeys. By just getting familiar with the technology of remote control, you can have a relaxing urban area travel experience!

Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

There is a wide variety of remote control skateboards in the market. Choosing the Best electric skateboard with remote control can be a tough task and requires a sound knowledge of all the specifications you require. We have tested around 13 remote controlled skateboards and shortlisted top 7 options for you.

Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

This guide is to help you choose the most suitable electric skateboard from these Top 7 remote control skateboards according to your need in 2022. Check these worthy electric skateboards with remote control mentioned below:

1. Teamgee H5 – Electric Skateboard with Remote Control 2023

Teamgee H5 – Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

Teamgee H5 qualifies in the thinnest remote control skateboard category with only 1.5cm thickness. The 37 inches long concave deck is manufactured with Canadian maple and ply fiberglass that provides comfortable and effortless turning during the ride. With the thin and sleek build, the remote-controlled skateboard offers increased flexibility weighing only 145lbs. Equipped with dual 380 watts motors, it offers an increased ability to remain stable while reaching a maximum speed of 22mph.

While testing Teamgee h5 37″ electric skateboard, it has a durable battery and is used for 2 hours on a plane surface with an average speed of 15-17 miles per hour on a fully charged battery. As the batteries are thoroughly tested before being sold out by the manufacturers. It takes only 2 hours to provide you with an ideal range of 9-11 miles according to your speed levels.

Another feature that makes it unique and the top pick is Teamgee H5’s ergonomic remote control that provides an LCD screen to exhibit battery status. It allows the user to spontaneously switch between 2-speed settings, which is quite impressive.


Many reasons serve to qualify Teamgee H5 as the ideal recreational riding or commute remote control skateboard. The spacious remote control electric skateboard platform is built with 10-layer maple, which can easily support 200 pounds and still maintain its strength. Teamgee is committed to manufacturing compliant and safe electric skateboards to ensure high-performance daily rides.

UL certified Teamgee H5 is one of the ultrathin electric skateboards with a remote control that make the rides gentle and enjoyable! Riders can cruise around in the high-speed durable motor and strong grip 900mm PU wheel electric skateboard. The wheel divides gravity and hence maintains stability throughout the ride. This contributes to the enhanced security during different action rides.

For short journeys to campus or quick shopping, you can always count on Teamgee H5 to be your perfect and smooth ride. Visually designed system data is available on the remote control to view your driving status with ease. Without a doubt, the headlight design of the remote control can facilitate during nighttime errands. This makes Teamgee H5 electric skateboard the epitome of value for money. It qualifies to be an all-rounder remote control skateboard that promises to provide comfort, consistency, and outstanding performance.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Thin and flexible
  • Sturdy maple board
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Impressive range (11 miles)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Decent speed
  • Bit Expensive


2. SWAGSKATE NG2 – Remote Skateboard

SWAGSKATE NG2 – Remote Skateboard

SWAGSKATE NG2 is among the fastest remote control skateboards with high-powered rear motors of 450 watts. This remote-controlled electric skateboard can reach a speed of up to 18 mph and run on a ramp of 15 degrees easily. Multiple features are incorporated in this remote control electric skateboard including switching between speed modes and acceleration control. For the enhancement of the experience of the rider, it has an innovative design that is dynamic and easy to use.

NG2 Electric Skateboard has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes its design even more durable and attractive. The skateboard can bear an added weight of rider of up to 220 pounds.

In the world of Artificial intelligence, the SWAGSKATE NG2 Electric Skateboard is also loaded with advanced technology. It takes the burden of navigation off the shoulder of the rider. It provides a smart AI navigation system using high-end sensors that have approximately 100% pinpoint accuracy for hands-free navigation.

The body is manufactured with maple wood from Canada. It is lightweight and weighs only 10 pounds. Its concaveness provides additional stability for the rider and the skateboard itself. The SwagBoard NG-2 remote control is ergonomically shaped.

Most important feature of a skateboard is its balancing mechanism because easy balancing makes skateboarding even more fun, easier and exciting. Sensors are installed for an intelligent weight and balance to improve the experience of the rider. SwagBoard NG-2 supports an interesting feature for beginners as it provides good torque and traction to keep the skateboard in control and a safe speed limit of around 18 km / h. In terms of manufacturing and designing, this control panel has a non-fragile body.

Throttle levers directly under the thumb. Battery status can also be seen on the screen. The cruise control function makes the same speed easy to maintain without the accelerator pedal being touched. Ergonomic design of the remote is impressive as it can be held in the rider’s hand very easily. Since the journey is controlled by the remote control in all aspects, from acceleration to changing of driving modes, you can use the remote control frequently and easily.

  • User friendly for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Remote control supported
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smart controls
  • Medium speed
  • High sensitivity

3. Shaofu – Remote Control Skateboard

Shaofu – Remote Control Skateboard

Shaofu skateboard is a good option if you are looking for a long-range skateboard that can also reach high speeds. It is an incredibly gentle and quiet little walk. Run by a motor of 250-watt power and controlled by a wireless remote, it is also capable of adapting to different road terrains. The highest speed is 12 mph and it can go as far as 10 miles after being fully charged. While weighing lighter than other materials, it is capable of bearing an additional weight of 286 pounds for the rider.

