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Hoverboards are likely to become a new trendsetter in the two-wheeled inventions lately. Be it malls, sidewalks, or any quick errands, they are the easiest and coolest source of commute. To get their battery working best, one must get their hands on the Best Hoverboard Charger. It is essential to notice the power requirements of the particular brand of your hoverboard charger. The potential difference should neither be too high or too low, as it may result in overheating, fire blast, or even may become the cause of internal circuity faults.

Best Hoverboard Charger

In order to make the most out of your hoverboard, you need to be sure about the types of hoverboard chargers to conclude which one will suit your hoverboard best. This guide unlocks the knowledge about some of the best hoverboard chargers in the market.

3 Best Hoverboard Chargers 2023

Read the below reviews regarding hoverboard chargers and within a few minutes, you will be able to make the ideal decision for your hoverboard!

1. Razor – Best Hoverboard Charger 2022

Razor Best Hoverboard ChargerKnowing the type of power requirements of your hoverboard is no doubt important. Nevertheless, have you ever thought of owning a charger that can be applied to various hoverboards? Yes, Razor’s best hoverboard chargers are universally accepted because of their compatibility.

The batteries of e200s electric scooters. Razor e200, e300s Electric scooters, Razor e300, Bella, Razor pocket Mod –bistro, Betty, Razor Dirt Quad, Razor Pocket Rocket can be efficiently charged through Razor best hoverboard charge. This 3-pin charger requires an input of AC100-120V (50/60Hz) at 1.2A whereas the output standard is 24V and 1500Ma. It eliminates any worries of short circuits and overheating. You can let your hoverboard charge for 7-8 hours – that is its ideal charging time too.

Lead Acid Batteries: What makes these Razor hoverboard chargers a top pick is their unique lead-acid batteries. They can work over a year without any potential damaging. However, if it does not work for your case then the possible reasons may be:

  1. Device and charger differs in models
  2. Battery is somehow broken due to impact
  3. Batteries were not in use for a long time
  • Durable
  • Ideal charging time
  • Compatible with different hoverboards
  • Prolong battery life
  • Ul certified
  • No Cons Yet

Sometimes, buyers share this mutual problem of incompatibility of the chargers with their hoverboards. For this reason, it is always suggested to look at the models before making any purchase. Checking the warranty is the next thing you may consider.

Additional Features:

UL certification announces the safe use of these chargers upon its charging time, making these Razor best hoverboard chargers more popular and demanded. Another reason for its being on the top of the list is its ideal LED charging alerts.

You can easily figure out when your hoverboard requires charging, as the LED lights will turn on automatically giving you indications through a specific color. Upon charging they reflect another color and once fully charge these lights also propose a color for confirmation.

Safety Tips before Using Razor Best Hoverboard Chargers:

 Although Razor hoverboard chargers are UL certified, you should be careful before coming in contact with these chargers. Below mentioned tips will help you create a better work environment:

  • Check the model of the charger and the hoverboard. Any mismatch would lead to improper or no charging.
  • Insert the 3-pin charging cable correctly into the charging port of the hoverboard. Loose ends will be unfavorable.
  • Check for Lead-acid batteries instead of lithium ion batteries
  • Don’t overcharge, if the charging time is 7-8 hours don’t leave it overnight

How to Ideally Charge These Hoverboards:

Imagine leaving your hoverboard on charge for hours and finding out later that it was not charging! Don’t like that feeling right? This happens when either your charging cable is not efficient enough/compatible with your device or you just forgot to turn on the switch.

Below will be the guide to know how to charge your hoverboards ideally to avoid those situations mentioned above.

Step 1: Check whether your device actually requires charging. If yes then plug your charger in the switch giving a 100-240V Power supply. The green light will automatically light up once you are perfectly connected. These lightenings are there for approval that you are doing it right.

Step 2: Once you are definite about the input power supply now you can connect the hoverboard charging spot with the 3-pin part. This step is extremely important your slight carelessness will not charge your hoverboard.

To confirm that you have inserted the 3-pin cable correctly into the hoverboard port, look for the red light.

Step 3: Once the light is burning red, which means your hoverboard is charging successfully, you can leave it for desired hours upon charging.

Step 4: When the red light turns green after a few hours, remove the charger. Since it means that, your device is fully charged now and ready to ride again.

NOTE: Never let your device overcharge. This will not only spoil the battery life but also reduce the charging potential of your charging cables, thus it will take longer to charge next time.

Tips To Get Your Hands On The Best Hoverboard Charger

For the batteries to last longer and the hoverboard to keep giving you thrilling rides, all you need is a reliable hoverboard charger. Best hoverboard chargers have certain qualities that you can focus on including:

  • Provides required voltage
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Offers short-circuit protection
  • Offers Overvoltage protection
  • Provides value for money

2. Mouow – Fast Battery Charger

Mouow 42V Fast ChargerIf you are wondering how long will it take to charge your hoverboard? Then the answer to this may vary according to the condition, size, model, and quality of your hoverboard. Mouow Fast battery chargers allow you to charge your hoverboards within hours.

Never compromise on quality over money. As it may bring in many issues later, which can cost you much more than what you put in before. However, this never means that buying expensive things is always the right choice to make.

Mouow fast battery chargers can charge your hoverboards very efficiently and quickly. All you need to do is just make sure that these chargers are capable of your hoverboard’s model. Mouow fast chargers offer you great facilities.

