Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard 2023

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Electric Scooter Vs Electric SkateboardBy now, electric scooters and electric skateboards have become visibly crowded in the busy city streets. They are taking the genuine form of an urban commute. Kids along with adults are all beginning to go for electric scooters and electric skateboards.

This new wave of vehicles is capable enough to support the weight of even adults. However, which one wins the battle between Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard and is the ultimate choice, regardless of age is yet to be discussed below:

Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard

What creates differences between the two is factors like speed, practicality price, and maintenance. To allow yourself to get the best commute, you must go through a thorough analysis of each.

Brief Analysis of Electric Scooter:

E board scooters are great city commute transports. Despite some models lacking suspension, their pneumatic tires are capable of absorbing medium-sized road bumps effortlessly. Eventually leading to a decent stable overall ride. With such a lightweight, small and thin vehicle, commuting becomes easier as you can always slide between the cars and avoid traffic slowdowns. It is a satisfying experience to blow past the cars in traffic, especially while commuting in a city.

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Brief Analysis of Electric Skateboard:

Electric skateboard is relatively more fun and used as a personal electric vehicle. It suits at the young adult age range since they can surf the streets for an exciting experience. It is best for both the health and helps maintain an eco-friendly environment. Comes with features like wireless controls, water resistance, convenient downhill rides through regenerative breaks that help electric skateboard excel electric scooter.

Which One Wins At Speed: Skateboard vs Scooter

As per expectations, an electric scooter is considered faster than an electric skateboard. However, no records are justifying it. Electric skateboard has attained a world record. The fastest speed to be crossed on an electric skateboard is 91.17 mph – Guinness book of world records. Not an ideal speed to have a completely safe journey but a mile could be finished in a minute.

But the point is battery or motor of an electric skateboard or scooter doesn’t limit the speed. You can easily push the speed of 10mph without getting in trouble and travel the city. At this speed, one can easily have enough time to discover the city.

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Easy To Learn And Carry: Electric Scooter Vs Electric Skateboard

A lot of confidence and learning is required to move at 55 mph down a congested city street. Electric scooters have a safe handle to hold onto that makes them an easier ride than electric skateboards. Although teenagers might want to select an electric skateboard to surf down the walkway.

One advantage of an electric skateboard is that it is very portable and handier than the electric scooter. But electric scooters can be folded and take the same storage area as an electric skateboard. This qualifies both to be easily carried in public.

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Considering The Prices:

Electric scooters & electric skateboards come in various price ranges. As you increase the reliability and speed of the particular item, they turn more expensive. Usually, electric skateboards can go around a hundred dollars up on the price range than electric scooters. The reason behind electric skateboards being expensive is that they have a small market than electric scooters. Whereas electric scooters have much higher economies of scale. The higher the manufacture, the lower the price.

Since electric skateboards require skills to be learned before riding which is hard so more people turn towards electric scooters, reducing their price.  The best price point for an electric scooter can stretch to $350. While a decent electric skateboard can cost $500.

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How Practical They Are!

One important factor before you choose one from electric scooter vs electric skateboard is their practicality. Scooters encompass pneumatic tires while electric skateboards are made of urethane wheels. During riding around rough and uneven patches, pneumatic tires will provide you a smooth ride, not making you feel any cracks on the local roads or walkways. On the other hand, urethane wheels are not designed to be easy on bumps. Handles of the electric scooter can save you while some rough riding in my point of view but Skateboard can’t do that.

In case you are riding on an electric skateboard, be ready to experience a free-flying lesson when a stone comes in the way. Vibrations can add to the drawbacks of owning an electric skateboard.

Overall, practicality points go to electric scooters, as they are much smoother and easier to ride even though during summer days you might miss the cruising pleasure that electric skateboard brings.

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Low maintenance: Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard

Urethane wheels prove to be very reliable and hold very few chances of getting a puncture. Electric scooter’s pneumatic tires, however, can be a matter of concern in such cases. They will require weekly pressure and flint checks to remain maintained. Keeping aside the tire difference, electric skateboards and scooters require almost the same amount of maintenance. Like making sure that the electric motors stay clean, wheel bearings remain intact and nothing is damaged.

Slight ignorance and you might hit the puddle of expenses on maintenance. The best thing to do is be regular on the motor, tire, and bearings check and they will run smoothly. Especially the electric skateboard will go a long way.

Nowadays Electric Skateboard backpacks available in the market that reduces the cost of maintenance.

Final Verdict:

In the fast pacing world where you do not want to be late to work or miss any special occasion just due to traffic, an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for you is an electric scooter and it will hardly take up your parking space. However, if you are all about fancy surfing around the city and with friends, then go for an electric skateboard. That commute is capable of bringing you the right amount of pleasure you require.

Lastly, if you cannot go hard on the pocket, go for either that comes in the humble price range with your required features.

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