Generally, this electric skateboard comes with remote control and a 24V 2200 MAh rechargeable battery with a charging time of two hours. The body of the electric skateboard is built with seven layers of maple wood, making a deck 900mm in length. Maple wood is the most suitable, strong, and durable material.

Recommended for people aged eight or more years. The design of the remote is easy to hold and carry during the ride. It consists of two different modes including the beginners and advanced modes. Unlike some other skateboards, there is no risk of battery draining during the ride. It also keeps the rider informed about the battery level and other speeds and brake controls.

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During the live testing, we have found that the shock-absorbing mechanism of the wheels ensures a smooth ride because wheels have high strength and can take you at high speeds due to their sufficiently stable design. And the operating distance of the remote is up to 14 meters. Overall, the skateboard weighs 11 pounds so it can easily be carried anywhere by the rider. Sleek design of the Shaofu skateboard ensures a lower center of gravity to make the skateboard more stable and easier to ride.

Extremely lightweight design of this remote control skateboard beats most of the other electronic skateboards. It can easily be carried in a backpack while traveling. Built-in artificial intelligence system of this electric skateboard with high-end pressure control system response enables AI to analyze the driving style and improvise changes.

Shaofu skateboard

  • Fast Charging
  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Stable on surfaces including ramps
  • High speed
  • Good quality wheels
  • Safest
  • Can be used on different terrains
  • Easy to carry
  • Medium battery time
  • Ordinary design of remote


4. AZBO – Remote Control Longboard

AZBO – Remote Control Longboard

AZBO electric skateboard is the latest remote-controlled longboard that has a perfectly designed shape adding up to its stability. The skateboard is made up of eight layers of lightweight wood, maple wood. It is a combination of durable and strong skateboards with the ability to carry a maximum of 268 pounds of weight.

It has a dual hub, a high-powered 3000-watt motor that can take the AZBO electric skateboard to a speed as high as 25mph. The rechargeable battery of this electric skateboard has a charging time of two hours. A fully charged battery can take this electric skateboard to travel a distance of 19 miles. For wireless controlling of a skateboard, it comes with a wireless remote that is also rechargeable and can show battery level. Controls present on remote are; changing speed, easy forward, and stop.

The smart control helps on-ramps and hilly areas.

Once the battery is fully charged, the skateboard can run for a maximum of three hours. AZBO is an electric skateboard is designed in a way that the control of high speeds is not difficult for the rider. Speed can be adjusted very smoothly without any reluctance because of their reliable design making the riding position more comfortable.

The wheels of this electric skateboard with remote control are equipped with a shock-absorbing mechanism, therefore, even if the roads are bumpy, this skateboard will take you to the destination smoothly.

AZBO remote-controlled electric skateboard comes with a one-year warranty. It fulfills the requirement for high strength, easy to control skateboard at a decent price. It is no less than high end and high prices electric skateboards with remote control in its strength and durability, however, it outgrows them in some cases.

  • High strength design
  • Shock absorbing
  • High resistance wheels
  • High speed
  • Light in weight
  • Not expensive
  • Portable design
  • Less longevity
  • Limited controlling features


5. Aceshin – Wireless Remote Control Electric Skateboard

Aceshin – Wireless Remote Control Electric Skateboard

Aceshin is an outstanding passenger electric skateboard with exemplary durability, high stability, and execution. It is suitable for both teenagers and elders; its 7-layer maple wood top can bear up to 220 pounds.

It offers good flexibility and a CNC-trimmed concave design with an upward bent tip of the deck of the skateboard that controls. Hence, even during swift movements, you can make turns without toppling over. The Aceshin board also dissolves shock impressively, which makes it a perfect all terrain skateboard.

With this electric skateboard, one’s journey to school and parks would be amusing. It uses a 250-watt motor, which makes it not only speedy (20km/h) but also long lasting. The silent brushless design caters to minimum power usage. At high speeds, the 220mah lithium battery powers this skateboard absolutely for up to 10 km, which is tremendous. Along with heat-resistant cells, the 2-hour recharging time span for Aceshin lasts a lot longer. It can cover a distance of 6 miles approximately in this time. Having an easy grasp handle makes it easily portable.

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Aceshin is an economical electric skateboard that one should not miss trying because it is worth it. Apart from the range, this board can climb hills of angles 15-30. The surface has been made waterproof using high-density emery material, which is anti-skid, hence, it offers firmness.

The waterproof level of this product is IP54 and so it protects the board from accidental splashes and drizzle. Underwater Labs certify Aceshin Youth Electric Skateboard. It has passed its electrical tests and safety test, which proves that it, is safe for charging and riding.

Aceshin electric board’s remote controller accelerates de-accelerates the board it also controls brakes. It consists of three driving modes thus; it is easy to use for all types of skaters. Actually, the remote control makes riding easier. Likewise, the controller has a wristband that prevents it from falling. Overall, Aceshin is also safe for kids, teens, and elders who like to cruise on the skateboard.