Maximum power is 84W DC while the input required is 100-240V AC-50/60 Hz (1.5A) and the output is 42V. The material used for the construction of Mouow fast battery chargers is ABS, giving it great durability and the ability to be used for long terms.

  • Fast charging time
  • LED indications
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Convenient size
  • Budget-friendly
  • Charger heats up by overcharging

Further Facts About Mouow Fast Battery Chargers:

Trendy Mouow fast battery chargers are also easy to carry as they only weigh 290g. You can carry them in your pockets too as the size is 13 inches only, which can be folded without any tangling and fraying inside the cable.

In addition, Mouow fast battery chargers are safe to use too. Hence their budget-friendly approach and one-year warranty make it a great deal. Now your hoverboard trips with friends will not pause as long as you got these fast chargers with you.

Along with all these supportive features, their advanced LED lights feature is also much helpful. You can easily determine the battery life of your hoverboard through these light indications. Red and green are the colors used for instructions.

The red light turns on when your hoverboard is picking up a charge while green lights turn up when your hoverboard is fully charged. It is suggested to immediately switch off the charging when it is fully charged. As overcharging may heat up the cables.

Safety Tips before Using Mouow Fast Battery Chargers:

Mouow fast battery chargers are of high quality safe and effective chargers. Below mentioned tips will help you in getting along with these chargers easier:

  • Insert the charger into the charging port and check for the LED lights for confirmation
  • Make sure that your hands and the plug are absolutely dry
  • Never use broken chargers as they may bring potential harm
  • Check the input power supply of your device. It should be 100-240V
  • When the green light starts blinking, remove the charger

3. Evaplus – Best Hoverboard Battery Charger

EVAPLUS Best Hoverboard Battery ChargerOne of the best hoverboard chargers for your lithium-powered batteries is Evaplus. Model HK-42-2000 of Evaplus comes with a 39.4 in / 100 CM length cable that is capable of charging your hoverboard quickly, competently, and safely.

To identify the best hoverboard charger, one must note if it comes with a warranty. Evaplus breaks the records of being the best hoverboard charger by providing a year’s warranty that enables a customer to get the charger exchanged if you spot any defects during the use.

While the weight of this hoverboard charger is only 8.8 ounces, it provides quality charging for occasional riders. Its adapter with an input of 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.5A can fit all the charging ports of hoverboards, which have a 3-pin feature in particular.

Another thing to be excited about is its fast charging adapter with DC Connecter size 3 prong Inline. The diameter of the plug is about 0.31inch while the connected diameter is about 8mm. Which is the ideal size requirement for every hoverboard battery charger!

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  • Faster and safer charging with an adapter
  • Intelligent high-speed charging for most 42V versions scooters
  • Widely compatible
  • Durable
  • LED notification helps to charge hoverboard in a smart way
  • A little fragile
  • Overcharging may reduce its efficiency

Even though it is an all-rounder hoverboard charger that connects to most of the hoverboards easily, you need to be sure that your hoverboard can handle 42V 2000mA of the output as some hoverboards come with a 24V rating.

As a universally compatible hoverboard charger, it comes with some of its high powers range, 42V. Therefore, it is important to notice your hoverboard’s power range before you buy this hoverboard charger.

With an output of 2A, you will be pleased when the Evaplus charger quickly charges your hoverboard. If it fits the power range, then you are the luckiest, as it would be the best choice to charge your hoverboard instantly, you just have to fix the charging pin in the wall socket!

Additional Features:

Known to be the best hoverboard charger due to its unique perks. One of these includes the LED indicator in the adapter right on the power brick. It is completely worthy to have a safe charging time.

The LED light notifies the rider to ideally charge and removes the adapter once completely charged, which minimizes the risks relating to overcharging or overheating the hoverboard while charging.

Mostly, the riders fall prey to a risk of a short circuit in the adapter due to overheating or overcharging. However, the Evaplus hoverboard charger comes with complete protection from all these calamities with just a handy glow light that turns red or green indicating the status of the charge respectively.

Without a doubt, Evaplus is the right hoverboard charger for your hoverboards with lithium-powered batteries.

Safety Tips before Using Evaplus Best Hoverboard Battery Chargers:

  • The temperature of the working environment should be 40 degrees Celsius
  • As the batteries used in Evaplus hoverboard chargers are lithium ion batteries so make sure that you are using these batteries between 18 months only
  • Not using the chargers for 3 months may break the batteries inside or reduce their capabilities
  • Check the input voltage is between 100-240V AC
  • Don’t overcharge
  • Allow a trained individual to charge

Evaplus hoverboard battery charger is the one you can rely on. It will charge your hoverboard on the go without any hassle or worries. One can never go wrong with Evaplus as their hoverboard charger.


Although the detailed hoverboard chargers review mentioned above fulfills the criteria of standard quality and safety, still you need to be precautious before getting your hands on one of these.

Never settle for an ordinary hoverboard charger. It is essential to make sure that the hoverboard model is compatible with the charger you have your eyes on. This enables life-long hoverboard usage.

Razor hoverboard charger qualifies to be the top pick worldwide. As its quality is unmatched amongst the rest. Evaplus is also a good fix at an incredible price. These hoverboard chargers will surely provide you a high standard of compatibility, charging, quality, and output power.

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