How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost 2023

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One of the most important factors that people highly pay attention to is the price of a hoverboard. “How much does a hoverboard cost” is the question that pops up in your subconscious mind right at the moment when you think of buying a hoverboard.

How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost

Due to the increasing demand for hoverboards as a toy for kids, many brands are into hoverboards manufacturing. Just because of this reason, there is great variation in hoverboard pricing. The price range of hoverboard starts from as low as $90 and can go up to $2000.The reasons are the features and size of the hoverboard. Let’s check out the hoverboard up-to-date pricing in 2022.

How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost:

A hoverboard with basic features and 6.5 inches of wheel size can range between $90 to 200$. Hover-1 nova hoverboard and Fluxx F3 hoverboard can be easily purchased if you have $90 in your pocket. But some hoverboards are a bit pricier like above $500. These hoverboards are equipped with advanced features and big tires. Epikgo, Swagtron, and Tomoloo come under this category.

Why Hoverboards are so Costly?

Hoverboard’s costing greatly depends upon the features and size of the hoverboard. Let’s break down the features of hoverboard into two categories.

Primary features include range, speed, battery capacity, and motor. These are the basic features that should be there on a hoverboard. You can’t skip them. Hoverboards with primary features alone are pretty affordable.

Secondary features include all those bells and whistles which attract young riders. Like led lights, app compatibility, Bluetooth Speaker, and water-resistance capabilities. If you are on a budget and want to learn to hover, then secondary features can be skipped.

Some hoverboards are equipped with powerful primary features only. These are the hoverboards that are meant for adult riders who want to have a fun-filled ride irrespective of attractive lights and music. Such hoverboards are way too expensive.

Generally speaking, lower-priced hoverboards would have primary features of mediocre level. Whereas the highly-priced hoverboard would be fully loaded and packed with outstanding features. In short, the more the sweat, the more the reward.

Categories of Hoverboard as per Prices:

Due to the vast variations in the hoverboard prices, we have broken down hoverboard into three categories as per the prices.

Hoverboards that ranges from $90 to $200:

These are the lowest-priced hoverboard. You will get a very basic type of hoverboard in this price range. They are best for new users who want to get command over hoverboard riding. But don’t expect any extravagant features or extra power in these types. You will get a hoverboard with low speed, might have short battery life, and may take a longer time to charge. It might be possible that such low-priced hoverboards lack water resistance and app compatibility.

Hoverboards Specifications
Tomoloo Q2-C 6.5 inch hoverboardPrice: $199
Speed: 12km/hr
Range: 3-4hours
Charging time: 2-3hours
With Bluetooth Speakers
Xpirit HoverboardPrice: $139
Wheel size: 6.5”
Speed: 6.2mph
Range: 45-75mins
Charging time: 2-3hours
With Bluetooth Speakers
Swagtron T881Price: $200
Wheel size: 6.5”
Speed: 6mph
Range: 5miles
Charging Time: 2-3hours
Gyroor SwiftPrice: $200
Wheel size: 5”
Speed: 7.5mph
Range: 7miles
Charging time: 1.5-2hours
Hover-1 HoverboardPrice: $200
Wheel size: 6. 5"
Speed: 7mph
Range: 3miles
Charging time: 2-3hours

Hoverboard that ranges from $200 to $450:

Hoverboards that fall under this category are way much better than the lower-priced hoverboard. We call this price range the sweet spot. The reason is, it’s economical and you get whatever features you want on your hoverboard. This category of hoverboards have Bluetooth speakers, vivid LED lights, compatibility with App and some hoverboards are for off-road purpose too. Besides this, the construction quality is amazing. The cherry on the top, these hoverboards are safety certified.

In short, in $200 – $450, you can get your desired hoverboard easily.

Hoverboards Specifications
Swagtron T6Price: $399
Wheel size: 10”
Speed: 12mph
Range: 12miles
Charging time: 2-3hours
Bluetooth and Led lights
Segway NineBot SPrice: $450
Wheel size: 10. 5”
Speed: 10mph
Range: 13.7miles
Charging time: 2-3hours
IP54 waterproof
Gyroor GF1Price: $440
Wheel size: 8 5”
Speed: 12 mph
Range: 9.5 miles
Charging time: 3-4hours
Off-road hoverboard

Hoverboard above $450:

Hoverboards that cost above $450 will have everything be their water resistance or off-road capability. Such hoverboards are perfect for experienced riders. You will get everything extra in these hoverboards like speed would be high; range would be exceptional, charging time would be short. In short, it’s just like a dream come true for passionate riders. Apart from this, these hoverboards are of exceptional quality and durability.

Hoverboards Specifications
Lamborghini HoverboardPrice: $500
Wheel size: 8. 5”
Speed: 9.3mph
Range: 9.3miles
Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
Best for off-road
Epikgo sports plusPrice: $499
Wheel size: 8.5”
Speed: 12 mph
Range: 1 hour
Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
IP56 rating
Best for off-road

Wrapping Up:

Hoverboards are of different price ranges as we have stated above. By here, we must have solved your curiosity about hoverboard pricing. Some hoverboards suit everyone’s needs and budget. If you are looking for a beginner type of hoverboard, the choices are numerous. The same goes with the pro-level hoverboard, there are multiple options in the market. Just show the amount you have, and you will get your desired hoverboard.

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