10 Best Hoverboard Helmets

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In today’s era, hoverboards are considered the most trending and amusing commute for both adults and kids equally. With all the fun comes risk too. Hoverboards require wearing protective gear like hoverboard helmets to stay safe during the ride and prevent any harm. Beginners are prone to any injuries during their initial hoverboard learning phase. Hence, they require hoverboard safety gears. It is essential to research before choosing the Best Hoverboard Helmet from a range of available options.

Best Hoverboard Helmet

To ease your task, an extensive exploration shows that hoverboard helmets like XJD, Triple-Eight, and JBM are the best hoverboard helmets of 2021. Smartly designed to fulfill the safety and comfort needs of the rider, making your ride worthwhile! Before rushing, give this guide a thorough read to pick the best hoverboard helmet that will not compromise on quality. Here are the 10 shortlisted best hoverboard helmets of 2021 that will definitely fit your budget and feature requirements.

10 Best Hoverboard Helmets 2023


XJD Helmet

  • Best for kids 3-13 years with all complete safety gears
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Razor V-17 Helmet

  • Safety helmet for hoverboard, skateboards & scooters
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JBM Helmet

  • CPSC ASTM Certified Impact Resistance Ventilation for Multi-Sports Cycling
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Retrospec CM-1 Helmet

  • Budgeted & approved for Bike, Skate, Ski as well.
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Pro-Tec Helmet

  • Compression molded liner pads for maximum comfort
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  • Dual-certified Hoverboard helmet with high impact-absorbing EPS foam
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  • Best for all whether boys, girls & Women
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JIFAR knee & elbow pads

  • Hoverboard with Elbow Knee Wrist Pads (Complete Safety Kit)
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MONATA Best helmet

  • Helmet construction is made up of a durable, high density injection molded ABS shell
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PHZ helmet for hoverboard riders

  • Adjustable Child Helmet for 3-8 Years Boys & Girls Multi-Sport Safety Gear
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1. XJD – Hoverboard Helmets 2022

XJD – Hoverboard Helmet

Only the best brands can deliver the best hoverboard helmets. While considering the safety of the kids, there should be no compromise on the kid’s hoverboard helmet. XJD is one of the known brands to win the quality race with other brands. XJD hoverboard helmet has become the top choice due to its CPSC certification to provide the utmost safety and protection. All thanks to its ABS outer shell and added high-density inner shell. Along with that, the helmet pads include adjustable straps.

Fits well for kids having head circumference range 18.9-21 inches, falling under the age group of 3-8 years. High quality hoverboard helmet that is the most comfortable, breathable, and durable safety gear your child can ever have. Impact-resistant tough PE shell with the ideal arc design is a perfect combination of the XJD best hoverboard helmet. Flawlessly adjusts this protective gear with a quality velcro strap that is flexible, breathable, and has a comfortable lining, providing an overall sporty feel.

XJD comes in a variety of six colors to choose from. Multi-functional protective gear is the right gift choice for every child. As they are obviously the best safety equipment present in the market! At a reasonable price, set your safety standards high, and do not hesitate to get your hands on these products as they are definitely going to keep up with your expectations.

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  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent quality of material
  • Size adjustment
  • Worth the price
  • Thin plastic clips for straps

2. Razor V-17 – Best Helmet for Kids 2022

Razor V-17 – Best Helmets for Kid

Children between ages 8-14 are the most furious of all ages. Always trying out new tricks and playing dangerous stunts with their friends. You cannot stop them or watch out at all moments. However, you can make sure they are safe and carrying their hoverboard helmet with them. Razor V-17 Best helmets serve you all the necessary satisfaction that you need before trusting it with your kids.

Its strain-free quality and advanced design are what make it the best choice. Even adults can pick these helmets for themselves, as their head size range is between 22-23.5 inches.

Leaping into the details, Razor V-17 helmets encompasses 17 openings (on sides and top altogether) so you can ride cool in a ventilated environment. Flexible and adjustable straps with a secure buckle add to its protective abilities. Not only are these helmets easy to wear but easy to release too. As far as the exterior is strong enough to avoid any adventure traumas, the interior is equally durable and protective.

