Three Wheel Electric Mobility Scooters For Adults of 2020

Last Updated on October 5, 2020

Best Three Wheel Scooter for AdultsMy grandfather aged 70 plus was suffering from depression beside other diseases as well. Doctor has recommended him to explore nature and spend time while observing nature.

This was like a very difficult task for him as he cannot walk properly because of joint pains.

So being an only grandson it was my duty to take him to any park or beach so that he spend time over there.

But I found a shortcut!

I bought him a Three Wheel Electric Scooter which he drives like a pro and goes wherever he wants to go.

Now besides exploring nature, he visits his friends and relatives on his 3 wheel mobility scooter.

Reason behind choosing three wheel electric scooters is its enhanced stability and safety. Single tire at the front is responsible for lower turning radius, because of which these scooters are entirely safe and sound for adults.

It will not be wrong if I will say that these three wheel scooters have given freedom and independence to those people who cannot walk properly.

My grandfather has recovered from depression and other diseases. Now he is a happy and cool grandpa.

Before purchasing three wheel scooter for my grandfather. I had to do a lot of research, on different brands, their speed, mileage, and other safety features. This was not a game of days, it took me months to choose the best three wheel mobility scooters. Since all the scooter has more or less similar features.

So I decided to compile my all research in form of a short post so that it may help other grandsons to buy a three wheel electric scooter for their grandparents and give them wings to fly wherever they want.

I have come up with fair and neutral reviews of the scooters that has covered each and every aspect which you should keep in mind while purchasing any three wheels electric scooter.

Let’s have a stealthy look at the reviews of Three Wheel Electric Scooters.

Best 3 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooters 


  • Speed: 4.25 mph
  • Load: 300 lbs
  • Range: 9 M
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  • Speed: 4 mph
  • Load: 275 lbs
  • Range: 6.3 M
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  • Speed: 4 mph
  • Load:  260 lbs
  • Range: 7 M
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  • Speed: 4.4 mph
  • Load: 300 lbs
  • Range: 8 M
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  • Speed: 18 mph
  • Load: 350 lbs
  • Range: 45 M
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  • Speed: 5 mph
  • Load: 500 lbs
  • Range: 16 M
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  • Speed: 4 mph
  • Load: 300 lbs
  • Range: 13 M
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  • Speed: 18 mph
  • Load: 400 lbs
  • Range: 40 M
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  • Speed: 4.25 mph
  • Load: 300 lbs
  • Range: 15 lbs
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  • Speed: 15 mph
  • Load: 300 lbs
  • Range: 21 lbs
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1. Drive Medical – Three Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter 2020


Starting with the one that has more than 200 positive customer reviews in 3 wheel mobility scooter. Drive Medical is known for manufacturing durable electric scooter that keeps in mind users comfort, needs, and safety.

Drive Medical Scooter has a comfortable padded seat along with padded armrest that gives you a comfortable riding experience.

Not only this, you can customize it according to your taste. This means that you can adjust the height of seat and tiller according to your height. They are totally adjustable.

I would say that it is one of the compact and light weighted three wheels electric scooter. It strong and the durable frame weighs only 85 lbs and is able to sustain the maximum weight of 300 lbs.

Drive Medical Scout mobility scooter is equipped with robust rubber anti-tip wheels that prevent your scooter from tipping over backward.

With these flat free wheels, you can reach a maximum of 9 miles with the top speed of 4.25 mph, which is more than enough for this kind of electric scooter.

Though it’s available in a single color that is pencil gray but you will get two easy to change color panels which are in red and blue.

So when you feel blue, you can attach blue panels on your Spitfire.

Drive Medical three wheel scooter also offers an amazing feature of quick connect battery pack. This let you change and charge your scooter’s battery within seconds.

It’s a perfect electric scooter for commuting to nearby shops because it has a front basket where you keep you can place your belongings and grocery as well.

Drive Medical can be fearlessly ridden at night. Thanks to its rear reflector that gives it visibility at night.

Drive Medical has always produced safe and reliable electric scooter, Drive Medical is an open example of their commitment.

What’s lack in it:

Drive Medical is a three wheel scooter that can also be used by physically disabled persons. They might found its seat thin padded. Some people who have some issues of the spinal cord has complained that it jumps when it get speedy.

But it would be best for adults, who want to travel for short distance and even for a crippled person. This quick and easy to assemble electric scooter is one of the safest scooters that you will find on the internet in such an amazing cost.

