New Laws For Hoverboard in 2020 Updated

Last Updated on December 5, 2020

New Laws for HoverboardHoverboard riders need to be aware of the laws while riding a hoverboard. The law holds strict penalties for the riders who skip following the rules and laws made for the hoverboard.

Perhaps these New Laws for Hoverboard in 2020 are important for the rider’s own safety along with the public’s safety!

Consideration of Hoverboard Under Section Ab 604 California

Related to the new law for hoverboard of 2020 the Assembly Bill No. 604 is considered very crucial and important. All the riders must have the knowledge of these laws when they plan to ride in the streets lawfully.

Hoverboard regulations however started to take the impact since 2016 in California. By far, the legal guidelines are only observed within California. Local officials still ban or avoid the usage of hoverboards in public space.

Officers say that the initial focus would be schooling. Three basic regulations for the hoverboard riders instructed to be followed are:

  • Age: Minimum sixteen year old or older
  • Safety Equipment: Wear helmets
  • Speed: Maximum limit 35mph and ideal 15mph

Being one of the sectors to do new law enforcements California Highway Patrol is appointed. According to the officers, the new age constraint is there to provide safety and protection for riders as well as public.

Learning and training is necessary to implement these laws and might be difficult in the beginning to adopt. However, the officers ask for the patience and abidance towards the new law.

New Laws for Hoverboard of 2020 in California:

Although the laws for hoverboard are almost the same as that made in 2016, here are a few new laws for hoverboard of 2020:

Age Restriction:

The very first law revolves around the age. To lawfully ride a hoverboard it is essential that the rider is minimum 16 years of age. Only then can he ride his hoverboard in public highways or roads.

While the youth is permitted to hover around the areas of the town.

Speed Limit:

Next comes the speed limit. The allowed speed on public highways and roadways for riders is 35mph but it is ideal to ride safe and stay under this limit unless you happen to find a Class II and Class IV bike lane.

On the public paths, sidewalks, roads, bikeways or trails however the limit to ride the hoverboards stretches until 15mph only. Over this speed, it is considered as breaking the law.

Local Authorities:

Branches of transport and native establishments or your favored seaside communities will not favor the usage of hoverboards, as they want to avoid them on their streets.

Safety Gears:

It is best to wear safety gears and equipment like helmets while cruising on the roads. Furthermore, the helmet can also be exchanged with a headlamp for further safety measures during nights.

Night-time Riding:

Moreover, riding a hoverboard at streets during the nights is only acceptable when your hoverboard has a fixed lamp having white lights that can be visible to the approaching vehicles as far as 300 feet at least.

Safety Equipment:

Red, purple or yellow light reflector that is visible from a minimum distance of 500 feet must be fitted in the hoverboard to have the ideal protection equipment and be able to ride the street legally by being noticeable to the rear and side mirrors of approaching vehicles.

Drug Usage:

It is a known fact that it is illegal to ride the hoverboard around the streets while under the influence of any sort of drugs, alcoholic drinks or pills. Moreover, if not followed, they come with thick fines.

Further Consideration For New Hoverboard Laws Beneath Section 604

Moving on towards the usage of drugs while riding hoverboard, which is completely prohibited under any circumstances. The regulations under AB 604 has a reserved section regarding riding under the influence of capsules or alcohol being considered against the law.

Other impact that these laws had this week was Metropolitan Transportation Authority banning the hoverboards from the public transportations that comes under it. Anyone found violating the restrictions or riding drunk might be asked to pay for a $250 fine straight away.

Additionally, the frequent use of earbuds or listening to music while riding a hoverboard are also banned. However, you can still reach out to the local law enforcement to know further details regarding this regulation.

Bans related to riding hoverboards are posted all over the local stations in order to enforce and implement them on the riders and passengers.

Other US States and Hoverboard Laws:

Different cities have started to pass laws regarding the use of hoverboards after the initiative by California. This means that each city may demand a slightly varying law to be followed. Therefore, you will have to be sure that you are in-line with the laws in your city.

By checking the nearby ordinances on hoverboard, you can be sure whether you are following the law correctly while riding hoverboard.

The officers in Los Angeles claim to not allow hoverboards in public paths, walkways and personal properties that the owner bans under legal responsibility concerns. Therefore, with time the new hoverboard law is becoming more and more strict and not in the free-will of the rider.

The rider has very less say in where and how he can ride his electric vehicle anymore. California is the first state to formally outline, standardize and allow hoverboards on certain conditions considering hoverboards are straightaway banned and unlawful in most parts of the country.

Other states and cities are carrying on with the pre-existing legal rules to make the hoverboard usage allowed or not. For example, in New York City, it is declared as illegal by the public officers to ride a hoverboard under New York State Traffic Law 114-d. The code controls the use of digital “personal assist” components in public places.


Usually the laws for riding the hoverboard may vary from state to state and business to business. Along with this guide about new laws for hoverboard of 2020, you should also check up with your local laws to know under what circumstances and to what extent they consider the usage of hoverboard legal or illegal.

In addition, personal accountability and responsibility plays an important role in riding a hoverboard so following the new laws while riding your hoverboard will make you a better and responsible rider as it is for enjoying the ride while also considering the safety of others.

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