Best Hoverboard Brands in the World

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Best Hoverboard BrandsHoverboards are the craziest boards that youngsters love to ride. They are getting incredibly common among every generation. No matter a kid or an adult, everyone wants to experience a ride on a hoverboard. But after a few incidents in 2014, its craze has somewhat subsided among youngsters.

All thanks to hoverboard safety regulations, that made it mandatory for all hoverboards to must meet the minimum safety standards. It was put in place somewhere in 2016. Different brands of hoverboards have met the minimum safety standards of hoverboards which prevent them from overheating and catching wildfire. But still, some local or Chinese brands are selling lower quality of hoverboard which uses cheap material and wiring.

Today we will reveal some best hoverboard brands, whose self-balancing scooters are not only durable but also met minimum safety standards. Not only this, the below-enlisted brands promised to use high-quality material and equipment that guarantees your safety at every step.

Best Hoverboards Brands 2023

Let me mention to you, these brands have been recommended based on positive customer feedback.  We have not been paid a single penny by the manufacturers to write good words about them. It’s all based on their goodwill. So, let’s peep into the best hoverboard brand.


If you are looking for safety and reliability then Razor is the best brand for you. Razor is a brand that is well known for manufacturing remarkably high-end products that ensure reliability and efficiency. Razor is an old player in the field of scooters. In 2000, Razor launched its first Razor’s Kick scooter which was one of the most-talked-about, desired, and most selling items in 2000.

Their R&D was working day and night to find out some fun-filled outdoor solutions for kids and there they came with their hoverboards. Razor hoverboards are UL certified which means they have passed 122 tests to get the safety certifications. Besides this, the lithium-ion battery that they use in their hoverboard is also UL certified. This means, with Razor Hoverboards, your safety will be guaranteed. Razor has a wide range of products with positive reviews on Amazon.

Hovertrax 1.0 was the first hoverboard of Razor. Hovertrax 2.0 is the latest and newly launched hoverboard which is equipped with a unique feature of “instant change battery pack”. With the help of this feature, you can instantly replace the drained battery with the charged battery pack. This way you can enjoy more time riding.

Razor hoverboards are quite affordable and feature all those lavishing features that you look for in any expensive hoverboard. It has every item that makes your fun time a memorable moment, from manual scooters to electric skateboards, from hoverboards to turbo-powered heel wheels. Razor has every personal mobilized device (pmd) for everyone.

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Epikgo has marketed herself as the indestructible self-balancing scooter brand. There is no harm in saying that since they completely deserve this tag. Epikgo is a leader in off-road hoverboards. It stepped into the market when there were so many unreliable ways to travel with a self-balancing scooter. Epikgo aimed to launch something that is not only amazing in terms of safety but has speed and goes beyond limits. And they achieved their aim after launching the first generation of hoverboards that features all-terrain wheels.

Mind you, off-road hoverboards are the main specialty of Epikgo. Currently, Epikgo has four different models of self-balancing scooters out of which Epikgo Classic and Premier series are meant for off-road riding, whereas the Epikgo Sport + and Epikgo Sport is for sports performance for doing tricks and riding on sidewalks and streets.

The quality and size of all-terrain tires that they incorporated in their hoverboards are simply amazing. All models of hoverboards have all-terrain tires that are capable of tackling sand, dirt, grass, gravel, or even dirt puddles. Worth mentioning point about the Epikgo hoverboards series can be split into two, one with Bluetooth and one without Bluetooth. So if you don’t want Bluetooth in your hoverboard but need speed and range, the Epikgo off-road hoverboard will be the best option for you.

When it comes to the price tag, it’s a big high. And of course, it should be, since Epikgo hoverboards are a combination of high quality, reliability, and durability that can handle extreme riding conditions.


Tomoloo is a newcomer in the field of hoverboards but it grabs the market as soon as it stepped into it. All credit goes to its advanced technology and features that are incorporated in its hoverboards. Let me tell you, Tomoloo owns the world’s leading self-balancing invention patent and multiple design patents and utility patents. It is not only a UL certified brand but also has CE, RoHS, ISO9001, and REACH all global authority certifications,

Now you can imagine the quality and safety of Tomoloo hoverboards. Besides this, it was the number 1 hoverboard brand that manufacturers kids-friendly hoverboards with UL 2272 certifications. Keeping in mind all the needs of kids and tweens, Tomoloo manufactures its hoverboard so that kids can have an unlimited fun time.

