Are Hoverboards Waterproof or Water Resistant?

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From the battery explosion been taking care of by UL-2722 certification, and then the next question that arises, is about Are Hoverboards Waterproof? It’s a simple answer to this query, “No”. Not all hoverboards are waterproof, some of the hoverboard manufacturers claim that their models are water-resistant, whereas some settle for non-waterproof options.

Are Hoverboards Waterproof

Alternative transport solutions to vehicles are more appreciated among youngsters and adults than ever before. Hoverboards, an electric self-balancing scooter have gained immense fame and popularity from the last decade among both kids and adults. Electronic boards, an eco-friendly option has won over millions of daily commuters’ heart who wish to save their savings and love integrating technology with their moves.

From the past decade, hoverboard industrialists have come a long way from battery explosion disasters with hi-tech models and powerful features. Advance hoverboards show no sign of slowing the pace of professional growth. With different exciting designs and money, upfront functioned models released in the hoverboard market; there are still many questions to ask about their credibility.

Best Waterproof Hoverboard 2023

It again gives rise to another query which means; Why should WE opt For Waterproof Hoverboard?

Electric hoverboards have sensitive parts such as battery and motor, which need absolute protection. These vulnerable parts should remain dry and secure during riding on muddy terrains, roads with water puddles, or rain showers. Water intact to these parts may damage the electric scooter battery, which may result in an explosion, short circuits, or any hazardous mishaps.

The Finale question here leads to Which Best Water Proof Hoverboard to go for?

When it comes to kids, parents become more protective. They only need the best tools and gadgets for their little ones with the best safety and security standards. Coming to the best waterproof hoverboard 2022 which has made it to our top-ranked model goes to Tomoloo K-1 hoverboard. It is uniquely designed with a robust waterproof casing to prevent any battery damage. Moreover, your kids get a fantastic range of personalization options. So, stop waiting and start exploring with us!

Best Water Proof Hoverboard Overview:

Established in 2013, the famous Chinese brand “Tomoloo” has grossed immense fame among the hoverboard community across the borders. It offers a wide range of professional customizable electric hoverboards having high-end features and a robust waterproof body framework.

In 2013 hoverboards were denounced as hazardous reasons being battery explosions, unsupported water casing, and poor safety standards. Even then, Tomoloo assured unmatched quality, and UL-2722 certified units providing utmost protection against an electrical short circuit, fire explosion, or water puddles death-traps.

Tomoloo’s most featured model K-1 recently grabbed our attention as the world’s best waterproof hoverboard of the year 2022. While having a waterproof cap on the body casing, this electrical board provides several beneficial battery protective guarantees. Some of the fortification assurances include temperature, overcharge, short-circuiting, balance or stability, over-current, and over-discharge safety.

Comparing with different leading brands, Tomoloo’s K-1 perfectly copes up with youngster or kid’s hoverboarding requirements. It is safe and secure considering advanced specifications like waterproof capping grade IPX4, fire-resistant shell, and physical self-balancing technology.

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Keep essential specs besides, K-1 hoverboard offers exceptionally customizable RBG, LED lights management. Your kid may decide and set the preferred lighting mode as per their style, mood and energies using a mobile phone device.

Moreover, kids always prefer hoverboard that gives a mesmerizing physical appeal and handy functions to enjoy while riding on the road. Thus, Tomoloo K-1 waterproof electric scooter comes in an array of vibrant colors, self-balancing technology and personalized LED light settings to suit every kid’s style!

Admiration: Tomoloo K-1 instilled with exciting features, aggressive design and robust body build to make to the top-list of new generation waterproof hoverboards 2022.

Tomoloo K1 Hoverboard Review 2023

If you are not fascinated yet, wait to delve into more fun ahead with the K-1 detailed review below! We have mentioned plenty of advantageous features along with specifications and reasons to buy Tomoloo K-1 waterproof hoverboard.

Features of Tomoloo K1:

Safe and Secure:

Tomoloo’s brightest edition K-1 model equipped with the “Smart Battery Management System” offers pioneer safety and security standards. It protects the hoverboard from excessive discharge, short circuit, over current, overcharging, and overheating risk factors. Mounted with Samsung Core Batteries certified from UL-2271, the Tomoloo K-1 hoverboard shines like a capstone for ensuring the topmost security echelons for the hoverboarders.

On the other hand, a Waterproof casing and fire-retardant shell provide maximum support and protection to batteries from water or any electrical shock to prevent battery explosion or any other hazard. The safety feature of Tomoloo’s hoverboards is awesome and most popular on Major E-commerce stores because of reliability and durability.

Payload Acceptance:

Let your weight not dismay your pace! Tomoloo K-1 waterproof electric transporter is the best toy for kids to cruise around the streets, houses, indoor or outdoor locations. This hoverboard is designed to carry 220 lbs maximum payload so that children of any age and weight may easily enjoy a hoverboarding experience.

