Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard Review 2023

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Cruisers, commuters, and riders find electric skateboards to be very useful. There is a range of different styles of electric skateboards available on the market. Boosted boards, however, are in several respects the benchmark by which other brands are evaluated by riders. Boosted Boards is becoming well known by making a line of high-caliber and best top of the line electric skateboards. The Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard is one of their advanced cruisers that surpasses requirements regarding power, range, and style.

Boosted Mini X Review

Regardless of whether you use it for cruising over campus, getting in and out of town, or finishing your plan for the day, Boosted Board Mini X will make your everyday ambition fun yet simple. This electric skateboard provides the rider with a thrilling encounter.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard Review 2023

Accordingly, it is important to know about the Boosted mini x specs from all viewpoints and in a detailed manner. Below is an in-depth detail regarding the Boosted Mini X Review after some rigorous tests.

Boosted Mini X Features:

Boosted has worked together with numerous different manufacturers previously to convey quality skateboards. It was a savvy move in their early stages since they had a great deal of initiative yet not a ton of experience. Mini X looks extraordinary and has several interesting features to make it a quality skateboard. Dive right into the highlights so you can discover what makes this Boosted skateboard an exceptional electric skateboard.


Starting with its deep-dish style deck prepared with composite and finished through an anti-skid layer intended to keep you secure all through the ride. Boosted electric skateboard feels somewhat greater than a mini skateboard as it measures 29.5 inches. Compact Boosted Mini X is a minimized electric skateboard planned because of urban mobility. This means it’s the most ideal decision for suburbanites.

Boosted mini x weight is 16.8 pounds (7.7 kg), which makes it moderately weighty for its little size. Nevertheless, it is still lighter with respect to the longboard. It is fascinating to take it as a simple to convey e-board, particularly during strolling through congested zones when skating is not permitted.

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boosted board mini

Battery Performance and Range:

Boosted board battery is another progression from earlier versions. The user gets fair 99 watt-hours from the standard model and 199 watt-hours from the wide-ranging battery. Mini X model accompanies a preinstalled wide-range battery, so the user does not need to stress over upgrades.

The remarkable boosted mini x range is 14 miles through its dependable 36V/200Wh battery. Nevertheless, in case that you ride more rapidly like a pro, you will discover more than 15 miles within a one-time charge. Charging lights of boosted mini x distinctly go red or green to demonstrate when it has finished charging or is still charging.

It involves a lithium-ion battery, which conveys all the demonstration you could anticipate from quite a compact electric board. Approximately seven miles out of a one-time charge (1.25 hours) can be expected and about double that if you decide to upgrade the all-encompassing range boosted mini x battery.

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Speed & Power Output:

Most importantly, when you get an electric skateboard, the speed and power are to be noted.  In that scenario, the Boosted Board Mini X has to be brought to the table. For a relatively smaller board, the Boosted Mini X runs at speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

This is the quick maximum speed for a board of these dimensions and can amaze you. In case you have a short distance to get to your destination, this electric board is perfect for that daily use. Furthermore, there are three-speed modes offered, that make it ideal for all riders, be it novices to specialists. You can utilize the Android and iOS applications to switch the riding modes, or by tapping three times on power, the user may go through each one of the modes.

boosted mini x

Boosted Mini X electric skateboard can take on slopes as steep as 20% easily. Nonetheless, in case you gauge more than 200 lbs., the speed might change when ascending steep slopes. Considering the intensity of its belt-driving framework, it is a dependable machine to do everyday tasks.

In actuality, heading down slopes feels incredible on this board. No need to stress over going over the speed you can accomplish. At this point, you begin to go excessively quick for your preference; you can essentially pull back on the throttle to back off at an agreeable movement without any resistance coming your way.

Braking Performance:

Another factor to especially notice is the braking execution conveyed by the electronic regenerative brakes. They bring the board to stop in not more than a few seconds along with putting back a bit of juice to the battery while it stops. When contrasted with different models, the way that the belt framework is sufficient guarantees an incredible braking execution.

  • Compact
  • Spontaneous control
  • Swift maneuvering
  • Durable
  • Multiple adjustable riding modes
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy to carry around


Motors & Wheels:

The latest wheels by Boosted are personalized for electric longboards and introduce an extra-wide exterior area. They offer great control and nearly feel tacky while riding on cleared streets.

The 2 x 500-watt motor have enough capacity to explore bumpy landscape easily and produces a massive amount of torque. Nonetheless, the aftereffect of all that exertion is an experience worth having. Wheels of mini x offer quite delicate significance even though it can deal with any street bumps and ride quicker smoother. Another highly energizing point is that a pair of wheels are mechanized on the board. Which speeds up as per the requirement while providing an ideal and delightful ride.

boosted mini x review

The aim of these 80mm polyurethane lunar wheels is to take you to the target place swiftly and effectively. Clearly, they deliver a smooth ride on most territories, and, joined with the fast tail, they allow you to take thrilling turns with mind-boggling mobility. Regarding the contact fix and the sturdiness, with a 78A grade and 55 mm width, Boosted mini X will convey an enduring wheel life and security.