Thumbs Up
  • Can be easily disassemble
  • With red and blue color panels
  • Armrests are padded and adjustable
  • Non marking tires are flat free and anti tip
  • With plastic basket to carry belongings
Thumbs Down
  • Nonstable ride at top speed

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2. Travel Pro – Electric Scooter for Disabled Person

3 Wheel Mobility ScootersPlease don’t assume that pride mobility has given us some extra amount to write reviews about them,

A big no!

These reviews are entirely on a fair and neutral basis. We are repeating Pride mobility again and again, because of its high quality electric scooters.

Pride’s R&D team is working day and night to give superior safety and satisfaction level to its customer.

Travel pro 3 wheels electric scooter for disabled persons is the result of those untiring efforts of the R&D team.

Since it is a three wheel scooter, so it has a sharp turning radius that gives smooth and safe drive.

Beside this, it has fully adjustable faux leather seat that gives you an amazing and comfortable riding experience.

You can cruise up to the top speed of 4mph and can go as long as 6.3 miles. But for this, you need to charge your batteries completely.

Its elegant and comfortable design makes it worth buying three wheel electric scooters.

And if you wanna get this for disabled then go without doubt because it is specially made for them.

What’s lack in it:

As such, there isn’t any worth mentioning lacking, apart from the fact that it does not have a headlight and rear reflectors. This makes it quite difficult to ride at night.

But travel pro is quite ideal for those people who are physically disabled or has any issue related to walking.

Thumbs Up
  • Sharp turning radius
  • Superb speed and mileage
  • Strong and robust
  • Can be disassembled in minutes
Thumbs Down
  • No headlight.

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3. GO-GO – 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Adults

GOGO 3 Wheel ScooterThree wheel scooters are ideal for obese persons or even those who have mobility issues.

Keeping in mind this usage, Pride mobility has launched an amazing three wheel scooter that becomes one of the most successful e-scooter that has been rated as 5 out of 5.

So you will be thinking that it will be something very extraordinary.

Let’s take a look at its features and decide how mesmerizing it is.

It has strong and robust anti-flat all terrain rubber wheels, that give you smooth riding even on the gravel path.

Pride Mobility Go GO Scooters has been designed using industrial grade steel in its construction, which is the reason it can easily accommodate 300lbs of rider’s weight.

It has a special and unique design that makes it different from others. Its ergonomically wraparound delta tiller lets you operate the scooter with one hand.

You will go to have smooth and jerk free ride, because of its CTS (comfort-track-suspension) and rear independent suspension, which gives enough stability to a bike that the rider will not feel pathetic jerks.

Talking about assembling, its assembling is quite easier, even a toddler can assemble and disassemble. Like assembling, it can disassemble into fives easy to carry pieces, that can be easily stored anywhere.

Since it is perfect for disabled a person, that’s why its speed is quite low. It can cruise up to a top speed of 4.4 mph and you can ride over it till 8 miles. Indeed it’s a great choice for short distance commuting.

Pride go go Electric Mobility Scooter comes with different add on like you will get a plastic basket that you can attach at the front of the bike and can keep your stuff in it.

Secondly, you will get a universal non breakable cup holder that let you enjoy your coffee on the go. Beside this there is a deluxe arm rest bag that is very useful, you can keep your wallet, keys, phone, and extra stuff in it.

In short, you will go to get so much in your pride’s mobility go-go LX three wheel scooter.

What’s lack in it:

Well, there are some products in this world that do not have any cons. Go-go Lx is one of them. It is a complete product with all those necessary features that are the demand of riders. You will surely enjoy it once you buy it.

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Thumbs Up
  • Light weighted three wheel mobility scooter
  • Charger port located on the tiller so that you can conveniently charge it
  • It has powerful LED lights that make you way visible
  • The dual voltage charger permits charging the battery pack onboard or off-board for added convenience
  • CTS will give you the pleasure of the smooth ride
Thumbs Down
  • No worth mentioning lackness have been reported

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4. Pride – Three Wheeled Mobility Scooter fro Adults

Pride Mobillity 3-Wheel Travel Mobility ScooterHere comes another three wheel scooter from the banner of Pride Mobility.

Go-go Lx, the one that I have reviewed earlier is an advanced model of go-go ultra X3.

It has been designed for obese and bulky people because its frame can accommodate weight up to 265 lbs.