Since kids and teenagers are its target audience so their safety is Tomoloo’s ultimate responsibility. Keeping in mind this fact, they have used fire-resistant outer cases for their hoverboards. Not only this, tires and batteries are also explosion-proof. Tomoloo offers three hoverboard series that is K- series, V-series (off-road), and Q series. Out of which, Q-series is for kids as they have low top speed whereas K and V series are for teenagers.

The most interesting part here is, all hoverboards of Tomoloo are App-enabled and equipped with Bluetooth and stereo surround speakers. Tomoloo hoverboards are a great choice if you are looking for a true fun-filled riding experience. if this is not the core purpose of buying hoverboards, then we have other hoverboard brands on the list that features professional hoverboards.


After seeing the increased demand for outdoor kids’ sports, SISIGAD enters the market somewhere in 2018. Though it was late, but it reached the top in a very short time. Under the banner of SISIGAD, you will find hoverboards (for kids and adults) and electric scooters that are designed especially for kids.

SISIGAD has great concern for kids and tweens, that’s why they offer colorful, bright, and attractive hoverboards. Such funky hoverboards would be like a treat for kids. For adults, they have off-roads hoverboards.

Those of you who don’t want to have a Bluetooth hoverboard but can’t compromise on speed and range. SISIGAD has mind-blowing hoverboard options for you which are without Bluetooth. In addition to this, the hologram of UL certifications has added more value to the hoverboard. Not only the board but its battery and charger have got UL safety certifications. This means you can fearlessly trust this brand in terms of safety.

Besides this, SISIGAD is a brand that people prefer to consider because of its high-quality and high-performance hoverboards. Moreover, unique designs, different themes, and styles of SISIGAD hoverboards are also preferred by the consumers.

One worth mentioning point about SISIGAD is, they have excellent after-sales service. I have read really good reviews of their after-sales service. They are quite responsive and try their level best to solve the customers’ problems. It’s not necessary to offer high-end products in order to be the best brand, after-sales service also plays an important part.


Segway has been serving personal transport devices for ages. It’s one of the most trusted brands. Interestingly, it was the first manufacturer to get the new UL 2272 safety certifications. Segway has offered two models that are Segway Ninebot S and Minilite, which are considered as one of the best hoverboards in the market in terms of performance. If you don’t trust me, then check the customer reviews about their products. They are enough to convince you.

Safety is their prime priority and that’s the reason they have incorporated UL-certified batteries in their hoverboard. Besides this, if you find difficulty in riding a Segway hoverboard, then there is a proper rider training and safety video on their website. Such a thing shows great concern towards the customer.

Not only hoverboards, but you will also find go-kart kits, electric scooters, and many other personal transport devices. If I talk about the prices of Segway products, then they are a little bit higher as they have especially targeted urban commuters and business professionals. Mind you, Segway hoverboards are too advanced they are not meant to be used by kids.


The last one on my list of best hoverboard brands is Hover-1.

Hover-1 is a top-notch hoverboard brand that offers hoverboards of every type such as Hoverboards with Bluetooth, app-enabled hoverboards, kid’s hoverboards, and off-road hoverboards. Besides manufacturing hoverboards, Hover-1 has got excellent expertise in manufacturing electric skateboards, e-scooters, and hover EVs.

Hover-1 hoverboards are the first choice if you want exceptional durability with immense safety features. Hoverboard and the rechargeable batteries are UL 2272 and UL2271 certified respectively. UL certification means the hover-1 hoverboards has undergone numerous robust test qualify the certifications.

The best thing about hover-1 hoverboards is, they are equipped with mind-blowing features, which you will be getting at comparatively lower prices than the other high-end brands. Yes, they are quite affordable hoverboards that offer enhance durability, so that you can enjoy for an unlimited number of years with your hover-1 hoverboard. The hover-1 hoverboard is indeed the best hoverboard brand where you can buy a hoverboard of your choice even when you are on a budget.


These were the bestest hoverboard brands that we have chosen on the basis of positive customer feedback. All the above-mentioned brands promise to deliver safe and durable hoverboards that are 100% UL certified. We recommend these brands to you. But if you are still reluctant about which hoverboard t buy, then check out our hoverboard buyer’s guide.

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