Swagtron T6 Hoverboard Review 2023

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Hoverboards are considered Grade A technology for short-distance wandering or traveling. These easy-to-carry and use hoverboards with many latest fancy features are making youngsters go crazy after them. You may find a variety of hoverboards tempting in the market showing off their unique specifications. If you are planning for an investment in a swagtron t6 hoverboard, you have come to the right place. This article holds a completely honest Swagtron T6 Hoverboard Review that can guide you about all that a swagtron off road hoverboard has to offer you.

swagtron t6 review
During the live testing of the T6 hoverboard, we came to know some amazing facts about speed, weight bearing capacity and outer structure of the hoverboard which amazed us because these facts are totally different than documented facts. I am sure you will love this hoverboard after reading this detailed and unbiased tested review.

Swagtron T6 Hoverboard Review

Everything will be discussed separately without creating any ambiguity and this 100% resulted-oriented review of the swagtron t6 off road hoverboard.

1. Toughness:

You must choose a hoverboard that does justice to your weight. Since it’s nothing but a balancing game, so you need to be very conscious about a hoverboard’s weight carrying capacity. Swagtron off road hoverboards is brawny enough to handle 420 lbs. weight. From kids to bulky individuals everyone can enjoy this ride without restrictions. Swagtron T6 hoverboards are one of a type. As there is no other beatable hoverboard in the market that can claim or promise to lift people of any shape or size.

2. Modified Wheels:

The actual reason behind being so durable is swagtron T6’s 10-inch heavy-duty firm wheels. These air-filled rubber and nylon tires can even overcome any lumpy and corrugated surface. As they can incline themselves to up to 30⁰ while flexing. Features like these make the swagtron T6 hoverboard best for off-road surfing. Besides, it is notable that these tires are inflatable and shock less for you to experience a comfortable drive in all sorts of physical outrages.

swagtron t6 off road hoverboard review

3. Speediness:

To spice up your adventure speed is necessary and swagtron T6 off road hoverboards are swift. They can race up to 12 MPH (documented) but in reality, it can go up to 13 mph. A speed that is manageable for both kids and adults, without any kind of trembling. You can experience a thrilling fear-free venture. Furthermore, Swagtron swagboard outlaw T6 hoverboards have 12 miles range, which is a great feat. You can always adjust the slow-mo. and turbo mode according to your desire.

4. Battery Life:

Aware of the fact that one-time investment is everyone’s top priority, swagtron T6 hoverboards use lithium ion batteries as they have a longer charging life. It is due to this battery life, that swagtron T6 off-road hoverboards can drive in a range of 12-14 mph. Making these hoverboards more impressive, swagtron T6 hoverboards allows you to even replace the finished batteries with standby batteries when they run out of power. You do this when you are notified of your battery running out of charge.

5. Bluetooth Service:

What makes the swagtron t6 hoverboard fascinating is its Bluetooth service. You can connect your smartphone to your hoverboard and enjoy your epic playlist while tackling the yard. The volume can be adjusted by making adjustments to your phone volume. Enjoying your favorite tracks while driving is a real mood booster. Therefore, this Bluetooth option along with top-of-the-line speakers is always there to add life to your journey.

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6. Safety Promises:

Swagtron T6 is a completely protected electric skateboard as it is UL2772 certified. The hoverboard is designed in a manner that meets the top levels of your safety. Construction of these hoverboards is done using aluminum and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. In addition, the fact that their standing pads are never slippery making a firm grip makes them most preferred worldwide. It will not be wrong to say that Swagtron T6 off road hoverboards are considered the safest out of all the hoverboards in the world.


  • Speed range – 10 to 12 MPH
  • Fast charging time ( dual motor 300 watts)
  • Load capacity of around 420Lbs (appreciated worldwide)
  • Can cross bumpy and inclined surfaces with ease
  • Powerful casing of aluminum and ABS plastic
  • Nonslip pedals offer a firm grip
  • Comparably cheaper than other hoverboards
  • Waterproof and dirt resistant
  • Fixed carrying handle
  • Light in weight
  • Built in LED lights for clearer vision
  • Add on features like mobile connect, Bluetooth speakers, and tubeless tires


  • Takes practice to understand the controls
  • Highly sensitive

swagtron t6 review

Addon features of swagtron t6 hoverboard:

So far, we have talked about the main features that make the swagtron T6 hoverboard so durable and desired. Now, we will highlight some additional specifications that will describe why these swagtron T6 hoverboards are far better than expected:

LED Lights: Multi-colored LED lightning is there to energize the environment and give you a better vision in dim lights.  You can adjust their brightness too as per need.

Carrying Handle: It is only in swagtron T6 off road hoverboards that you can find a mini handle between the tires to lift up your hoverboard if you want to walk your way or if your batteries are dead.

Broad Spectrum Speakers: As youngsters are die-heart music lovers, swagtron T6 hoverboards have these Bluetooth speakers built in so that you can play your classic playlist by connecting your phone.

Creatively Designed Wheels: Every swagtron T6 becomes unique when it comes to the wheels. The wheels are not just tough but designed in attractive eye-catchy patterns that make you want to show off your hoverboard.

Access via App: Not just that, the latest swagtron T6 is introduced with mind-blowing apps that give you a favor of changing modes, checking batteries, and adjusting lights and speed any time you require.


To sum it up, swagtron offers a decent range of US-based hoverboards and customer service. T6 hoverboard is one of the biggest hits in the all-terrain hoverboards from 2017 to date. In a range of $500, you can avail of a cheap, yet worthy hoverboard. Not only can the heavy riders carry this hoverboard well, but also the parents can entrust this hoverboard with their kids! It is an all-rounder ride for all ages, shapes, and sizes. Swagtron T6 Hoverboard definitely qualifies to be one of the best off-road hoverboards in the market!

After giving a chance to swagtron T6 off-road hoverboard, you can safely say it is one of the most thrilling rides that came into the market so far. With many potentials, capacity, and add-on features like mobile app and Bluetooth speaker, it promises to offer you a delightful journey ahead!

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