With this much weight, this light weighted scooter that runs smoothly even on all kinds of terrains.

Its batteries can propel its powerful motor to give you a top speed of 4mph. batteries require charging after traveling up to 6.9 miles.

This scooter is ideal for short distance traveling, like nearby shops and market.

Like its advanced model, it also features feature touch disassembling technique.

This technique separates your entire scooter in 5 easy to carry pieces that you can easily assemble when you want to ride on you e-scooter.

Go-go ultra X 3 is one of the versatile and good looking three wheels electric scooter for adults. Its red panels on the side add beauty in its appearance.

What’s lack in it:

There is no harm in saying that pride mobility is a king of three wheel scooter. But there is a flaw that I noticed and it’s from the manufacturer’s end. Pride mobility does not sell these scooters to direct public you, rather than to some local dealers, which do not give proper care to its parts while delivering and this is the reason people complain that they get damaged part.

So it’s better to buy it from authorized and international dealers. If you are interested top buy GO-GO Ultra X3 then click on the link below, you will get it from a trusted and authorized dealer.

Thumbs Up
  • Light weight and portable scooter
  • Easy to ride and commute
  • With a free front plastic basket
  • Padded and comfortable seat
Thumbs Down
  • No such features.

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5. Ewheels –  Best 3 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

Ewheels 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter for Adults4th one in my list of best three wheels electric scooter for adults is Ewheels 3 wheel mobility scooter. I am sure this will be going to your favorite product.

Its sleek and stylish design makes it versatile looks. It does not look like an ordinary three wheel electric scooter. It’s more than that.

First talk about its performance, EW-36 Elite is a bike that gives superior performance. It has trans-axle differential brushless motor of 500 watts that gives enough power to its wheels that they can cruise up to the top speed of 18 mph.

Its 48-volt lead acid batteries that do not require maintenance at all, will take you as long as 45 miles.


You will go to have never lasting fun on your three wheeler!

This e-scooter is quite heavy and can sustain rider’s weight up to 365 lbs which very few electric scooters offers.

Along with all these features, there is a plastic basket at the back of its comfortable seat. So that you can keep your extra stuff in it.

This is one of the Best 3 Wheels Electric Mobility Scooter among the entire list, because of its specs.

The best part about it, there is a compartment under the seat, which is quite spacious. You can keep your other stuff in it. it’s so useful.

EW-36 models are one of the highest demanding models of E-wheels that comes with an electromagnetic braking system which enables the scooter to stop automatically when riders hand releases the speed go throttle.

What’s lack in it:

There isn’t any such lacking that I found in it. It has tube tires rather than rubber tires that are prone to flat frequently. But that’s not at all a big issue. You have a spacious compartment just beneath the set where you can keep small and handy hand pump over there.

So you don’t have to worry. If by chance your wheel gets flat you can at least, reach to the mechanic shop by using a hand pump.

Thumbs Up
  • Antitheft alarm
  • Two rear shock absorber on the frame
  • Bright and powerful headlight
  • Electromagnetic braking system
Thumbs Down
  • tube tires

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6. Maxima – Best Electric Scooter for Disabled Adults

Heavy Duty 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Adults are made specially for the peoples who are unable to walk properly.

It’s another great piece from the flag of Pride.

But this one is an outstanding product.

Elegantly designed combined with excellent performance along with durable construction for an increased weight capacity of up to 500lbs, makes this scooter something out of this world.

Maxima heavy duty three wheel electric scooter is equipped with a powerful brushless motor of 500watt that is responsible for its extra ordinary performance.

I would strongly urge you to buy this for any of your disabled loved ones.

Its lead-acid batteries give an 18 miles range on every charge. After which you need to charge your batteries.

Its motors can rotate its rear and front rubber tires so fast that it can reach the top speed of 5.25 xmph.

With the dual braking system that is a regenerative and mechanical braking system, you will not experience any jerk during sudden brakes.

Not only this, it has a rear suspension that gives you bump-free ride even on the gravel path.

Its tiller and seats are totally adjustable so that even a taller person can ride comfortably.

Like all other electric scooter, it can easily disassemble into 7 pieces that are too light to carry and can be placed in the car easily. This means you can carry your three wheels electric scooter along with you on your tours.

Moreover, padded and wide back seat added more comfort in the rider’s experience.

As far as safety is concerned, it has a super bright and powerful headlight that makes your way visible at night. Whereas, rear reflector makes your scooter visible at night.

