10 Best Foldable Electric Scooter – Portable Collapsible

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If space and portability is your reason for not buying an electric scooter, then get yourself ready to spend on Best Foldable Electric Scooter. Electric scooters are the latest trend of the day to day commuters. As they look for a cost-efficient and reliable way of traveling to their workplace. Foldable electric scooters are the best way to get rid of traffic congestion, which has devastating effects on your mental health.

And if you own an electric scooter then you are contributing to maintaining a green and polluted-free environment. But if you don’t own one, then it’s the right time to get the folding electric scooter.

Best Foldable Electric Scooter

You will find a huge variety of foldable electric scooters in the market. Each model of different brands comes with different specifications. But if you are looking for some high end Portable Electric Scooter, then you must make sure that it should have an easy peasy folding mechanism and above all, it should be lightweight. So that you can carry it easily along with you.

Let me tell you, we have tested, researched, and worked really very hard to write honest foldable electric scooter reviews, so that you just choose the best one and buy it from the comfort of your home. All the reviews have been presented on a fair neutral basis, irrespective of any biasness towards any manufacturers. So grab your cup of coffee, sip it and scroll down to know more about Foldable Electric Scooters.

10 Best Folding Electric Scooters 2023


  • Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Load: 220 lbs
  • Range: 18.6 M
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  • Speed: 11 mph
  • Load:  110 lbs
  • Range: 15.5 M
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  • Speed: 15 mph
  • Load: 220 lbs
  • Range: 15 M
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EVERCROSS Folding Scooter

  • Speed: 15 mph
  • Load: 220 lbs
  • Range: 12 M
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  • Speed: 15.6 mph
  • Load: 256 lbs
  • Range: 18.6 M
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  • Speed: 15 mph
  • Load: 264 lbs
  • Range: 7 M
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Hiboy S2 Scooter

  • Speed: 13 mph
  • Load: 180 lbs
  • Range: 10 M
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Hyper go go scooter

  • Speed: 17.4 mph
  • Load: 220 lbs
  • Range: 12.4 M
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Mtricscoto S10

  • Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Load: 220 lbs
  • Range: 14 M
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Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2

  • Speed: 12.4 mph
  • Load: 220 lbs
  • Range: 15.5 M
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1. Tomoloo – Best Folding Electric Scooter 2023

TOMOLOO Best Foldable Electric ScooterStarting with the one that I liked the most. Yes, it’s Tomoloo L1 foldable electric scooters. Tomoloo is a very popular brand when it comes to personalized mobile devices. It has been manufacturing electric scooters for ages. There is no harm in saying that Tomoloo’s electric scooters are one of the best electric scooters in the market.

Talking about the L1 Electric scooter for adults, it’s a complete product. It has each and every feature that you wish to have in your scooters.

Yes, I know that you are here because you are looking for a transportable electric scooter for adults, that is why I am discussing portability as the prime feature. Well, L1 electric scooter weighs only 28.4 lbs which can be easily carried and I was amazed when I picked it up after testing. And you know what; it can be easily folded into a compact electric scooter that can be stored literally anywhere.

L1 electric scooter is made up of aerospace grading aluminum frame that is quite strong and can easily accommodate its rider who weighs 220pounds.

Well, L1 electric scooter is equipped with a battery of long life that is powerful enough to propel 250 watts of brushless motor efficiently. It’s equipped with 8.5″ air filled rubber tires but I love its battery, it’s just awesome because it charges so quickly like in 4 hours. Its powerful battery can take you as far as 18.6 miles in just a few minutes. And it has an awesome speed of 15.5 MPH.

Tomoloo Electric Scooter comes with a dual braking system. A disc braking system and eABS regenerative antilock braking system. The combination of these two brakes will give a powerful, responsive and efficient braking system.

Well, speed and braking systems are not wholly solely things to concern about. There are some entertaining features too in L1 Tomoloo collapsible electric scooter. It has a powerful and bright LED light at the front and a rail of small LED lights at the side of the deck. That gives it a quite appealing look. Apart from lights it is mobile-enabled and has Bluetooth connectivity. Now you can track your ride statistics from your smartphone easily.