Razor V-17 helmets are richly padded inside, offering you a great comfortable ride and complete safety by staying in its place. If you are skating, biking, racing, or doing any kind of sports, Razor V-17 helmets would be your ultimate protective headgear. Being CPSC certified they are classified as resistant enough to tolerate impacts. All these features in a helmet that is so light weighted and elegant, make it a great package.

  • Excellent ventilation
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Lightweight
  • Padding for comfort
  • Limited use (children only)

3. JBM – Hoverboard Safety Helmet 2022

JBM – Hoverboard Safety Helmet

JBM hoverboard safety Helmets are certified for skaters, cyclists, roller bladders, scooting, and racers because of their sturdy structure. The outer shell is made up of PVC and PC, while the inner lining composes foam stuffing to ensure better circulation. Unlike other hoverboard helmets, JBM hoverboard safety helmets are not age-restricted. Its 59-60 cms head size and adjustable straps make it fit for both adults and kids.

Impact-resistant behavior of JBH hoverboard safety Helmets allows the athlete to perform better skate activities. You can totally trust its durable design and flexible buckles. Outer and inner shells are capable of absorbing all kinds of shocks and protect your head from any accidental traumas. It is worth securing your brain in any outdoor activities, especially skating.

In order to maintain a smooth and fall-free journey, JBM hoverboard safety helmets build up the properly ventilated atmosphere. Multiple vents are there on every side and top, for you to stay cool and calm. Hence creating an improved work surrounding. Safety is and should be the primary concern before carrying out any sports activity. JBM hoverboard Helmets truly realize their importance and fulfill all safety criteria. No doubt why is it one of the bestseller hoverboard helmets in the market today.

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  • Promises a safe and secure ride
  • Compatible for kids and adults both
  • Multiple vents
  • Sturdy but light weighted
  • Impact resistance ability
  • Should be stored properly for prolong use

4. Retrospec CM-1 – Best Hoverboard Helmet

Retrospec CM-1 – Best Hoverboard Helmet

Another outstanding hoverboard helmet on the list is made of ABS plastic enriched in efficiency and effectiveness. The key to a well-qualified hoverboard helmet is the quality of material and its parts that can ensure protection. With EPS foam in the interior, the safety and comfort of the rider are guaranteed while he rides a hoverboard and prevents any injuries. Not only that the sweat absorbent feature of this foam avoids the sweat droplets falling on your face, eliminating any source of distraction.

Featuring 10 vents on the exterior of the hoverboard helmet that allow easy access to the airflow. At a perfect rate of airflow, the pressure on the rider’s head is decreased which is a plus point while riding near rough terrain. Two sets of compatible pads of this classically designed hoverboard helmet are custom fit to provide increased comfort levels. All of which do the job of keeping your hoverboard helmet cool.

Retrospec CM-1 hoverboard helmet is launched after going through a series of certification tests to bring out the best and safest riding partner. With several tweaks over the head, you can have the perfect assistance of this classic hoverboard helmet for everyday use!

  • Budget-friendly
  • Certified and Tested
  • EPS Foam inserted
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Make sure of size to avoid fitting issues

5. Pro-Tec – Safest Hoverboard Helmet 2022

Pro-Tec – Safest Hoverboard Helmet

PROTEC is one of the top brands known for making quality products. Skates and helmets are one of their best manufacturing. The exterior hard-shell of the helmet provides maximum protection in case of any accidents.

The inner shell of the helmet is stuffed with ABS foam, to protect you from any injuries. Although, it is one of the oldest full-cut helmets but being upgraded timely. The latest modifications in its structure allow you to ride fear-free and maintains permanency. One of the great things about the Pro-Tec hoverboard helmet is that it is multipurpose.

Comfort and safety are ensured while either you are riding a motorcycle or skating a hoverboard. These abilities are not confined to any road restrictions. Amongst all its great features, being resilient enough to tackle any kind of shock is most appreciated.

Moreover, the adjustable straps and flexible buckles make it a better fit. Also, being CPSC certified guarantees you the optimum protection that you require while traveling. Whereas, what makes these helmets actually robust is their stainless steel composition.

Interestingly, 11 vents are drilled in its outer shell at different sides to provide maximum airflow for its consumers. The price of Pro-Tec hoverboard helmets also does justice with their capabilities. Overall, it is a great investment to make considering your safety.