I would say that Maxima 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Adults is one of the high quality and top notch three wheel electric scooter with mesmerizing features.

What’s lack in it:

It’s a complete electric scooter, with not even a single negative review about it. It has been rated as 5 stars and of course, it deserves to be rated.

It’s an amazing and outclass three wheel mobility scooter.

Thumbs Up
  • Front basket
  • Anti-tipping flat free tires
  • Smooth and joyous riding experience
  • Perfect for those people who feel difficulty in walking
Thumbs Down
  • No flaw. It’s a flawless product!

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7. Buzzaround XL – 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter 2020

Buzzaround XL 3 Wheel Power ScooterGolden Technologies is popular for manufacturing luxurious lift and recline chair. Beside this, they are also involved in the production of scooters.

Their electric scooters are of superb quality like their other product. Golden technologies have believed in that once a customer brings our designed product at their home, he will feel a sense of independence and freedom.

That’s 100 percent true with their mobility scooters.

Talking about Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL which is one of the top notch 3 wheel electric scooter, it is an amazing scooter that will steal your heart in just a few minutes.

The most aspiring thing about this is, it has a large and spacious deck that gives you enough space to stretch your legs and have more room to comfortably get on and off your scooter.

Made of industrial grade steel construction. Its frame is quite sturdy and robust and can easily sustain the weight of rider up to 300lbs.

Beside this it has powerful and ultra bright headlight that is on the front of the scooter. Now you can maneuver even when the sun set down.

Talking about its performance, its powerful motors can take you at the top speed of 4 mph, which is perfect for senior people. With this speed, you can go as long as 13 miles.

Thanks to its 20 amp battery pack that give enough energy to its motor to propel its wheels.

Like other electric scooter, Buzzaround XL scooter can disassemble into 4 pieces, which are as light as feather. So you don’t have to worry about its placement when you are not using it. Simple disassemble it and place it in your store room.

Its detachable plastic basket makes it easier for the rider to do shopping without any cart.

Buzz around series are incredible collection of three wheel scooter. If you’re planning to buy a three wheel scooter, then think about buzzaround XL. It’s indeed an incredible scooter.

What’s lack in it:

I studied this product thoroughly and did extensive research. I did not find any flaw in it. Beside this I asked few users of Buzzaround XL., they all were the satisfied users of Buzaround XL and praised its features.

Based on my research, I would say that Buzzaround XL is a fantastic three wheel scooter that is perfect for those people who do not walk much.

Thumbs Up
  • Cup holder and basket
  • Red and blue shroud panels included
  • Super safe and comfortable
  • Extra padded seat and arm rest
  • Extra wide and spacious deck
Thumbs Down
  • no cons yet

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8. EW 11 – 3 Wheel Scooter For Adults

EW 11 Sport Euro Type ScooterEuro-style scooter is the greatest hit in an electric scooter. And you will be glad to know that these scooters are available in three wheels too.

It’s euro style classy looks stops every one eye on you.

EW 11 is made up of heavy duty material. You will get two color combination in it that is red with white and white with blue. Both combinations are outstanding

eWheels EW-11 Sport Euro typed mobility scooter will give a maximum range of 40 miles with the speed of 18 mph in a single charge.

Thanks to its 48-volt battery that is responsible to give energy to its 500-watt motor.

Now, hold on your breath I am going to tell you something that is mind blowing you will rarely find this feature in other scooters.

You can take your partner on a ride along with you on EW11. Yes, you got it right!

This three wheels electric scooter has a wide seat that can fit two people on it.

Don’t worry about its weight loading capacity. It’s more than enough. Its robust frame can easily bear 400lbs of weight.

Along with all these astounding features, you will get a cup holder, and a bag hook to hang your bag on the bike.

Beside this a powerful and bright LED light at the front makes your way brighten at night.

Near to its headlight, there is a beautiful and light weight plastic basket that is perfect for keeping different kinds of stuff.

This scooter is quite heavy that is 200lbs and this is the reason that it does not comes with assembling or disassembling option.

Let me mention you, that this scooter is not exclusively for a disabled person, even normal people can ride it too. It has amazing speed and mileage.

What’s lack in it:

Well, as such it does not have any lacking except the fact that it’s way too heavy, around 200lbs.