And best of all, you can switch the colors of your LED lights and it is one of the best foldable electric scooters of 2023. Not only have its features, but its ergonomic designs also made it one of the best foldable electric scooters for adults. It has the widest pedal as compared to similar products of other brands. See I told you earlier, that it’s a complete product.

Anything bad in it?

A big NO!

It’s a complete electric scooter with all those features that you always wish to have in your dream electric scooter. It’s a worth buying product, but one thing I found on the test ride is that it gets slower when climbing upside from 15.5 mph to 7 mph.

TOMOLOO Electric Scooter L1-Plus

  • Ideal for young adult
  • Ideal for riders of maximum height 200cm
  • Product weight: 28.4 pounds
  • Can easily cover long distances
  • 5’ air filled rubber tires can go smoothly on cement, asphalt and flat roads
  • Doesn’t performs on Climbing up

2. CHO – Best Electric Folding Scooter 2023

CHO Light Weight Electric ScooterNext on the list of foldable electric scooters for adults is CHO lightweight electric scooter. I would say that it is a wonderful and amazing electric scooter. And the best part is, it doesn’t have a boring shape of an electric scooter. It is built by keeping in mind stylo people.

CHO sports is a USA-based company that is most popular for manufacturing top quality and UL-certified hoverboards and electric scooters. Talking about the electric scooter, it is as light as feather.

Yes, you heard it right

It weighs only 25lb and above all it’s foldable. You can easily fold it and carry it along with you, once you have reached your destinations.

Its dimensions after folding are 13.3″ x 16.5″ x 34.6″, which means it can be folded easily even a newbie can fold it because when we tested, we were just newbies to this scooter and we fold it easily in 5 seconds. It has an aluminum lightweight steel construction that makes it portable and durable.

This astounding electric scooter is equipped with a powerful motor of 250 watts that cruises up to the maximum speed of 18km/hr. It has 18650 lithium batteries that take around 3.5 hours to charge completely. Once it is fully charged you can go up to the maximum range of 25 km but when we rode it went to 26.3 kms. Which I think is more than enough for colleges/academies.

Apart from this, it has different sizes of wheels. The front wheel is an 8″ rubber tire whereas the rear wheel is 6.22″ inch rubber tires. Front wheels are supported by the drum brakes that efficiently drop the speed of the bike. So that you can have a comfortable ride!

Well, its ergonomic design makes it easier to fold and carry along with you. If you are looking for something unique, stylish and at the same time portable too, then CHO lightweight electric scooter could be the best answer.

cho Electric Long Range Portable Lightweight Foldable Folding Kick Scooter

Anything bad in it?

Well, I have dug out so much about CHO electric scooter but I was surprised to see no negative feedback about the product but attaching a seat is a bit tricky. Instead, people who have bought it once have bought another one for their siblings or friends. This made me compelled to conclude that, CHO electric scooters are free from any flaw. You can confirm my words from its online rating. It has been rated as 5 out of 5. Impressive right?

  • You can cover maximum distance easily.
  • It’s quite portable.
  • Soft and padded seat
  • Seat attachment is difficult

3. XPRIT – Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults

XPRIT 8.5 Electric ScooterIf you are looking for an affordable folding electric scooter for adults, then I would recommend you to grab your hands on XPIRIT collapsible 8.5″ Electric Scooter.

The best part about it, that I loved the most is, it has adjustable telescoping T handlebars. You can adjust it up to 3 levels, this means you don’t have to worry about how tall you are. Because of the adjustable handles bars of XPIRIT. Furthermore, these handlebars have soft rubber comfortable grips, that give you a firm and strong grip on the handlebars.

It’s an ultra-lightweight electric scooter. You won’t believe that it weighs only 8 pounds and its strong and sturdy aluminum alloy construction can accommodate 220lbs of rider’s weight. It’s amazing! Its highly durable 200mm wheels are equipped with a dual suspension system that reduces vibrations and gives you a smooth buttery ride.