Energized Wheels:

Tomoloo K-1 model is a new-age waterproof electric scooter. It empowers the parents to buy it with full confidence and trust because of its flame-retardant shell body and 6.5 inches solid dual wheels. With wide off-road wheels, this hoverboard may comfortably cruise on inclined or steep up to 20 degrees. Its reinforced alloy bearing, solid tires smooth traction, and perfect wheel size equip the board to run stable on any terrain.

Riding Ability:

With powerful battery, high-speed and extra-ordinary customization settings, the K-1 hoverboard is just perfect for any adventure-seeking kid. Having wide 6.5 inches wheels with robust off-road cruising capability, K-1 is excellent to drive steadily on outdoor terrains including gravel, muddy, grassy, and smooth pavements. Also, to some parents concerned about indoor riding, K-1 is safe to ride indoors on wooden or cemented floors as well.

Battery Backup:

Tomoloo K-1 model has a unique Samsung Core Battery certified from UL-2722 to prevent any hazardous fire explosion or electric current mishaps. It is electrified with a powerful battery having the test of highest safety and security standards passed with sky-high grade.

Its powerful battery boosts up the hoverboard to an impressive 8.7 miles range on a single charge depending upon the rider’s payload capacity. K-1 batteries take almost 3 hours to complete charge and provide an unlimited fun experience to your kids.

Powerful Mechanics:

K-1 waterproof model features 400 watts dual brush-less motors which electrify electrical transporter’s wheels up to 9.3 mph maximum speed. Both silent engines attached to each wheel provide an impeccable riding experience to hoverboarders from 44 lbs. To 265 lbs. For a distant range of 8.7 miles with ease.

Mob App Customization:

Tomoloo’s K-1 model is more than just a hoverboard; it’s a digitalized transporting revolution. It allows the riders to keep a check on the electric board’s essential information including speed, steering sensitivity, battery percentage, limiting maximum speed, riding mode selection, RGB LED light customization and music play via built-in Bluetooth speakers.

A ton of benefits, right…But shocked, how is it possible? Well, K-1 lets you connect your hoverboard with Tomoloo Perfect App on your smartphones. It authorizes the riders to analyze and control all activities as mentioned above on a tablet, laptop, or mobile Bluetooth-enabled devices.  It even allows the rider to accommodate cruising as per 3 different speed modes, track real-time GPS, and self-test hover-boarding skills.

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Design and Build:

To keep the power jack secure, Tomoloo introduced “Waterproof cap” the most needed feature of all time in the entire hoverboard category. It ensures water on the road, puddles or grass does not enter into the battery so that it remains safe from fire explosion.

A waterproof cap along with a fire-resistant boy frame of K-1 hoverboard safeguards the power station from any danger. Tomoloo K-1 is made of fire-retardant casing material not only for battery but for the entire outer shell to deal with extra edge security issues.

Customized LED Headlights:

Besides every other feature, it is most admirable and demanded from kids around the world ” LED headlight in omnidirectional with RGB LED design”. It allows kids to adjust and select their preferred headlights color shade using Tomoloo App. Also, it lets youngsters cruise hoverboards even at night with clear visibility.


  • Battery Capacity: 36 volts
  • Maximum payload: 265 lbs
  • Speed: 9.3 mph
  • Motor: 400W dual-hub motors
  • Battery Type: Samsung Core Battery
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Colour: white and pink
  • LEDs: RBG LED Headlights (16million colors)
  • Bluetooth: Enabled
  • Certifications: UL-2722
  • Waterproof: IPX4 standard
  • Range: 7 miles
  • Wheel Size: 6.5 inches
  • UL-2722 certified
  • Loud Bluetooth enabled speakers
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Strong Fire-resistant body
  • Silent dual-motors
  • Long battery backup
  • Waterproof Cap shield
  • No any cons yet

Are Hoverboards water-resistant?

Most of the parents and youngsters ask this question on different discussion forums and I have studied it in detail and came to know that not all are water resistant but few are water-resistant and Most of off road hoverboards are water resistant.

Are hoverboards dangerous in 2022?

No, because now all hoverboards which are available on well-reputed stores like Amazon are UL certified.

Final Verdict:

Now that you know, not all hoverboards are waterproof neither they are designed ergonomically to resist water damage. Whereas, Tomoloo K-1 is loaded with waterproof and fire-resistant casing to combat water puddles, different terrains, and rainy weather. In any such condition, a non-waterproof hoverboard would immediately break, spark or explode. Thus, buying Tomoloo K-1 waterproof hoverboard is an appropriate choice for your kid’s safety!

Let your kid glide on-road with ease and comfort on a Tomoloo K-1 hoverboard having sturdy build, certified batteries, and fast-speed dual-brushed motors. Its flawless features and high performance have made it the Best Water Proof Hoverboard of the year 2022!


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