EW-11 deserves to be this much happy because it is made up of quite durable and strong material and has a capacity of two riders on it. So I think with these qualities, it deserves to be heavy. Rest, I did not find any other worth mentioning cons.

Thumbs Up
  • Three wheels electric scooter
  • Can be used for double riding
  • Classic and stylish looks.
  • You can ride at night too.
  • Extra ordinary weight bearing capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Superb mileage and speed.
Thumbs Down
  • Quite heavy

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9. DM Scout – Portable Electric Scooter for Adults

Drive Medical Scout Compact Travel Power ScooterThree wheel electric scooters of Drive Medical are simply excellent. They manufactured their scooters by keeping in mind the different medical conditions of their users.

Same goes with drive medical scout 3 wheel scooter.

It has an armrest that is padded and adjustable so that if you have any medical problem related to your arms you can give rest to them.

Secondly, its padded swivel seat is height adjustable with fold don backrest. So that people with sciatica or any other pain can rest their back muscles.

With all these facilities, drive medical has also added adjustable delta tiller, which you can handle with single hand easily.

In order to give you a smooth and comfortable ride, Drive medical has added flat free and anti-tip wheels so that you can commute around town in a comfortable and relaxing manner.

Talking about its speed and mileage, since it’s a scooter that is for people who has some difficulty in walking that’s why it has maximum speed of 4.25 mph. On a single battery charge, it can go as long as 15 miles, which is more than enough to wander around a shopping mall.

This excellent three wheel scooter comes with a maximum weight limit of 300lbs, which is similar to other electric scooters.

Beside this, you will get some interchangeable color panels which are appropriate to hide scuffs and scratches. These panels are in red and blue color.

Scout three wheel electric scooter is amongst the most demanded electric scooter it has been rated as 5, which means it’s all users are completely satisfied from it.

What’s lack in it:

Its user’s do not complain about the functions of a scooter but they complain about the comfortability of scooter, which is not properly padded. I think drive medical do not use enough amount of foam to make it a padded seat. But it’s not that much bad that you won’t make your mind to buy it.

Thumbs Up
  • Assembling/disassembling is quite easy
  • Ergonomic throttle control
  • Plastic basket at the front
  • Seat and arm rest are adjustable
  • Flat free non marking tires.
Thumbs Down
  • Seat is not properly padded.

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10. EW-19 – 3 Electric Wheel Mobility Scooter

E 19 Three Wheel Scooter for AdultsIf you are looking for something that has high speed and gives long range and should be affordable too, then grab your hands on to EWheel’s EW19 sporty three wheels electric scooter it is a mind-blowing scooter.

First of all, its sporty and funky look makes it quite attractive. It comes in two-tone body which adds further beauty in its look. It does not have only beautiful looks but its performance is also incredible.

It is equipped with brushless hub motor of 500watt that takes you to the maximum speed of 15 mph. Its 48 volts 12 Ah SLA sealed batteries can give enough energy to a scooter that it can go as long as 21 miles on a single charge which is simply amazing.

EW 19 is fitted with ultra big size and super padded seat that gives you relaxing riding experience. Along with this, it has three different speed settings for a scooter that provides safety and performance.

For easy transportation, its tiller can be folded and its seat can be removed.

With powerful LED light at the front, riding at night is no more a hectic task now.

This 83 lbs electric scooter can easily accommodate rider’s weight up to 300 lbs.

I would conclude that this EW 19 is the most affordable and stylish three wheels electric scooter with mesmerizing features which is ideal for adults.

What’s lack in it:

This large sized and the super cool electric scooter has wheels that are not anti-skid, sometimes it skids on grass and sometimes on wet surfaces. In m opinion, avoid riding this beauty on wet surfaces, because it will be harmful to the battery and motors since they are located beneath the deck.

Thumbs Up
  • Sporty and stylish look
  • Powerful LED light
  • 48 volts 12 Ah SLA batteries
  • Comes in red color
  • Tiller can be folded
Thumbs Down
  • Wheels are not anti-skid.

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Let’s sum up!

Three wheel electric scooters are the safest way for an adult to commute to nearby places. Since they are not too much speedy and turn with a lower radius, which is the safest feature.

I do hope that you have got an idea which three wheel e-scooter will be appropriate and safe for your loved one. Though all these scooters have more or less similar features but they all beat each other in some areas like maximum load capacity, sturdy construction, extra ordinary mileage and speed and many other.

So select one that goes well with your taste and enjoys independent life!

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