This model of XPIRIT has one more distinguishing feature. It has patented rear fender brakes which give a speedy secure stop to your electric scooter. This is how you won’t fall because of a sudden. As I mentioned earlier that it has an impressive feature of adjusting the handlebar according to your height. It has 3 levels. The maximum height of the handlebar is 100cm/39 inches, which is ideal for a person as tall as 185cm.

XPRIT 10 inches Electric Scooter

Talking about the deck of the electric scooter which is the most important part of an electric scooter. The deck has a nonslip surface and has a bigger surface area to ensure enough foot space. This makes the user have a full grip over his feet. Overall it’s an ideal electric scooter especially when you are short of money and you want to commute easily around the town.

Anything bad in it?

Yes, there is a thing that I really did not like about the product. Besides this, though manufacturers claim that it is a foldable electric scooter with an easy folding mechanism but a lot of people have faced difficulty in folding the electric scooter which I came to know after extensive reading.

But I would say there are lots of tutorials available on YouTube, which tell how to fold XPIRIT electric scooter, you may take guidance from there. Overall, I would say that the above mentioned flaws should not be the reason for not buying XPIRIT Electric Scooter. It’s budget-friendly and it’s a must-have.

  • Perfect for city/urban/suburban/pavements
  • Ideal for age 8 plus
  • Suitable for adult teens and kids
  • Lightweight – can be easily carried
  • Folding mechanism is quite tricky

4. EVERCROSS – Portable Electric Scooter

EVERCROSS Folding Electric ScooterEvercross Electric Scooter is one of the decent, speedy, and elegant electric scooters. With a motor of 350 watts, it propels the 8″ wheels to the maximum speed of 15 mph. It is equipped with a powerful battery of 36 V that takes you to the maximum range of 12 miles which is quite sufficient if you want to get a nearby superstore.

Moreover, its batteries are UL 2271 certified. Let me tell you it takes around 4 hours to charge a completely depleted battery. Just wait for 4 hours and then enjoy the uninterrupted ride.

Most important of all, the intelligent and ergonomic design makes it able to fold into a small electric scooter that you can easily carry along with you because it weighs only 28 lbs. The reason behind being a lightweight electric scooter is, it is made up of 6061 aluminum alloy. That makes its frame quite lighter. That’s the reason I have kept it in my list of folding electric scooters for adults.

In addition to these features, it has a bright LED light at the front that makes your way prominent at night. So that you can drive safely at night. Moreover, your safety is further assured with its double braking system with front and rear brakes.

Anything bad in it?

In my opinion, detailed product manuals are a must have with any electric product. It has been finding out that some people find it difficult to assemble because of incomplete information in the manual. But this could not be the reason for rejecting the Evercross foldable electric scooter. Overall it’s an impressive product.

EVERCROSS Electric Scooter HB 23

  • A retractable kickstand makes it easier to park
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be driven at night because of LED
  • Speedy Charge (4 Hours)
  • Incomplete info in manual

5. MACWHEEL – Collapsible Electric Scooter

MACWHEEL Commuting Scooter for AdultsHere comes the MACWHEEL Collapsible Electric Scooter. This time I have come up with another amazing product from the banner of MACWHEEL. Let me clear you that it has passed certain safety certifications like UL2272, international safety certifications, and CE reliability tests. So you’re in safe hands when you are on MACWHEEL portable electric scooter for adults.

Its 8.5inch air filled tires can take you as far as 18.6 miles and can cruise up to a top speed of 15.6 mph. Speed range depends upon your weight, which should not be more than 256 lbs but it went a maximum of 14.9 miles per charge.

Well, it is one of the best foldable electric scooters because it folds easily in just three actions and it weighs only 28.4 lbs. MACWHEEL commuting scooter for adults is designed in an especial and unique way, by keeping in mind all the necessities of adults. It has 47 inches lengthen the body and a wide deck for comfortable feet position. It has explosion-proof tires that give you a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Talking about some extra features that it has!

