Are Electric Skateboards Allowed on Planes in 2023

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Are Electric Skateboards allowed on planeTo experience a foreign country along with your electric skateboard is like a dream come true! Nevertheless, the first question that will pop in your head is “Are Electric Skateboards Allowed on Planes”. The shortest answer is Yes!

Electric skateboards are gaining popularity with each passing day. More people are turning to them as a primary mode of commute. This makes them want to take their electric skateboards along even when they are traveling. Perhaps because it is a convenient way to even free them from paying for a rental car or Uber service during their travel.

Many airlines allow electric skateboards on plane as long as you abide by the rules. The rules, however, vary from airline to airline and country to country. A comprehensive guide on the basic rules that will lead you to carry an electric skateboard on a plane easily is summed up in this article!

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Everyone in this world cares about the safety of their kids so today I am telling you the truth behind the safety of E-Skateboards. US authorities have announced UL certification for these types of riding gadgets like self balancing scooters, electric scooters, e-Skateboards, etc. So, no need to worry about safety.

First Things First: Knowing Whether It is Worth It:

In order to determine whether it is actually worth taking a chance and if electric skateboards are allowed on planes, you need to follow these steps:

  • Approach the desired airline and contact them through email first. In some airlines, sports equipment like electric skateboards is not allowed on planes. Moreover, there is no chance of leniency. In that case, all you can do is get your electric skateboard couriered to wherever you are flying.
  • The next thing you can inquire about is whether detaching the lithium battery can help you to bring the electric skateboard on the plane with you. After approval, the electric skateboard can be checked and you can put the battery in a carry-on.
  • Always collect responses through emails. This will help you when you are required to show proof on the airline that guarantees that you are good to go.

Are Electric Skateboards Allowed on Airplane

can you take electric skateboards on planes? A big question and it is on the mouth of every skateboard rider and their parents as well. So follow the given steps and thank me later.

1. Battery Size Creates An Impact:

While some airlines may allow batteries featuring less than 99watt-hours, few may even allow less than 160 watt-hours. The range between 100 and 160 watt-hours requires approval from the airlines. Battery sizes more than 160watt-hours are prohibited to be carried on the plane. As big batteries are riskier, so the majority of electric skateboards with big battery capacities are not made for travel. It all must, however, be declared through the airline that you are considering traveling through.

2. Detachable Batteries in Electric Skateboard:

As far as you can detach your electric skateboard’s battery, airlines allow the electric skateboards to aboard. Lithium battery is considered a risk and must be detached before entering the plane. Therefore, it is best to check your electric skateboard without the battery. Many electric skateboards in the market come with small detachable batteries. Some companies also offer special carry-on batteries. These electric skateboards can help you fly with no issues.

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3. Disassemble – Skateboard Luggage:

You can easily bring a skateboard to your luggage with a separate backpack.

The only problem that revolves around electric skateboards allowed on planes is safety! The danger is a lithium-ion battery. In case of any short-circuit, heat, damage, or poor design, the batteries are likely to catch fire and blast.

Considering the delicacy of the danger, it must be avoided during flights. Although it is not the most practical method it can save you the fee charges of carrying the electric skateboard by carrying it in parts and you can use Electric Skateboard Backpacks for this all process. You can just put the parts in the backpack and you are ready to take the flight. With the most confident face, you can go as an early bird and get your bag (with the electric skateboard) on the plane! For further details please read this guide.

Tips To Keep In Mind And Not Miss Out On Detail:

  • Online research goes a long way and it is the key to carrying an electric skateboard on the plane.
  • Do check the guidelines mentioned by the airlines that you wish to travel with beforehand.
  • Get in contact with these airlines.
  • Check if their response is in favor then immediately print and save it on your phone. It is important proof to show the security check and satisfy the airline employees.
  • According to your location, find and save the safety rules and regulations (IATA, TSA, FAA, or EASA).
  • Disassemble the battery from your electric skateboard.
  • During check-in at the airport, check-in the electric skateboard without the lithium-ion battery to be on the safe side.
  • It is a plus point that your electric skateboard size is small; you can take it along as a carry-on in the cabin.
  • Last but not the least, have a polite and courteous gesture with the airline staff and at the airport.

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Looking For Alternatives:

In case you are not allowed to take the electric skateboard on the plane or have issues like not being able to carry the battery with you. Here are some alternatives that may help you have a fun-filled vacation or travel along with your electric skateboard:

  • It is easy to rent an electric skateboard battery, try it!
  • In the digitalized world, the internet is a savior. You can find someone on any internet forum who is willing to rent his or her electric skateboard battery.
  • Your travel destination will definitely have local electric skateboard shops. Call in advance to make a booking for your electric skateboard or its battery. Make sure it fits your electric skateboard beforehand!
  • In case your electric skateboard has a big battery size that is not in the acceptable range for airlines to accommodate on flights, try having your electric skateboard flown through courier companies to your travel destination.
  • Get help and advice from the electric skateboard riders who have successfully taken their electric skateboards on as carry-on in past. Usually, they toss it in their overhead bins, coat closet, or any cabin space along with the assistance of a flight attendant.

Final Words:

In the end, it all comes down to the airlines. In many instances, airlines are likely to allow electric skateboards on the plane. However, policies may vary with time due to rapid changes. Check with your airline directly when your plane to have a flight, as it is the best thing one can do!

Although the airline industry widely follows IATA’s guidelines, each airline is free to set its own rules and criteria for flights. To plan on taking the electric skateboard along on an international flight is a huge thing and must be settled beforehand. It is recommended to contact your airline prior to the trip to avoid any mishaps and travel carefree!

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