  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • Multi-purpose
  • Reasonable price
  • Great performance
  • Old styled but latest adaptions

6. Triple-Eight – Hoverboard Helmet

Triple-Eight – Hoverboard Helmet

Saving your brain from any serious injuries while performing action stunts, should be your first priority. Triple-eight hoverboard helmets are a perfect fit for this purpose. In the market, they are also known by the name of brain savers because of their ultimate brain protection ability. On the list of best hoverboard helmets, a triple-eight hoverboard helmet has made its own exceptional spot. It is all because of the unique features that it is designed with. The Interior of these helmets can truly amaze its buyers.

Terrycloth liners are fitted inside the helmet, which is capable of absorbing moisture. Hence, sweat issues are resolved when using a Triple-eight hoverboard helmet. Its liners are seen to be porous, allowing maximum ventilation, absorbing bad sweat smell. After reviewing I can say that this is purely made for the kids.

If you are a regular rider you must know that one of the biggest concerns regarding helmets is that they tend to get smelly after prolong continuous usage. Triple-eight hoverboard helmet has figured out a solution for this problem too. You can always detach the terrycloth liners for washing and fix them back in their respective loops and hooks. Buckles and chinstraps are adjustable like all other hoverboard helmets.

However, unlike other hoverboard helmets, you can find a great variety in their sizes too. Meaning that not just kids but adults can find helmets that exactly fit their head size. The only situations where these helmets might feel a little helpless are racing zones. At low speeds these helmets never disappoint yet at high speeds, you might require another maximum protection. Generally, Triple-eight hoverboard offers you all the whistles and bells you think of in any helmet. This is the reason why it qualifies to be an editor’s choice.

  • Stink-free
  • Variety of sizes
  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Limited warranty
  • Less durable

7. TurboSke – Kids Safety Helmet

TurboSke – Kids Safety Helmet

Finding a suitable helmet for your kids should be a compulsory task for parents. Especially when your kids are determined and eager to try new tricks and stunts. TurboSke kid’s safety helmets are designed specifically for this purpose. This versatile helmet is passed through all the safety tests listed by CE standards. Making it a perfect choice and worth spending your money on. Moving on to its construction, the outer surface is tough enough to absorb any sort of impact.

While the inner lining is made of EPS foam so that the neck and head of your kids stay safe at all costs. Along with this satisfaction, it provides the rider a prodigious comfort and safety. Indeed, the TurboSke safety helmet is one of the most trusted helmets in the kids category. Only 249g in weight, so light weighted that you can wear it for hours without feeling tired or uneasy.

Easy to adjust and fit straps makes it more attractive. You can wear it within seconds and start your adventure. Besides, TurboSke safety helmets also consist of 14 individual vents to ensure maximum ventilation, creating a cool environment for riding. Compiling up its unique variations it is highly recommended to opt for a TurboSke safety helmet. As it is not just breezy and affordable, but also CE certified. Hence, it will never compromise your kid’s safety.

  • Used for multi-sport
  • Light-weighted
  • Maximum safety
  • Adjustable straps
  • Affordable in price


  • Limited for kids only
  • Simple design

8. JIFAR – Hoverboard Helmet with Kneed & Elbow Pads

JIFAR – Hoverboard Helmet with Kneed & Elbow Pads

JIFAR is one of the all-rounder hoverboard helmets that can be used on several occasions including skateboarding, cycling, roller skating, and other outdoor activities. Ideally designed for kids aged 5-8 years. Before considering any hoverboard helmet, a person should know whether the size is appropriate for their child or not. The head circumference of the JIFAR hoverboard helmet is 19.7-21.2 inches. The general size fits young boys and girls likewise.

In order to change the width as per the head circumference of the rider, there is an adjustable rotate button to tighten or loosen the grip of your JIFAR hoverboard helmet. You can easily adjust the width back and forth while adding more comfort to the head.

To create a good amount of gap between the head and helmet, JIFAR is padded with cotton, which is breathable, and sweatproof. This unisex hoverboard helmet comes in a range of three colors black, blue, and pink to choose from. Whether it is winters or summers, the JIFAR hoverboard helmet is ideally designed to provide comfort and protection from any injuries during all weathers, while adding to the amount of fun during your ride.