  • 2200mah lithium battery
  • 250-watt electric motor
  • Long-lasting 7 layers maple wood
  • Waterproof level of IP54
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Certified by UL
  • Charging time span is 2 hours
  • Efficient Remote wrist band
  • Low covering distance (6 miles)


6. EPIKGO – Remote Controlled Electric Skateboard

EPIKGO Electric Skateboard

EPIKGO is above the ordinary and we are saying after testing and analysis. It is an advanced form of rideable technology. This electric skateboard with remote control brings strikingly new feels to modern-day transportation. It has the ability to reach a speed of 25miles per hour for more than 10 miles on a single charge, the EPIKGO Skateboard is simply the swiftest board in our lineup.

In terms of artful appearance, the EPIKGO Electric Longboard is easily the winner on our list. The all-black design, with its gleaming profile and ninja-like looks, make it an awesome addition to an electric skateboard with remote control collection. Considered to be an affordable skateboard with a price that is close to four digits. This board is waterproof and is a lot more lightweight than the other longboards. Less weight (11 pounds) and shorter length (35.5inches), makes it is a bit more portable.

EPIKGO is worth the money for two main reasons. First comes the speed; this board can go up to 25 miles per hour at high speeds. The second reason is its ability to maneuver. This board was designed for carving and has extremely reactive brakes making it easier to move in any way during your journey.

Epikgo skateboard

Covering distance is a bit longer, almost 10 miles, but you cannot replace the battery to extend that range anymore. This decent-looking electric skateboard is made from seven layers of a bamboo frame, which provides an effortless and majestic experience. Likewise, it consists of dual motors that have a power of 2100 watts; hence, surely, it will let you practice every type of technique of your choice without any problem. Therefore, ride through the streets on the skateboard the stage is yours.

Smart sensors are installed in this remote control skateboard to keep the rider safe during the ride. These sensors perform functions including controlling speed and bring the attention to the rider towards automatically applying brakes. Conclusively, it has a user-friendly interface so; the rider can learn the use it very easily. The remote control is compact that can be held in hand during the ride.

  • Quick and easy movement
  • Water-resistant
  • Accelerates well
  • Has a good stability
  • Good aesthetics
  • Smooth ride on hilly areas
  • Smart sensors for a safe ride
  • Does not support low end torque


7. Teamgee H20 – Electric Skateboard with Remote 2023

Teamgee H20 – Electric Skateboard with Remote

Teamgee H20 is a rechargeable electric skateboard that comes with a remote control option. It is a good option if you are learning to ride or you have intermediate riding skills. It is made from eight layers of maple wood and one layer of fiberglass. This makes it super durable and highly stable even if you are riding at high speeds.

Wireless and handy remote control for riding offer different speed modes; low, medium, high, and highest or H+. There are four different brake modes as well. The speed and acceleration control is easy and smooth in this skateboard. Teamgee H20 electric skateboard has two 540-watt hub motors in the wheels. The motors provide instant acceleration and deceleration while the speed can go up to 26 mph, qualifying for the highest speeds amongst these electric skateboards.

Ergonomically designed, it keeps the rider comfortable during the ride. The remote control is compact and designed in such a way that riders can hold it easily while riding the skateboard. The weight carrying capacity of Teamgee H20 is 286 pounds and the capacity of the battery is 25 to 30 km. The dimensions of the platform are 940mm x 230mm x 15 mm. with a low center of gravity to provide high stability.

The body and battery of this skateboard are protected using an aluminum alloy. Therefore, there is no probability of damaging the surface. In addition, the concave shape of the base helps to fit the feet of a rider on a skateboard, therefore, there is no chance is slipping.

Offers high performance in areas where there is high traffic or the terrain is not smooth. However, the skateboard contains a navigation system that navigates through the traffic smoothly, and the riding time after full charge can go up to four hours. Teamgee H20 is a high-powered skateboard for high speeds and efficient control over acceleration. It is not affected by dust, weather, or water. Overall, it can be an ideal remote-controlled skateboard for bad terrains and bumpy roads.

  • Good at controlling speeds
  • Multiple powerful brake modes
  • High durability
  • Weight carrying capacity of 286 pounds
  • Charging indicator issues
  • Probability of water getting in


High-rise in the advancement of rideable technology includes high-end electric skateboards in 2023. It is a combined effort of companies and manufacturers to bring forward a perfect and ideal commute for the riders. Competition for remote control skateboards is very high in terms of speed, high-end features, mileage, and batteries, all of these features keep on improving to satisfy the commuters.

Teamgee H5 is considered one of the all-rounder electric skateboards with remote control in 2023.

In order to meet the needs of modern-day riders, electric skateboards with remote control come with enhanced features and specifications each coming day. Depending on the kind of rider you are; novice or pro, your requirement for high safety standards and ease or advanced usage of remote control electric skateboard varies and so does the market price.

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