MACWHEEL commuting electric scooter for adults is app enabled. Just connect it with your smartphones or tablets and start tracking and monitoring your ride, speed, and other things. You can even change the color of LED light which is powerful enough to visible your ways.

Anything bad in it?

No, there isn’t any single flaw in the product. Obviously, it’s from the house of MACWHEEL that is known for manufacturing error-free products, only the range limit is less than documented. I would say that MACWHEEL electric scooters are one of the lightest electric scooters for adults that are equipped with a smart dashboard, fireproof material, and pure ternary lithium battery. It’s an electric scooter that parks wherever you want because it is collapsible and portable.

  • Safety is guaranteed
  • Can be drive-in nights
  • Red light at the tail makes your electric scooter visible at night
  • App-enabled
  • Range is less than documented

6. Hover-1 Aviator – Folding Motorized Scooter for Adults

Hover-1 Aviator Electric Folding Scooter

Here comes another electric scooter of my personal choice. Why it’s of my choice, because of the strong technical force and Hover-1 team, Hover-1 Aviator is known for manufacturing superior quality electric scooters and electric Hoverboards. Their efficient and qualified team works day and night to produce a product that is far different from others.

Moreover, their electric scooters have passed rigorous tests and got several certifications of CE, ROHS, UL, FCC, and KC. So their electric circuits are completely safe.

The Aviator is one of the demanding electric scooters of Hover-1. Since it’s my favorite, so let’s have a detailed look at its features;

Well if you want something really very very speedy, then the Hover-1 Aviator Electric scooter should be your first choice. It cruises to the top speed of 15.3 mph which we tested on a straight road. Its front wheels are propelling with the help of a 300-watt motor. Whereas its rear wheels need the energy to propel from another motor of 300 watts. This powerful brush-less motor increases its speed up to 15.3 mph. WOW!

24V lithium-ion battery requires approximately 4 hours of charging completely. After that, you can ride onto its 10inch wheel to the maximum range of 7 miles, which is simply extraordinary. You don’t have to have any other transportation if you have Hover-1 Aviator with you.

Its front and rear 10″ tires have disc brakes that fully protect your safety with premium comfort shock absorption. Quick-Folding, the mechanism allows folding/unfolding in seconds making it a perfect scooter. It has precise and compact LCD displays that tell you about your battery life, speed, and distance covered. 10-inch rubber tires can ride smoothly on lumps and bumps of roads, pavements, mud, and even on wet grass.

Well, it is made of an aluminum alloy frame but its wheel and motor make it a little bit heavy. It weighs around 21 lbs, which is not too much, can be carried easily. A person who weighs at most 264lbs an easy ride over it. In short Hover-1 Aviator is one of the best foldable electric scooters for adults because it is amazing!

Hover-1 Aviator Electric Folding Scooter

Anything bad in it?

Though it’s an amazing product it’s a bit costly product. They are giving specs according to their prices. Believe me, you will love it!

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  • Handy design
  • Dual batteries give a maximum speed of 40mph
  • Ideal for those who want speed
  • The folding mechanism is very easy
  • Little bit costly

7. Hiboy S2 Lite – Best Electric Folding Scooter

Hiboy S2 Lite Electric ScooterHiboy manufactures simple and elegant electric scooters. It has been designed by keeping in mind the simplicity of its users. These electric scooters are ideal for those people who want simple and decent stuff that goes well with their personality. Let’s have a glance at its feature,

Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooters are made up of an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that has a low density and high structural strength. That’s why it weighs only 21 lbs. In 3 simple steps, it folds into a small electric scooter you just have to flip, fold and clip and here you go! Its easy handling makes it suitable for travelers. Just fold it and carry it with its rugged and robust handlebar when you don’t want to use it.

Talking about its speed, it is one of the speediest electric scooters that you will find on the internet. It cruises up to the top speed of 13 mph. It has 250 watts motor that makes you cover a maximum distance of approximately 10.6 miles. With its wear-resistant, shockproof 6.5″ tires you can have the smoothest ride ever.

Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooter has a safe dual braking system. Its tires have a disc brake and an E-ABS regenerative anti-lock system, which assure an efficient braking mechanism.

There are 4 LED notifications lights on the dashboard that keeps you updated with the battery life in just a single glance. In addition to this, it has a bright front LED light that shines up to 6 meters and a rear tail light that makes you visible in the dark so that you can have an unlimited time of fun in the night too.

Hiboy S2 Lite foldable electric scooter has an energy recovery system, how it works, let me tell you when the brake is pressed and the throttle is released, the kinetic energy during sliding and deceleration is converted into electric energy and stored by the control unit of the motor, and the energy is recovered to increase the endurance. So your smart Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooter is quite efficient in saving and utilizing energy.

Hiboy S2 Lite Scooters

Anything bad in it?

I would say, it’s a mind-blowing electric scooter with mesmerizing features that you will buy it again and again. As per my little knowledge, this is not a water-resistant scooter.

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  • Be updated with the battery life in just a single glance
  • App-enabled
  • Powerful front LED light
  • Energy recovery system saves energy
  • Portable and foldable
  • This is not a water resistant scooter

8. Hyper GoGo – Lightest Electric Scooter

Hyper Gogo Electirc Folding ScooterOn number 8 we have a collapsible electric scooter from the banner of Hyper GoGo. Hyper GOGO is a high end brand that is popular for manufacturing ingenious electric scooters. So that their consumer can ride around the town smartly. Let’s have a look at the Hyper GoGo electric scooter;

If you are scared of parking your electric scooter in the college parking area, then Hyper GoGo electric scooter is the right solution for all your parking fears. It is extremely light weighted, you can say that it is the world’s lightest and smartest electric scooter. It weighs only 26.5 lbs.

In addition to this, it is extremely easy to fold, carry and store. Just click and it’s folded! Once you have reached your destination, you can take it along with you after folding it. Also, it has a carrying handle that makes its handling easy. Hyper GoGo electric scooter is one of the quickest and easiest folding electric scooters up till now.

Moreover, it has jaw dropping features.

The first one is, that is quite amazing, and it has powerful LED lights. It has front 6 powerful Led lights that switch on automatically when the ambient light is insufficient. Told you! It’s amazing! None of the Foldable E- Scooter has this feature.

Hyper GoGo electric scooter has a built in motor of 250 watts that takes you with a top speed of 17.4 m/hr. And you can cover a maximum distance of 20 km within minutes. Just make sure that its lithium ion batteries are fully charged which requires 2 hours to charge completely. Furthermore, it has air filled rubber tires with a shock absorber on both wheels, whereas there is a regenerative braking system in the front wheel and an emergency barking system is there on the rear wheels so that you can safely stop!

For further safety reasons, it has a horn alert function and zeroes start function- you can only accelerate the scooter after giving it a little push first. Lastly, it is made up of an aluminum alloy which makes it quite lightweight and strong. A rider weighing up to 220 lbs can easily ride over it. It’s an electric scooter that you will love!

Anything bad in it?

After going through deep research, I came to know that the standing space is too limited to stand but it has a kickstand. Well, when you have a lightest and portable electric scooter with you, you have to do compromise on some features.

  • Lightest electric scooter
  • 220 lbs man can easily ride over it
  • Lights can turn on automatically
  • Eco-friendly
  • Narrow standing space

9. Mtricscoto – Foldable Scooter 2023

Mtricscoto Electric Scooter S10Mtricscoto electric scooter is cost-efficient, convenient, eco-friendly, and better for the environment than any car, truck, or gas-powered vehicle. It is extremely light weighted. You will be amazed to know that it weighs only 26.5 lbs which is quite lighter.

Now you must be thinking that if it’s lightweight it will not be much durable.

No! You are thinking absolutely wrong.

It is made up of aluminum alloy material which makes the Mtricscoto Electric scooter rugged and robust besides making it lighter in weight. You will be surprised to know that this light-weighted Mtricscoto electric scooter can bear a rider’s weight up to 260lbs, which very few numbers of electric scooters offer.