Warmth during winters and an ideal amount of airflow during summers to make your ride worthwhile. Along with that, the back dial also alters the width by a simple left or right turn. While the fourth strap can also be loosened as per the face ease. Overall, JIFAR is one of the most practical hoverboard helmets to choose as a birthday, Christmas, or children’s day present for your kids who love hiking, cycling, or skating.

  • Fits well
  • Good grip
  • Easy to adjust straps
  • Sturdy
  • Straps too long

9. MONATA – Best Safety Helmet

MONATA – Best Safety Helmet

Proceeding in the list of some best hoverboard helmets is the MONATA helmet for hoverboards. Meets the exact criteria of safety and comfort that are crucial while riding. CPSC/EN 1078 verified for added protection. Like the above-mentioned hoverboard helmets, this helmet is also fashioned with a durable ABS shell as an exterior covering while EPS foam lining on its interior side. Perfect gear for daily use.

With Monata hoverboard helmets, you can also roll on streets and busy crowds, jumping and shooting your way out without worrying about your helmets, as they perfectly fit once worn. Commuting for hours is now not a concern as these helmets are extremely light weighted you probably will not even feel wearing anything on your head. Removable padding on the inner side allows you to experience comfortable riding.

Furthermore, in its designing 14 special passive ventilation openings are added, so that the person wearing it travels in blowy and cool surroundings. Monata helmet for hoverboards also offers a solution for your sweating. Moisture-wicking cloth is used to cover its inner surface so that you can wear this helmet for hours without having bad sweaty smells. The features that the Monata hoverboard helmet offers are unmatchable with all other hoverboard helmets in the market.

In addition, if you wish for looking stylish while rolling your skates, lay your hands on Monata hoverboard helmets, as their graphics are attractive enough to catch everyone’s eyes.

  • Perfectly safe
  • Long lasting
  • Light weighted
  • Adjustable strap
  • Perfect for urban travelling
  • Not suitable if you wear glasses

10. PHZ – Best Helmet for Hoverboards 2022

PHZ – Best Helmet for Hoverboard

Last (but not least) on the list is the PHZ kids hoverboard helmet. Ideally used for kids during their longboarding, trick skateboarding, and roller-skating. For such multisport head protection, PHZ is certified with CPSC CE. PHZ comes under the category of unisex hoverboard helmets due to its flexibility of strap that can fit both boys and girls well. Designed to assist kids between 3-8 years of age. With this hoverboard helmet, one can let their children ride with confidence.

Quality ABS shell is used to build the hoverboard helmet that makes it tough and durable for all outdoor activities. Comfort is assured with the EPS foam fitting that resists a direct impact on the head by absorbing the impacts. Tough and durable material makes this one of the best impact-resistant hoverboard helmets. Along with that, the helmet offers an adjustable spin dial to easily maintain the required fit with a general head circumference of 18.9-21.2 inches.

Additionally, PHZ comes with removable liners that enable inner cleaning and washing sweat and dirt after the ride. With PHZ, kids can choose any color from the eight offered colors that will keep them motivated to wear protective gear.

The internal regulator is adjustable and has 13 vent holes that are capable of overcoming resistance and ease the airflow. Keeping the helmet cool, breathable, and comfortable at all times. Ultra-soft, comfortable, and adjustable straps of the PHZ hoverboard helmet will leave you to rest assured that your kid’s helmet would remain intact and not slide off even during rough terrains.

  • Worth the money
  • Looks cool
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Well-fitting
  • Plastic seems thin and fragile

Final Verdict:

Hoverboard helmets are a widely demanded boarded accessory that makes your kid stay protected while looking cool. Helmets for hoverboards are considered essential before riding or performing any outdoor activity. The above article was a thorough guide to the 10 Best Hoverboard Helmets of 2021. Without a doubt, these are worth buying and spending your hard-earning money on. Focusing on each hoverboard helmet’s pros, cons, and features, you can easily identify which one suits you best.

Indeed, there are a plethora of choices available to choose from that can be confusing to find the best from the rest. After extensive research, these top 10 hoverboard helmets reached the list to help you differentiate between the right choices for your kids.

To make a decision for your kid’s safety while not compromising on the fun in their outdoor activities, you have you consider all aspects of the hoverboard helmet. Triple-Eight, XJD, and JBM hoverboard helmets are the best sellers that you can definitely trust with your kid’s safety!

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