Advanced Core & Deck:

Boosted acquired a ton of the information on snowboards, surfboards, and skateboard decks to concoct a gestalt variant of each of the three. The subsequent deck is nearly perfect. First off, Boosted chose the bamboo core for a poplar core. As opposed to utilizing carbon composites or bamboo, a hardwood core hoses vibrations and gives an easy ride.

Besides, poplar is recognized for keeping a solid grain arrangement and has a superior weight/strength proportion as compared to maple wood. To help with vibration hosing, yet add a negligible measure of weight, Boosted utilized foam embeds in the deck. The foam does not hinder adaptability in the smallest yet ingests a ton of the knocks and bumps you’ll discover on asphalt.

The entire item rests amongst two fiberglass sheets that deliver adequate power to even the greatest riders. Fiberglass is economical, hence the prices are held down. In addition, it has the ideal curved shape and flexibility to give the board some spring without it snapping. Comparative to the past Boosted boards, the Mini X deck is somewhat more extensive, which is decent as it gives more area for beginners.

Likewise, a pleasant touch was the expansion of an edge guard to keep the base edge from wearing while laying it on the ground. Inclusively, the deck seems very adaptable with an adjusted control.

Vehicle-Grade Forged Trucks:

Each rider has an inclination towards mini boards, yet by far most of the individuals will cherish the Boosted Mini X. The vehicle-grade aluminum trucks are 190mm wide. In order to allow rapid turns and torque movements, the trucks are customizable. So based on your contentment, you can alter the tightness levels.

At the point when you initially get your hands on the Boosted Mini X, the first impression would be that they are quite delicate. However, it is incredible for innovative riders and allows you to cut up the street as though it is no one’s business.

Boosted Mini X consists of a bit reengineered trucks with additional aluminum to various high-stress regions too. As a result, the electric board is much stronger and has more steady trucks without accumulating a lot of weight by any means. Most likely, there will not be any significant issue with these trucks, regardless of whether you are a novice or a professional. Nevertheless, in case there is an issue, boosted boards trucks are easy to be replaced. The entire process will hardly take around 45 minutes to complete.

Boosted Mini X Remote Control:

The ergonomic pistol-style controller of boosted mini x is exceptionally instinctive to utilize, making all the controls readily available. By simply pulling the trigger, you can draw in the engine and after that roll the regulator wheel back and forth to accelerate or slow down as per the need.

Mini x boosted board controller was intended to decrease prospective accidents while speeding. This innovation is known as Jerk Filter™. Moreover, there are various kinds of speed modes depending on the rider’s aptitude.

Boosted Mini x offers three primary indicators: the electric board’s battery life, control battery, and the network between the board and the remote. To change the riding mode, simply click on the primary button three times to get to the following degree of support.

To go below from a certain level, just press down the throttle trigger and then click the primary button three times. Even though it might seem a bit bothersome, it is worth the complexity. It implies that whether you are a starter, novice on the road, or an expert, you may easily switch between speeds depending on the requirements. With a mini USB, the remote can be charged effortlessly.

Hence, the boosted mini x electric skateboard can be a phenomenal decision to have an adjusted and smooth control.

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Who Should Buy Boosted Mini X?

All the above factors considered regarding the boosted mini x review, the only downside that shows up for this electric board is that it was a bit heavy on the pockets. Manufacturing quality is remarkable, the performance is awesome, and Boosted offers the guarantee perfectly as well. Everybody, from complete amateurs to long lasting riders will admire the Boosted Mini X.

In case you are searching for a Boosted electric board option, you will find many to compare, however, Boosted Board Mini X gives a comparable involvement with a more modest bundle. If you are on a tight spending plan, you can also check out the budget-friendly skateboards manual to get the best value according to the price concerning purchasing a long-lasting board.

Bottom Line:

From the entire boosted mini x specs, price is the only part of Boosted skateboards that is demonstrated as a boundary for some skaters. Nevertheless, it is fair to realize that they are making perhaps the best item available and you will certainly have to pay for it.

That aside, it is safe to state that you are getting your cash’s worth with the Boosted Mini X. It is one of the most exceptionally evaluated electric boards out there, and boosted is outstanding concerning client support. For frugal customers who would not like to make a huge load of reductions, the Mini X can prove to be an extraordinary decision.

Boosted Mini X is an astounding alternative for suburbanites and electric skateboarding fans. A quality deck with a compact size and reliable battery conveys all the adaptability anyone would anticipate from such a unit. Overall, the Boosted board Mini X brings a great incentive for cash. In case you are a skateboard devotee, get your hands on it and appreciate the incredible riding.

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