Coming towards the point of portability, it can be folded into a compact size electric scooter within 3 seconds with its quick folding latch, you can carry it easily along with you. Now you have understood why I have included Mtricscoto electric scooters in my list of folding electric scooters for adults.

With its 8″ shock-absorbing air filled tires you can enjoy a smooth and bounce free ride on the road. Mtricscoto electric scooter is equipped with a 250watt battery that is powerful enough to propel its wheels with a maximum speed of 15.5Mph.


Its lithium-ion batteries which require 3-4 hours to charge completely, depleted after riding 12-14miles. This means you can go as far as 12-14 miles only, which is not at all a bad range! For your safety, Mtricscoto has provided some add-on benefits which include a pedestrian bell, headlight, rear reflector, and rear light. So that you can ride safely on the roads.

Anything bad in it?


I came to know after searching thoroughly about Mtricscoto that its handgrip bars are coated with foam rather than rubber. The use of foam reduces grip, whereas if rubber handlebars are used it will give a firm and strong grip over the electric scooter. But I don’t think so that it is a reason to reject Mtricscoto S10 electric scooter. It has several other flabbergasted features as well.

  • UL2272 certified
  • Taillight gives it an attractive look
  • Ideal for short trips
  • With double braking system that is the electronic and mechanical braking system
  • Fast folding mechanism
  • Foad coated handbars

10. Segway Ninebot ES1 – Best Folding Scooter 2023

Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 Electric Kick Scooter

Last but not least in the list of foldable electric scooters for adults is Segway electric scooter. The model that I’m gonna discuss is ES1. Let’s first talk about its portability! It is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that makes it very durable and robust. Besides this, it can be easily carried anywhere because it is very lightweight.

ES1 has two different sizes of wheels the front one is 8 inches whereas the rear one is 7.5 inches that give an ideal shock-absorbing effect and a smooth and comfortable ride.

Talking about its motor it has a built-in so-called hub motor of 250W which can reach a top speed of up to 12.4 mph. The lithium-ion battery of ES1 promises to take you as long as 15.5 miles in one single charge. But after that, you have to charge it for a good 3.5 hours to enjoy a long ride again. But if you think those 15.5 miles is not a good distance range then surprising news for you! You can mount an add-on battery pack on the scooter frame. This way you will get additional mileage. Make sure to keep the batteries perfectly charged.

With the combination of the electrical and mechanical braking system, ES1 gives you a smooth and perfect riding experience with an efficient and responsive braking system. Furthermore, its front wheels have a shock absorption system, that absorbs shock so that you ride on the road without any bounce.

Anything bad in it?

Yes, there are a few things that I didn’t like at all. First of all, manufacturers claim that it goes around 15.5 miles in a single charge. But actually, it hardly goes 12 miles. They are not fulfilling what they have promised. But you don’t have to worry if you have your heart on Segway Electric Scooter then you can overcome this problem by mounting an add-on battery on the electric scooter this way you can double the mileage that they had offered. Rest, the design, material, and manufacturing are done in a very fine manner that can win the heart of others.

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Segway Ninebot ES1 Folding Electric Kick Scooter

  • App-enabled electric scooter
  • With powerful LED light you can ride at the nights
  • Powerful and visible LCD display
  • Foldable and portable
  • Use of foam handle grip reduces grip
  • It covers maximum 10 -12 miles hardly in a single charge


There is so much to talk about Foldable Electric Scooters. Every electric scooter is different in its own aspect. You can’t say that all the above mention portable electric scooters have similar features. Yes, they have one thing in common: they are lightweight and can be easily folded and carried wherever you want. Now, you don’t have to worry about parking, neither you have to keep a locking chain along with you. We would recommend you Tomoloo & Hiboy S2 lite among the rest. Just spend some money on your favorite collapsible electric scooter, which you might have chosen after reading all 10 reviews. And make yourself free from parking and storing tension.

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